Commercial Real Estate
Loan Program

Private Capital Investors prides itself on being able to provide the best hard money solutions for our borrowers. We fund commercial properties from $1 million to $50 million and are able to provide approval within 24-48 hours.






Funded Loans

Commercial Real Estate Funding

Whether you’re looking for a loan, a line of credit or equity investment, we’ll help you find the best option for your needs.

Hard Money Loan

We’re direct hard money lenders and we know how to finance your next CRE deal. Our loans are fast, flexible, and easy to get.

Commercial Bridge Financing

Bridge loan financing can provide much-needed liquidity, and it can be a great option for investors that don’t have the time or resources to go through the traditional lending process.

Stated Income Loan

We have created our stated income loan for commercial real estate investors who find it difficult to get traditional loans.

Why choose Private
Capital Investors?

We are the direct private commercial real estate lenders and help you get loan quick and easy from the wide array of commercial real estate loan programs. We are committed to helping all kinds of commercial property investors find the most suitable funding solution quickly and at the best rates. 

Though we are based in Dallas, Private Capital Investors offers CRE loan programs beyond Dallas and Houston. We serve clients in Miami, Denver, Phoenix, Florida, and Massachusetts, too. We also work on international deals. 

Rates as low as 5.99%

Nationwide Lending

24 – 48 Hours Approvals

Funding as little as 14 days

Stated Incomes, No Financials required

Excellent Customer Service

Common Sense Underwriting

Our Recent Closings

Closing - Christian College

Christian College

San Diego | $13,000,000

Closing - Light Industrial Warehouse – Purchase

Light Industrial Warehouse

Dallas TX | $7,500,000

Closing - Office/Industrial


Leander TX | $7,200,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current commercial property loan rates?

There are some excellent rates for commercial real estate loans these days. Depending on the property type, interest rates may range from 3.75% to 4.75%, with an LTV (loan to value) ratio of up to 85% of the property’s appraised value. You may even qualify for up to 90% if you are the owner-user.

How much funding can I get with Private Capital Investors?

There is no limit. On average, our lenders can provide loans of up to $5,000,000. But if you have a bigger project, let us know and we’ll design a funding solution for you. Our network of private commercial real estate lenders can provide funding for loan amounts that range from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 and more.

What are the terms?

Flexible terms are available, from 3 to 10 years fixed, amortized over 30 years. You’ll also find 15/15, 25/25, and 30/30 terms.

What commercial property financing options do you offer?

We offer a wide range of financing options, including the following:

  • Bridge Loans
  • Stated Income Loans
  • Hard Money
  • Jumbo Hard Money
Will I qualify for a loan?

Loans are available for a wide range of commercial real estate investors—even for those with less than perfect credit. At Private Capital Investors, we understand that your situation is unique. We’re confident that we have a loan that can help you access the money you require quickly and straightforwardly. Contact us to tell us more about your project and find out what types of commercial real estate loans you may qualify for.

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