After Covid-19, Why Tenant Reps are More Valuable than Ever in CRE?


The covid-19 pandemic has been harsh. It has created a lot of issues in every sector, real estate being no different. The early period of the pandemic hit the real estate sector hard.

As a result, the sales went relatively low, which brought some necessary changes in the industry to avoid any further loss. But after a few months, the sector got a boost, and it is performing exceptionally well now.

Thus, although there are few changes, one can keep up with them.

Purchasing or renting a CRE property in 2021 for anyone is a lot different than it used to be. Before you even take the big step of investing, you must have a clear idea of the current industry trends.

If thinking of leasing commercial real estate loans in 2021, you must have a tenant rep on your side. The services they provided in the past, including market expertise, negotiations, strategic advice, and coordination, have not changed.

However, as the process is a lot more complicated in the current post-Covid economy and new laws are coming up, such services have become more valuable than ever. The top reasons why CRE professionals’ services have become a lot more essential in this post covid era.

1. The use of space has changed

The pandemic when all non-essential businesses were forced to shut down or work remotely brought a drastic change to the use of commercial spaces.

Even though people can slowly get back to the business and reopen, there are still extreme shifts in how much space they need to function while keeping everyone safe.

Some businesses have decided to support their work virtual. This means the companies are moving out of the commercial space.

At the same time, the others require more space or some changes in the current scenario to accommodate social distancing norms. Some have considered replacing communal areas like kitchens, conference rooms, etc.

During such a complicated scenario having a tenant rep on your side will help easily navigate all the changes. It will be highly beneficial to have a professional who takes care of every minor detail and ensures you get your rental’s best.

First of all, they will help with the lease negotiations when you need to change or break the lease terms. Next, they will help you find a more secure and stable space for your business if required.

Taking the steps on your own can be big trouble as you might not know the current scenario. This is where the tenant rep steps in to take the responsibilities off your plate. So, you can focus on your business operations.

2. The CRE market has changed

The pandemic changed things to a great extent. It can especially be seen in the CRE market, where things have been turned upside down. It is now a new world making things difficult to understand.

Having a person who can help understand the new laws and the changes will be highly beneficial. A commercial tenant rep will guarantee they offer you the correct information about the market. It is their job to monitor and help their client adjust to the market conditions.

When you have a tenant rep to guide you, most of these market changes will start making sense, and things will get easier.

3. Understanding the new CRE market is challenging

If you have decided to shift your business or require a bigger space after the pandemic in a different city, this will be pretty challenging. In such instances, having a tenant rep can be extremely helpful.

There are travel restrictions in so many ways, so it is pretty impossible to understand a new market virtually without actually living in the place. This is like investing in real estate blindfolded.

Therefore, when you have a tenant rep who resides in the new market condition, you will benefit significantly from his expertise and knowledge about the market.

They will help you understand the suitable options for the commercial space and guarantee you get a virtual tour of the area before deciding. Also, he will negotiate on your behalf to get a favorable lease.

4. Not everything is represented online

Another important reason which has led to the rise of tenant reps is the unavailability of complete information online. Most of the properties cannot be accessed through online listings.

Besides, as they are too many places to look, there is no guarantee that you will get the right property. The tenant rep has good knowledge of the market. He knows about the availability of the spaces, even the newly listed properties that are not listed online.

There is a possibility they might know of the area that will open soon and is not known to the public at all. This will work in your favor and help you see the blind spots without having to take in the entire workload on your shoulders.

5. Negotiations are at an all-time high

The covid-19 pandemic has made us realize nothing is immune to change. The same changes can be seen in the lease agreements. Multiple negotiations are happening between the landlords and tenants to adjust the lease agreements because of the sudden change in how the tenants utilize their space.

During such time, having a tenant rep will be beneficial as they will negotiate and step in on your behalf to bring out a favorable and reasonable outcome for your lease agreement with the landlord.

Besides, it also helps ensure they know of the market and how the commercial spaces are changing. With the knowledge about the covid-19 laws, you get a favorable lease agreement.

6. You need to protect yourself in the lease agreement

Finally, it is the job of the tenant rep to ensure that your lease agreement is well protected from any future changes that might take place with the business.

For instance, are you considering going for a short-term or long-term contract? What must be the outcome if you want some change or terminate the lease agreement? What are the available options to you if you need more space from a different landlord? It would be best if you had a clear mind before you put any signature on the documents. Again, the tenant rep will ensure that everything is covered for you.


The post-pandemic time is quite complicated. Understanding the details of the market and the changes in the law is quite challenging. During such a time professional assistance becomes quite important, to get a better idea about things. Besides, this also guarantees that you get a good lease agreement.

Private Capital Investor is the best you can contact for help. They have experienced professionals who will ensure that you get all the assistance you need for the proper operation of your business.

They will help you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience of running a business in the post-pandemic era. So instead of taking any risk with your investment, it will be better if you take assistance from the company to safeguard your investment and benefit from the changes in the current market scenario.

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