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Technology has made things easy. The effects of the same have reached every industry. Given how people use the online platform, everyone in the industry must understand the usage.

Digital marketing is one such measure that, when utilized correctly, can be highly beneficial to the CRE industry. Out of all the strategies, email marketing is a significant aspect of digital marketing that assures a better communication with prospects and guarantees good results.

Email marketing is an excellent option for CRE investors who want to establish themselves as an industry authority and stay connected with the clients by offering products, close rate drops, etc.

It is an affordable way to remain combined with all the data; on the positive side, it is pretty surprising. When used correctly, it will be beneficial. The strategy provides a clear insight into email marketing and how it can be used in the CRE industry to get good results.

Understanding email marketing in CRE

Email marketing is now turning out to be a great help for the CRE industry. You need to constantly give out campaigns and post the message with a human touch to get good results. Technology has now made it easy to send emails that can be innovated and adapted to meet the moment.

Email marketing can be strategically planned and thoughtful by using smart subject lines, specially designed email templates, etc. Then, it will be easy to make use of it to the best. If you are new to this, here are the top email marketing tips that will help you implement the strategy from start to finish.

  1. Define your audience

The essential thing you have to do to succeed in the CRE industry is to understand your audience type and what they are expecting from you. Emails have become a powerful tool for re-engaging old contacts and building relationships.

You can quickly get a deal within the feet of a sales conversation. All of these benefits will differ based on your audience. Thus it would help if you were very specific about the audience. There are certain questions to ask. It would help if you began with the demographics, age group, the location you want to target, etc.

Also, you need to understand the problems and how they are getting answers to them. Based on this, you can paint a detailed picture of the prospects and then set goals.

  1. Segment the contacts

You might have tried a broad generic for sending emails, but you must take time to segment the contacts as it is the most powerful thing to succeed. No doubt this will take time, but it will help you pinpoint the targets within the segment with the messages that will resonate with their needs.

Segmenting will be reasonable based on the job, function, location, interest level, etc. The goal is to adapt content and message to match each segment based on the requirement.

  1. Manage the list

A good email is not always prominent. It is targeted, maintained, and directed to the point. It will be better if you have just 100 contacts rather than 1000 contacts whom you never have heard from or won’t reply to the emails.

To maximize the returns, you need to keep the delivery rates high. For this, you can clean your regular list of contacts, eliminate the unsubscribes, and check for the activity regularly.

  1. Understand the elements of an email 

An effective email includes a lot of sections that can have an impact on the prospective tenant or the investor. Ensure your email has an impressive subject line, strong images, headlines, subheadings, calls to action, and contact information.

You must be precise when drafting the news in your email. It must be catchy and attractive for the prospects to understand the offer and how they can benefit from it.

  1. The perfect subject line

Giving a good first impression is highly beneficial to succeed in the industry. Also, it will help encourage a long-term client or re-engage with an old prospect. A good subject line can be pretty beneficial.

You need to review the open and click rates of your camping to get a better idea of what subject line has worked well for a specific audience segment. It will allow you to understand what works for them.

Make sure you are being relevant and clear with the subject line. It must not be way too large. Also, you must keep the subject line short to ensure that it is easily readable and gives the prospect an idea of the email.

  1. Know the right time to send the email

Understanding when is the right time to send an email is extremely important as it will avoid complications and guarantee you can make the most of the available opportunities. You must avoid following the crowd but still send the email at the right time.

The best time will be 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. for sending the email, as they will receive better click-through rates. Also, you can do it between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This is the time when people usually check their emails.

  1. Improve deliverability

No doubt it will be pretty frustrating for you when you have put in all the effort to prepare an email for the audience, but it turns out that people didn’t even receive it. There are plenty of reasons for this.

First, you can take steps to ensure the email reaches where they belong. For this, you can start checking your sender score. There can be some concerns for you due to blacklisting some sender rejection notice, recent complaints, infrastructure, unknown use, etc. might be avoiding the delivery of your emails. You can increase it by innovative sending strategies. You can send the email consistently, ensure that your contacts are well segmented, and clear your list regularly.

  1. Have a follow-up strategy

No matter the type of strategy you are using in the CRE industry, it is essential that you have got proper follow our plan. Even the most effective even marketing can fail due to the follow-up.

Thus you must have a proper plan to help you take the measures on time and guarantee success. You can do certain things to increase the follow-up game, like using the email sequence for reaching automation.

Also, you can consider sending emails to those who have not opened the emails and, finally, vary your outreach time. Remember, it is the efforts that you put into the strategy which will turn out to be beneficial for you. Thus we must have a strong follow-up plan.

  1. Track the results

You must keep on tracking the results of how effective your email marketing has been. You must keep checking the same results to take proper measures on time. Generally, professionals rely on gut feeling to determine if the strategy will work, but it is essential to check the numbers.

It would help if you focused on tracking the key metrics with emails segmenting the image based on different sections, testing the headlines, measuring the changes over time, etc.

There are a lot of things that can be helpful for you to keep an eye on the update of your strategy. No doubt this will take time, but it is an effective way of ensuring you take proper measures on time and make the most of the available opportunities.

When you see that an effective email is not working, you think you will need to make changes to it and understand what will work well for the audience. Then, based on the specific goals and requirements of the audience, you need to start sending them good emails.


Email marketing has turned out to be quite effective for the CRE industry. When it is well constructed, you will be able to reach out to a prospect and have a positive impact on your business. But you must be well aware of how to create a good email.

By opting for professional support, things can be quite straightforward. You can consider contacting Private Capital Investors for help. They have got good industry experience and ideas.

The experts there will help you understand the email marketing started and devise a customized plan that will work well for you. The professional will appreciate your goal from the email marketing strategy and then assure to help you will get the proper assistance. They have a dedicated team of professionals who will support you throughout the process.


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