How Private Hard Money Lenders Work In Atlanta


If you are looking to invest in a new real estate market or a less tapped one, Atlanta, Georgia, tops the list. Real estate investing can seem intimidating and might come across as a complicated one initially, especially to beginner real estate investors. However, with some ground research and homework – you should be in an excellent place to start. 

Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the fastest-growing landlord-friendly regions. Additionally, an unemployment rate is below 6%, which attracts hundreds and hundreds of homeowners from across the states of America.

Whether you are looking for a home to live in or investing in commercial real estate by renting out commercial properties – Atlanta, Georgia, is an excellent place to explore and consider.

In this blog, we will walk you over how hard money lenders work in Atlanta and how you can get yourself the best loan in the market. 

Hard Money Lenders in Atlanta 

Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing landlord-friendly States, and thus, there are a plethora of hard money lenders to choose from. With numerous options, it is pretty natural that borrowers tend to get confused about who is the best one in the market.

The hard money lending market in Atlanta is quite a saturated one and is an old one showing that most private lenders have had a considerable amount of experience in financing commercial properties in Atlanta.

Finding a suitable hard money lender is not only about finding someone who has experience but finding someone who has shown a considerable track record of establishing reliability and transparency. It is also essential to know that it is vital to stay away from scammy private lenders.

They lure borrowers into buying their loan program by offering the lowest rate possible but will later impose many unseen fees and costs on borrowers, increasing loan expenses and leaving an adverse effect on borrowers’ investment success.

Here are a few steps you can do to ensure you are in good hands when choosing the right hard money lender to fund your loan.

1 – Ask for referrals and recommendations from your circle of friends and family

If you have a friend or family who has had experience in investing in real estate in Atlanta, then your best option would be to ask for referrals and recommendations from them. This step will not only help you find a suitable lender you can consider but will also give you an understanding of how real estate markets work in Atlanta. 

2 – Shortlist hard money lenders based on experience, expertise, and portfolio

If you don’t have any references or recommendations you can fall back upon, the next step would be to shortlist hard money lenders based on their experience, expertise, and portfolio.

Choosing a hard money lender who has considerable experience in the location you are dealing with will give you immense leverage in getting good deals and the proper consultation on the right kinds of properties to choose.

3 – Ask for reviews from your shortlisted private hard money lenders 

The next step would be to ask for reviews from your shortlisted private hard money lenders from their existing customers. Genuine and authentic private lenders would shy away from providing you the contacts of their customers with who you can have a chat. Most private lenders also showcase their testimonials to establish proof of credibility and trust. 

4 – Have an open conversation, and negotiate on the best terms 

After you are relatively satisfied with the credibility and reliability factor, you can move on to explain your financing need and start an open conversation with your private hard money lender. Being honest will help you immensely as your lender can help you as needed depending on your financial situation.

If you have a poor credit score, you will need to justify it and provide a reason to a private lender to lend you by showing a projected income and expenditure statement for the following year. You can explain your plan to repay the loan expenses.

At the end of the day, if you can convince your lender about your loan repayment capacity, you can get the desired loan home and kick start your investment portfolio. 

While doing so, remember that chasing the lowest rate in the market should not be your sole priority. Getting the loan option that will provide you the utmost value, in the long run, must be your biggest priority. 

Types of hard money loans you can get in Atlanta.

Atlanta is a region that has different types of property investments to choose from, and the cell also other types of private money loans can find. Here’s an overview of the two major types of suitable money loans you can easily find in Atlanta. 

1 – Fix and Flip loans 

Fix and flip loans are provided to fix and flip property types where investors buy properties, make some renovations, sell them at a higher price, and make a good profit margin. A typical fix and flip loan will require the borrower to put down 10 % of the loan amount as a down payment. 

2 – Multi-family loans

The next type of property loan widely known in Atlanta is multi-family loans that require a minimal down payment from borrowers. In a post covid world where many people want to move into multiple-family units, pursuing a multi-family investment property is lucrative. 

Private capital investors have experience in finding different types of commercial properties in Atlanta for many years now. Understanding the ins and outs of how markets work in Atlanta has provided us leverage to serve our clients with the best advice on choosing the right property types and the best loans. Get in touch with one of our loan experts today and see for yourself why we are considered as one of the best private hard money lenders in Atlanta. 

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