8 Steps to Boost Your Commercial Property Curb Appeal


Being in the commercial real estate industry means you need to take all the measures to succeed and stay away from all the competitors. When it comes to selecting the commercial real estate property, the borrowers look at every minor aspect, especially how it looks. When the outside of the commercial property is good, they make assumptions about the inside.

It is only when the borrowers find a property attractive and other things in a good place they consider renting or else move ahead. In case they notice the property is shabby, then they don’t want to live there or work, which will make your commercial real estate property unoccupied, with which you will suffer greatly.

As a property owner who is willing to sell commercial property, you need to understand the things that can help improve the property’s curb appeal. So if you want to sell, you need to take the measures at the right time so that you can take time to boost the curb appeal of your commercial property.


Increases the commercial property’s curb appeal

When the commercial property requires a lot of changes to improve the curb appeal as this means that it will be hard to recognize where you can start. However, there are eight steps that the owners can take to ensure that a building looks more valuable and attractive.


  • Evaluate and plan

To begin with, you need to analyze the property and see what the others look at in the building. You need to forget that you own the building and consider asking yourself what you think of your current property. It is vital that the property stands out in the localities so that it is easier for people to see how great it is and rent it out.

You need to see if anything pops out or if you see there is something that needs to be changed for significant impacts on the look. No doubt there can be some difficulty in terms of the financing you need for upgrading the look. Also, there is a possibility for you to get the loans that can help you carry on with the improvement projects and then sell the property at a reasonable rate.

There are a lot of improvements that you can perform to improve the curb appeal. For instance, change the color of the exterior, work on the landscaping, etc. Ensure you are working with a contractor who has a proper idea about the design element and can help you well.


  • Improve the parking lots

The parking space undoubtedly can be the worst thing when it has noticeable potholes, cracks, or stripes. It can look unsightly. Also, this is a huge liability as there is a risk for the vehicle and the people to fall. Someone filling the holes and improving the stripes is those things that will help improve the parking lot space.

Once you are done with the parking lot, you need to check out the sidewalk. This area is something that can greatly impact the buyer and ensure they pay a significant amount for the purchase.


  • Create good appeal with the landscaping

There is not a possibility that all the properties will have an open space that can be used as a landscape. But it is essential to get significant curb appeal by spending a considerable amount of work here. The first thing to understand here is what is already in place. You must get rid of all the dying grass, shrubs, etc.

Also, getting the area calculated well before you plant new things is vital. Remember about the maintenance too. See if there would be a requirement for lawn service or sprinkler. Understanding the right options for their landscaping and then choosing it will work great. Make sure you consider only those shrubs and plants that can survive in the weather condition.

Also, you may see that the garden area is well decorated. You can have little fun with the decor or consider using the color scheme. But make sure to be cautious so that you don’t make the place look overcrowded.


  • Brighten up the exterior

A dirty exterior can greatly impact the property. Although it might not be noticeable the entire day, the dirty walls can actually be a huge turn-off point. Over the years, the building will collect dirt and dust. The buildings that might look old means there is a need for good power washing and also stain removal treatment.

Among all the ongoing concerns, you need to see that the building is well maintained. The roof tiles look new. Also, taking care of the blemishes will provide exterior life. When you have a clean exterior, then things will work. You can consider opting for fresh paint. Also, calling a company that can take care of the doors, windows, and other essentials of the building is essential.

In some cases, when there is a replacement required, do not hesitate to go for it. It will help save energy costs and also improve the curb appeal of the building.


  • Upgrade the lighting

A good property will shine bright at night. So having proper lighting is something that must be present in the entire building. Be its the parking lot or the interiors, make sure you come up with additional exterior lights to ensure that the building is clearly visible.

You can even consider adding motion lights along the sidewalks, besides improving the curb appeal, the lighting, and also improving the security. After all, the people will be more comfortable approaching a property that is well lit during the evening times. It can lead to a strong return on investment.


  •   Update the amenities

Bringing in a few amenities in the buildings will make them visitor-friendly and occupier friendly. A building that has all the aspects will be quite noticeable. It will be preferred by people for purchase or rent. Also, you can focus on the landscaping to gain more attention.


  •   Signage

It is essential that you hire an expert company that can clean the area, pressure wash, repair, and clean. There are some of the things that must be taken care of before you actually put your property out for rental or sale. It is important for the business owner to coordinate things and look after the building’s color and design.

It will make sure that the decor goes well with the logo of the company. Coming up with a new sign or something explicit on the exterior will significantly impact the curve appeal.


  • Consider the building as a whole

At last, it is important to think like a buyer. For instance, what type of things that the buyers are looking for or they would like in the changes you have made. No doubt the things you can change to upgrade the property are many. But it is you who needs to understand what will work great for your budget and will help improve the overall look.

It is not just the exterior that you need to work on but also the interiors. Make sure the interior of your property has all the amenities, proper lighting, etc., that can provide the people the convenience they need to carry on with their business operation without any hassle.

Understanding things in advance is the key to improving your chances of selling the property or giving it out on rent. When you are up to date, and your property has all the essentials, then it will be easy for you to get a rental amount that is absolutely worth it and will guarantee you are able to get good returns on your investment.

No doubt, the process to upgrade the property will be quite lengthy. Also, there will be a requirement for a considerable amount of funding. You can consider taking a help loan from the lenders of the industry. When taken care of promptly, you will be happy and satisfied despite the hectic schedule and job.

The results will be of absolute worth and in your favor. But make sure you choose only those lenders who won’t create any trouble later. But will ensure that your project goes on smoothly and your property is finally rented out or sold at a good rate.



Selling the property in this current market time can be pretty hectic. The buyers are looking for a lot of aspects of the property before they can actually decide to make the purchase. It is essential that you understand things and take proper measures on time. By changing things and upgrading the property, you will have a better chance of getting good results.

To get professional services in terms of the loan amount or other things, you can contact Private Capital Investors. They have got an expert professional who will guide you well and ensure you have the ease of getting adequate funding you need to carry on with the improvement job. Irrespective of your need or your requirement, the expert will be there to provide proper help.


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