Essential Insurance Types for Commercial Real Estate Investors


Real estate offers a great opportunity for investors to earn passive income through real estate investing over the years. However, this requires a lot of investment. Also, there is a significant amount of risk involved as well.

This is why having insurance for the property is extremely important.

Although many people do not understand the difference insurance can make, there are some of the essentials you need to get for your property.

It will not only safeguard your investment but will also protect you in case of any unexpected situation like natural calamity or theft.

Understanding the types of commercial property insurance

When assessing the need of your CRE property it is important to think about it as a small business.

Keep in mind revenue will only be generated from tenants, while the expenses will be the cost that you will require to keep the property in a well-maintained condition. This is why insurance is used to keep the business running and to take care of all the unexpected losses that can happen.

The varying complexity and size of the property can make things difficult. This is why there are certain coverages you will require.

  1. Commercial property insurance

Just like the name specifies com, commercial property insurance is essential for protecting the physical property and all the equipment stored inside.

It helps get coverage against any damage due to weather, theft, fire, etc.

  1. General liability insurance

Generally, the CRE properties are the places where people will gather. This means there is also a large possibility of accidents happening.

The general library insurance will protect against all the losses related to the events that can happen on the building premises.

Generally, this will include things like physical injury and property damage, but the general library insurance can also help with the legal cost that comes with defending the lawsuits resulting from any of these events to get better results for your business.

  1. Business interruption insurance

Consider a typical summer thunderstorm that turns into an unexpected tornado. No doubt, it can result in severe damage, especially to the retail shopping centers.

The damage can be of such a great extent that the businesses will not be able to operate. This means they won’t be able to pay off the rent.

This is where business interruption insurance will help protect against any loss of income as a result of any unexpected calamity or disaster. The disaster can be a storm, fire, or anything that can cause a loss of income.

  1. Umbrella liability policy

It is like a supplementary coverage that is used for protecting above and beyond the policy limits described in any of the above cases. In simple words, insurance coverage will provide claims that are not at all addressed in other types of insurance policies like injuries, property damage, personal liability, or lawsuit situations.

  1. Builders risk insurance

This will include all types of coverage for loss or damage that happens while the property is still under the construction process.

  1. Crime Insurance

This type of insurance policy helps protect against any losses that are associated with a crime like a burglary or theft. No matter whether it resolves from an unknown 3rd party or an employee has committed the crime, you will be able to get compensation against any losses that happen under such a situation.

  1. Ordinance or law insurance

This type of insurance policy provides coverage for any of the unexpected losses or costs associated with the reconstruction or demolition of a property to keep up with the updated building code standards.

Generally, this happens when an older property is severely damaged due to some unexpected events and needs to be reconstructed.

However, the changes in the building codes have made it important to completely demolish the property and then reconstruct it as per the updated code. In such situations, the insurance policy can be extremely advantageous.

  1. Debris removal insurance

The insurance policy will protect your CRE property from natural disasters like floods, fires, or windstorms and against the cost of cleaning up the property after a disaster.

It is extremely important to note that the above-mentioned points do not necessarily represent separate insurance policies that the owners will be required to purchase.

In certain cases, they will require separate coverage provided under the commercial property policies.

Besides this, some business insurance providers also offer packages of policies that are all required to meet the unique needs of the CRE owners. It is always advised to work with an experienced insurance agent to ensure you receive adequate property coverage.

Choosing the right insurer

When it comes to choosing the right commercial property insurance policy the focus generally is on a specific coverage within the insurance policies themselves.

However, it is equally important to find an insurance provider who has the right financial resources to pay out the claim that will be required during the situation.

You need to find someone who has the skills and knowledge to not just provide you with a customized plan for keeping up with the needs of your property but also has the ability and the intent to pay in case of valid claims. This is extremely important because CRE claims can be quite huge.

So, in the best practice, you need to research the financial strength of the insurance company before you trust them to get a quote or purchase a policy from them.

The task is now extremely easy with the availability of 3rd party rating agencies, while everywhere you can find slightly different ratings.

Make sure that you do further research to know more about the insurance company and analyze their rating before you go ahead with any decision.

Take your time, as this involves a major decision, and you will need to choose the best course of action.


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