9 Best Real Estate Investment Books Investors Don’t Dare to Ignore


Real estate investments are one of the most effective ways to get a diverse portfolio while adding an edge against market volatility. The real estate sector revolves around the market. This means when the stocks fall or rise, the property investment can offer stability to a portfolio. 

There are different ways one can consider investing in real estate properties. From turnkey properties to real estate investment trusts and multi-family rentals, each option has its obligations one needs to learn.

An effective strategy to learn about real estate investing is by reading books. It will help get an idea about the market details before investing.

The real estate investing books offers a general idea of how to navigate the property well and choose the best investment options. 

However, as the market is filled with books related to real estate, which one should you consider reading or the best book to help you navigate every step of property investing?  

If you are confused, here is the guide that will help you through.

Top 9 Books for Real Estate Investment

1. Rental Property Investing

Brandon Turner, the author, is a reputed real estate entrepreneur. Besides, he is the vice president of BiggerPockets.com, which is a well-known real estate investing website

The handy guide provides the investors with information about everything they need to know about succeeding in rental investments to generate better cash flow. 

Besides, it also outlines the most significant mistakes the investors can make and how they can take necessary precautions against them.

If you look for detailed information on rental property investment, the book is perfect for beginners. 

This will help you move ahead with a good market strategy. In addition, the book guides the readers about actionable tips and effective strategies for using income-generating rental property investments to create wealth.

2. Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate differs significantly from residential real estate. Rather than vacation rentals, and single-family homes herein, you are dealing with a single tenant. 

At the same time, you are investing in places like distribution centers, warehouses, public storage, office space, retail units, and multi-family apartment buildings which have dozens and tenants and, in some cases, hundreds of them. 

The benefits can get from these investments can be high. However, there are a significant number of risks that you need to consider.

The book offers the readers basic information about commercial property investing. It is based on real estate investing six specific laws. When used right, it will help maximize profitability. 

Doug Marshall, the author, has not failed to deliver the best. He explains how one can determine the right time to buy a commercial real estate property and when it makes sense to pass the deal. Also, the book covers details on how to position investment for better cash flow in the long run.

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad

The book is a treasure for those who want to learn about the right way to acquire and grow wealth with investments made intangible assets. It is one of the best general on personal finance and investing. 

However, the book also offers some critical lessons for real estate investors. The book is less about the strategies and more about developing a wealth mindset that includes real estate as the primary focus. 

The overarching theme here is to use real estate properties for generating passive income so that one works more brilliant but not harder to build a portfolio that offers a consistent return.

If you are looking for inspiration and motivation to begin real estate investing, then this book has got it all.

4. The Book on Flipping Houses

If you are more interested in flipping houses than long-term rental properties, the book from Scott is a must-read for you. As a professional flipper himself, Scott has developed a successful system for finding the right properties to flip by having them without reducing the profit margin and reselling them at the highest rate.

The book covers every minor detail one needs to know about keeping a real estate property and how to evaluate the potential market for maximum returns. 

So whether you are interested in flipping one home or building a large-scale house flipping business, the book is a roadmap to all the details you need to know.

5. The Book on Tax Strategies

Real estate investment comes with specific tax obligations. However, the key here is to ensure you are paying for all the taxes and other liabilities you are eligible to pay. 

Matthew McFarland and Amanda Han are certified public accountants who have drawn their knowledge and expertise from the book. If you are confused about how depreciation or tax obligations work, the book will offer you the right tips and strategies to minimize the tax obligations.

6. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Who wouldn’t love to invest in real estate with a vast amount? But the problem is not everyone has a million bucks around to invest in property Investments. This is the issue that the book addresses. 

Gary Keller, the book’s author, draws the wisdom of more than a hundred real estate investors in a handbook that helps build wealth on property.

The book covers myths about investing money that often prevents people from getting the millionaire status. 

Also, it has details about getting the right real estate opportunities that can be the most profitable. Gary advocates that one needs to be raised to appreciate the techniques and strategies, but it is possible that you can benefit by applying the book’s principles.

7. The Intelligent REIT Investor

The real estate investors who want more of a handoff approach for investing in property prefer REITs. 

REIT is a company owning property Investments. As a part of REIT, the investors will have the opportunity to benefit from the dividend income generated by the properties. It is a safe and hassle-free method of investment. 

The book specifies the vital concepts of REIT investing that act as a great wealth-building strategy. In addition, the author dives explicitly into evaluating and choosing to invest based on the overall goal for funding and risk tolerance. 

If you are interested in adding REIT to your portfolio, but you have no idea how to begin, the book will offer you all the help you need.

8. The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

For a beginner, the book is the perfect guide. It helps learn about the basics of investing in real estate properties. The book is focused on assisting people in knowing the right way of acquiring wealth through real estate, evaluating the best rental properties, negotiating, and using the right tools for making management easy. 

The author McElroy has over 26 years has been a leader in multi-family property management. The reviewers agreed that a book is an excellent option for starters as it includes highly informative information and easy to read guide for first-time investors.

9. Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

The book challenges the myths about real estate that one should know. It is a must-read for investors who reside in an area that is not particularly suitable for investing or those who aim to widen the real estate investors nationwide. 

Although some consider out-of-state investing risky, the author argues the markets and technology have changed, and now the investor can successfully invest anywhere they like.


The books mentioned here can offer one the proper assistance about the real estate investment opportunities and the tricks. However, there is still hesitation that you can get rid of by taking professional help. 

Private Capital Investors can offer you the best. They have specialized experts who can guide you about real estate investment.

Offering you great property deals to help you understand the market condition, they will do it all to make your investment journey easy and hassle-free.

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