6 Overlooked Commercial Investments Most Investors Ignore


Real estate offers an excellent opportunity for people to earn passive income. It is one of the most common modes of commercial investment that is preferred by many. But the investment herein is hazardous.

One needs to understand the difference between the properties they can invest in and other essentials to succeed. Real estate majorly is divided into two, namely commercial and residential real estate.

Undoubtedly, both sectors present an excellent opportunity for investors, but commercial real estate receives the most investment.

The benefits the commercial real estate offers have made it a popular choice among investors. By making the right move in the real estate market, one can expect consistent returns, growth potential, and passive income.

In addition, the return from commercial properties can be 5 to 6% minimum per annum which places it on the top investment making it a viable option for the investors.

Commercial real estate- What is it?

Commercial real estate properties include properties that are mainly used for business. Most often, the property is used to conduct certain types of income-generating activities. This can include everything from a shopping centre to single-store properties.

The property in commercial real estate comprises shops, malls, office spaces, restaurants, hotels, and more. However, certain other commercial real estate investments generally get overlooked but offer ample opportunity for the investors to grow and succeed.

If you plan to invest in the commercial real estate market, the guide here will help you with it. Here are the top 6 real estate investments that are generally overlooked by investors but can offer significant benefits.

Top 6 overload commercial Investments

Here’s the list of the overlooked commercial real estate investment.

1. Multi-family

Many people do not consider apartments as commercial real estate property as they are used for commercial purposes. However, they make an essential part of the commercial investments that must not be avoided.

There are two apartment types, namely commercial multi-family and residential multi-family. The residential multi-family properties are financed using a residential loan, the values of which are based on comps. This typically includes the buildings that have 2-4 units.

On the other side, the commercial multi-family is financed using commercial real estate loans. The people generally make the distinction between small and large multi-family properties based on the requirement of staff to run them. This type of multi-family property includes dozens of units and is located in urban areas.

2. Self-storage

Another essential real estate investment that is easily overlooked is self-storage. But you must know it offers enormous investment opportunities. The distinction here happens because there is no separate classification for this category in numerous online reports.

Self-storage can either be used for commercial or personal use. There are currently 60000 facilities in the United States that can easily rival the combined amount of Starbucks and McDonald’s.

The self-storage unit has become an essential part of operating business over the last decades, and many commercial investors have noticed the potential, but still, these real estate investments have a long way to go.

3. Mobile home parks

They are valid commercial real estate classes that can offer opportunities to earn passive income. Most of the well-known leaders have already realized the investment opportunities in this sector.

But still, they are easily overlooked instead of the other popular investments. For example, during the covid-19 pandemic, the mobile home park investment rate increased tremendously. The demand is constantly growing every day.

4. Cell towers

While one might not consider cell towers commercial real estate investment, it is one of the most significant investment opportunities since the 2000s. As many companies are constantly looking for better coverage by region, this makes the investments worth it.

Moreover, in rural areas, it will help fulfill the need while benefiting from the available opportunity.

Investors can expect to earn a stated income from such investments for decades. Using a deeded easement of access and some acres of land is a great way to accomplish the investment.

You can either buy an existing income stream from someone with a direct cash payout, or you can even invest in another person’s company whom you know.

The sector since the pandemic has grown tremendously and only continues to grow as the world’s need for cellular data increases every day.

5. Data centres

Over the last few years, the data centers have become great commercial real estate investments. The demise of retail properties has increased the demand for data centers. Besides, online meeting platforms and zoom have further pushed the limits.

The companies are in desperate need of a location to establish a new data center to expand the existing ones. Emerging technology companies like 5G wireless and AI are constantly in search of such sort of space. Luckily most of the investors have already recognized the potential and have made their investment.

6. Senior living

Like a multi-family property, senior living is an essential part of commercial real estate investment that cannot overlook. This does not necessarily include the nursing facilities; however, it forms a necessary part of senior living properties.

Moreover, most seniors search for independent living communities similar to apartment complexes to enjoy their Twilight years. Therefore, the increase in demand for the sector provides better investment opportunities—many who have persuaded investing herein owing the benefits.

One can expect to get multiple benefits by investing in commercial real estate properties. The investors get higher investment returns and benefit from the tax leverage by investing in such classes of commercial real estate property.

Commercial real estate generally means putting the money in purchasing commercial real estate properties, including multi-family, office buildings, hotels, storage, malls, apartment, shopping centers, etc.

If you are willing to invest in real estate holdings, you must have a good idea about the sector to succeed.

Given that commercial real estate involves long-term investment, the money will stay there for an extended period. However, with this, you will have the assurance of generating higher returns with time.

Besides, it is not subjected to a daily price increase, but some opportunities may be a higher barrier for entry. Thus it is vital to remember if you are looking for liquid investments, then the commercial sector might not be the right.


No doubt, the commercial real estate sector can be extremely rewarding. However, beginners must be aware of the risks involved with the properties. Also, they must have a decent idea about the investment opportunities.

To benefit the best during such instances having professional support can be beneficial. You can consider getting in touch with Private Capital Investors to get the required assistance.

They have experienced professionals who can guide you about different investment opportunities and bring forward great deals to guarantee you benefit from your investment. Having professional support will ease your work further and ensure you get the most out of your investments. So make sure to get the assistance you need on time to benefit from your investment.

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