5 Ways to invest in Build-to-Rent Real Estate


Real estate investments are turning out to be an excellent opportunity for those people planning to earn a reasonable return without much effort.

Undoubtedly, one can opt for many options in the industry to have a better chance of succeeding, but build-to-rent developmental has now taken the world by storm. Over the last decade, they have emerged as the most successful asset class, which most landlords have dominated.

Currently, institutions and investors purchase the entire neighborhood as soon as possible to own the rental property. Generally, the small-scale investors find it hard to compete with the institutional dollars for the new purchase. But despite this small kid investor demographic is now seen to dominate the rental market with the ownership volume.

As the prominent players are starting to cut into the market share, the institutional capital provides a significant advantage. While they do not have to overpay for an investment, they are less concerned about the cost or the payment the small investors would have to pay. One of the significant rental increases or losses will affect all.

Despite all this, buying or investing in large properties that will be used as rentals in the coming time will be pretty beneficial. But, of course, first, you need to understand the market to develop a good strategy and have a deep pocket for competing in the space.

But besides this, you also have another option. Rather than opting for the investment in the challenging market full of investors, you can choose to change the build to rent investment opportunities.

If you are unaware of it, then go ahead to read the guide. It surely will clear out all the essentials for you to succeed.

Why is the market suitable for build to rent investment model?

The build-to-rent industry since the pre-covid times was in great demand. However, it was seen that since The Great Recession, the housing stats had lagged pre-recession numbers.

In addition, it is noted that the industry faced labor shortage issues, which limited their ability to deliver homes. It further became a primary reason that led to the unavailability of the workers and others required to complete the project.

Given the higher rentals in urban places, the employees and the remote workers chose to escape the cities and settle down in the suburban metros because they found the significant shift to be much better in saving money. This likely created a considerable demand. Moreover, the global supply chain is constant now that the pandemic has impacted the world.

All of these factors there resulted in excellent order for better single-family properties. However, the situation is creating a unique market where few people will be able to afford the homes.

So here, opting to build quality and affordable rental homes will be the right solution for them. Thus this is just the right time for people to consider investing in build-to-rent investment as it will be in great demand and will provide people with the housing they need in such time.

Tips for investing in build-to-rent real estate

There are a lot of barriers when it comes to real estate investment, especially for those eager investors who do not have enough financing. Even investment in the modest single-family rental will require a significant financial statement.

But the good news is there are now innovative investment vehicles that have helped with real estate investments and opened the assets for the participation of a wider audience. The list here will provide insights into how you can invest in built-to-rent real estate.

1. Invest ina limited partner

The real estate crowdfunding and syndication options have changed the game for investors. Earlier the investors need to have a deep pocket for purchasing multi-family or other commercial projects. Still, thanks to the availability of different financing options, one does not worry.

No doubt you will need some cash in hand for the investment, but there is no reason for you to pay for the entire thing on your own.

Not to mention you need not have to take the headache of active management of the property. You can make a good profit without much involvement in the investment landscape. Instead, simply syndicating the capital from private investors will help you go ahead with the deals.

Even the banking institutions now choose to provide 80% for the project. Thus, the developer must bring only 20% of the equity to complete the real estate investment. The syndication is helpful for limited partners to get the required finding through capital investment.

This would help get a return on investment, an ownership stake, and a claim to the retail income.

2. Look for BTR developers and then position yourself as the end buyer 

There are some developers who to the builder while others choose to develop the property, hold it under stabilization, and then sell it off to an asset management company.

At the same time, you can also find some developers who choose to keep the property for 10 to 15 years and manage it through eventual disposition. The point here is that every developer’s goal with the project is unique, which one needs to analyze for managing deals, especially the build-to-rent projects.

The developers sell the properties to opt for depth financing. It is also not unusual that a developer might retain several properties for their portfolio and then sell them in bulk for development to boost construction.

A significant advantage of real estate investment is the creativity that comes with it. You can consider the situation where you can show yourself as a good candidate for a build-to-rent project.

In such cases, you can avoid competing with the open market and get access to a higher likelihood of acquiring one on several rental properties. Getting in touch with build-to-rent developers will help you ease the process.

3. Use a crowdfunding platform for investment

Currently, crowdfunding platforms allow investors to opt for a real estate investment deal online in build-to-rent projects, which most people in the industry offer as an asset class. However, some of these platforms have enacted barriers to the entry of potential investors through opportunities or to acquiring a substantial account with minimum investment.

In most cases, the deals are oversubscribed, and you will compete with the investors on the open market in the public forum. But remember, the crowdfunding platform is not a bad option for a relatively simple way to start the investment in a build-to-rent project.

4. Invest in a REIT

A real estate investment trust operates and owns income-producing real estate properties and investments. It is similar to investing in publicly traded or single reality stocks, which can be held with mutual funds and other assets through traditional brokerage or retirement accounts.

But remember, the REITs don’t provide the investors the benefit of direct real estate ownership. Instead, they are a low-cost and barrier alternative that gives ease of investing in build-to-rent real estate property.

5. Come up with a build-to-rent community of yourself

A straightforward way of building-to-rent investment is by developing it yourself. This will be the most profitable option for the investors, given the experience and the time they choose to put into the project. But in many ways, the investment is not suitable.

For example, the lenders will vary in funding such development projects where the space isn’t pre-leased or the tenants are not recognized. Thus, the investment may not be realistic unless you show a good track record and a strong balance sheet to the lenders or the developers.

But some of the developers choose to engage with sponsors for the project. For instance, it is not uncommon that the general partner might team up with others for a more extensive and complex task.

Suppose you are a developer who doesn’t have quite the juice to pull off the project yourself. In that case, it will make sense to partner with another developer to mitigate some of the responsibility and risk.


When you plan to invest in build-to-rent property, you must be well aware of the essentials. No doubt the investment is not easy. There are many things associated that one needs to be mindful.

Thus, one can face complications because getting the funding you need for such an intensive project can be challenging. If you wish to get investment support, Private Capital Investors is the best for the industry guidance.

They have got professionals who will ease your experience. The experts will offer you support regardless of the project scale or size. They will stay by your side and guarantee all the help you need.

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