Future of Multifamily in 2022


The CRE industry, despite the pandemic time, has managed to survive. As the world is shifting, the industry is gaining back pace. No doubt, major sectors of the commercial real estate industry have been significantly impacted. But there are properties that are emerging, especially as a medium for the investors to earn a tremendous amount of money.

One such option is the multifamily properties which provide the investors an option to ensure a safe investment industry and great returns. The year 2021 has been challenging for all industries. But it can rest assured that 2022 will bring in a lot of changes in terms of the trends in multifamily property and other aspects.

As an investor, if you are planning to invest in multifamily properties, then the guide here will help you get a better idea about the future of the properties in the year 2022. It will provide you with clear insights into whether multifamily properties are suitable for investment or not.


Multifamily property in 2022

The sector is about to set a record-breaking investment in the year 2022. It is the excellent liquidity and growing debt options that are available with the multifamily. Thus pricing will be vital as ever. It can be said that 2022 will be just the right time for investing in multifamily properties.


Record-high demand

The properties in the US in the year 2021 had an occupancy rate of 100% and a great rental which was over the three pandemic levels. No doubt there are specific market challenges, but the market’s overall health is setting the record straight for the year 2022.

It is the growing economy that is used in the household market during the pandemic time. The development of the new households is increasing demand and is expected to match the pace of the new availabilities in 2022. It is forecasted that the occupancy level will remain 95% in the coming future with a 7% growth in the effective rents.

Besides this, the construction will be elevated in the near term. It is noticed that construction in 2021 reached a new high of about 300,000 plus units that will be delivered in 2022. The change since the year 2010 is 206000 units have been delivered annually. At the same time, it was 171000 since 1994. This specifies the increase in the demand for the properties and the available spaces.

There is a strong demand in the market, but the volume of the new class A products found that are available online will limit the performance of high-quality assets. It was the class A rental that had been severely impacted. So there are still many places required to recover the overall loss. It is expected that 8% of them can be seen in the effective urban rents in 2022.

The growth rate will be moderate, about 3%, in 2023 and slightly lower. These strong fundamentals, together with expectations, indicate that debt will remain available at a relatively low cost and will welcome the developers as there will be a great increase in the construction cost.


From urban to suburban and back again

It is seen that the Downton multifamily properties are getting back on pace, and the occupancy rates are now getting normal. There are different factors that are contributing. This includes restrictions on the amenities available in the urban areas, higher vaccination rates, reopening of the college campus, growing willingness to use public transport, and more workers returning back to the office space.

The urban areas have seen an average increase in the vacancy of about 200 bps during the peak of the pandemic. As per the Q3 of 2021, the urban vacancy rate average about 5%. It was 70 bps above the progressive level. It is expected that it will fall to 4% by the end of 2022.

In contrast, the properties responded better to cyclical and secular factors like income uncertainty, need for more space, preference for outdoor options, and more millennials with growing families requiring school. Thus it leads to a great demand for apartments in the lower-cost and low-density submarkets.


Investors favoring multifamily

It was noticed multifamily investment in the US was $13 billion in 2021, which was way too above 2019. In the year 2022, it is expected there will be at least a 10% increase in the year 2021. No doubt, the capital market will continue to flow from sources both from international and national sectors.

However, the target seems to be shifting. Investors are looking for strong non-coastal markets that are more acceptable than ever. Also, the growing trends are stating favoring ESG-compliant assets. The growth is majorly seen by the European investors. The Federal Housing Finance Agency was established at a $78 billion cap on the multifamily purchase volume, which will be 11.4% more than in 2021.

Such a high level of liquidity is enough for facilitating strong value growth. Besides, it is expected as a resurgence in the foreign capital flow will be there for targeting multifamily assets. The liquid multifamily debt capital markets include alternative lenders despite the challenges like the higher rentals.


Investment strategy for 2022

The multifamily investment strategy relies greatly on the reward, and the rest of class A which is available in the urban class areas, particularly the getaway series, presents an excellent opportunity for the market. Those markets during the pandemic time suffered greatly. But they have the most favorable outlook in the near coming time.

Besides, they also present some downside risks amid new domestic migration patterns. The lower risk and reward market are the secondary options that have been less affected by the pandemic. The markets in Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, etc., are expected to do better in 2022. The income and appreciation return, when compared to the class A markets, will be a more stable investment return outlook.

The market, according to these regulations, particularly those with proposed controls that will limit the income opportunities from rent growth and also will require operational efficiency for driving the right NOI.


Noticeable changes in the multifamily property

After the pandemic time, the demand for people who are interested in multifamily properties has changed dramatically. Before entering the space, the renters look for a lot of aspects. Here are some of the things that are expected to be seen in multifamily investment properties in the year 2022.

  • The pandemic time has been quite hectic for everyone. In the coming time, there will be burnout across the industry. The workers are now opting for retirement or quitting a job in record numbers. Thus finding the right workers and motivating them to work in the multifamily industry.
  • As most of the residents are working from home, the multifamily investments in there is a need for paying the owners and operators with a sound system in place. There are reports that state that the networks received significant traffic.

There are great popularity and usage. But these smaller communities need to deal with aging infrastructure and outdated things for proper management. This means there would be a great demand for better apartments, devices, flexible leasing options, etc.

  • During the pandemic, the availability of accurate real-time data has become necessary for the decision-making process. Most managers have now found that the data insights work great in making decisions on time. Thus the industry needs more data to form corporate culture, which, however, would be an easy job. There have been significant effects that are bringing the change. There is a need for management, but still, there are a lot of aspects that must be considered first.
  • It is considered that in the coming time, making use of artificial intelligence and the new technologies for creating workflow efficiencies will become essential. Artificial intelligence was relatively limited; the reports have demonstrated the potential value of the industry. In balance, herein can be quite challenging but once achieved, it will work great.
  • The pandemic has brought people a lot of things. This means in the coming time; the industry needs to be prepared for the risk management aspects. Be it a pandemic situation, flood, fire, or any other aspect; they need to be prepared to face it all.



The industry is continuing to grow, but as the sectors are getting back to an average pace, it is expected that one handle things with care and make use of the right opportunities to benefit. In the coming time, one needs to increase the capabilities and understand how to handle things.

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