How Can You Refinance Your Hard Money Loan with a Conventional Loan?


Hard money loans have become an excellent source for investors to acquire the financing they need to use the available opportunity correctly. However, if you have taken a hard money loan, you must pay interest rates higher than the usual financial institutions.

Further, you might plan for something other than it in the long term. But you have to choose the option of getting the required financing. Besides, you might also face a significant pay date with a large balloon payment.

However, thankfully there is a way out of this situation: to sell your property. But lucky, you can hold on to the property for a more extended period by refinancing the hard money loan and converting it into a conventional loan.

The hard money loan helps you move quickly when purchasing the property. But then, conventional loans are a better option for long-term investment property ownership plans.

If you are aware of the same, then the guide will provide insights on how to switch from 1 loan to another and use the refinancing option in the best way.

Understanding hard money loans

Hard money loans are private loans generally provided by private investors. As the lender has no government oversight, they must follow the same rules or have legal restrictions working against them. This offers them to be more creative with the loan terms. Hard money loans come with a lot of advantages.

But there can also be certain drawbacks. It usually requires less upfront money when compared to conventional options. This can include smaller down payments and closing costs. Thus, it ensures the income from the real estate investment comes with better returns.

They do not require any extensive approval process like underwriting. In fact, it can be approved within a few days. Here the requirement is a lot easier when compared to conventional loans.

Savings credits or income requirements are all at the discretion of the private money lender. This increases likely hood of approval and the speed of the process.

The hard money loan usually differs significantly from the conventional options. It comes with a shorter period of 6 to 12 months. Besides, the mortgage interest here will be higher. But it is an excellent option for those investors who require financing on an urgent basis.

Understanding conventional loans

Conventional loans are the financing options that meet the Government sponsored organization, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The companies purchase the mortgage from the lending companies and then sell it to the investors. They are sometimes known as conforming loans because they conform to the financial institutions’ standards.

But you must know that conventional and hard money loans vary greatly. There are a number of requirements that one needs to fulfill before one can get financing.

There can be a possibility when you can get a conventional loan by putting in three percent of the sales price as the down payment. But this generally happens for first-time home buyers, especially those who are purchasing a single-family residence.

While in case investing in multi-family investment property, then the down payment will be higher, and you will have to put on 15%

Besides, the lender will also take a look at the current credit score. It is generally required for conventional loan approval. Your loan will only be approved when the score is high.

Insurance is needed if the traditional down payment is less than 20% of the purchase price. The insurance will protect the people investing in the mortgage if they default. The amount will depend upon the loan type and the credit of the borrower.

Your debt-to-income ratio will specify how much debt you have compared to your income. You will be getting each month by adding all of it.

The monthly minimum loan payment is divided by the gross monthly income to find the debt-income ratio. Generally, conventional loans require debt to income ratio of 50%.

Reason to switch from a hard money loan to a conventional loan

Hard money loans are suitable to get the required financing for the property purchase from the borrower that the loan might not approve. They will allow you to quickly close on a property loan without any requirements like conventional loans. They are short-term.

The length period generally will be 6 to 12 months. So when the timeline ends, you will have to pay off the loan or look for other options. Besides, as it comes with higher interest rates, conventional loans will be helpful to save some money each month.

The loan can work great during the first few months of owning the investment property, but eventually, you will have to sell the property or clear off the loan.

Switching to a conventional loan will be the best solution if you wish to keep the property and continue the rental benefits but need the purchase funds.

Switching to a conventional loan

There are multiple reasons why switching to convenience has many advantages. Here are some of the points that you need to be aware of.

  1. Financial requirement

Refinancing to a conventional mortgage starts with the same method you follow to take a traditional loan to purchase the property. The first one is to meet various credit requirements to get pre-approved for the loan. They will require information about debt, income, credit score, savings, assets, etc. This will not be the loan approval, but there will be a chance for the lender to estimate if you can provide them the money back on time.

After proper analysis, the lender will decide if you will get the final approval for the refinance loan. Make sure you contact multiple lenders to choose the one who can approve the process more accessible, and you will get favorable terms for your refinancing.

When you decide to move on with a lender, they will verify the information you provided during the preapproval process. This can include everything from the retirement account, statement bank, statement credit card, statement-based ups, and rental property income statement.

Besides, they will also check on your credit to verify the genuine by closely examining the payments. The hard money lenders understand the property and the income you have. If you have paid the loan late, they will likely deny refinancing to a conventional loan.

The requirement for a conventional loan to purchase the property will take a lot of work. It will be tough to qualify if you initially used a hard money loan to buy a property.

After all, you didn’t qualify for a conventional. You likely will only be allowed again if you have a correction or other factors that have changed since the purchase of the property. Consider bringing in a co-signer on loan with a good credit profile in such situations.

  1. Property requirement

Even if you meet all the financial requirements, there is still another hurdle to clear: the property requirement for switching your hard money loan to a conventional loan. The property must be in the condition to be rented out.

If the property is under work, it won to qualify for a traditional loan. This will be true if the lender has purchased land to be built on a property.

It is essential that the construction project is completed and the property is well-ready for the tenants to move in. Besides, the lender will often want to check if it has been rented for a considerable time and if it comes with a reasonable monthly rental income.

After all, you will not want to invest in unknown properties. Therefore, they will only choose options with good monthly rental payment history. After all, they will analyze all the options to find the safest option for their requirement.


Finding the right lender is significant when planning to convert your hard money loan to a conventional loan. After all, you must research the options and see who can provide you its favorable opportunities.

Connect with Private Capital Investors to get the required help. They have got available experts in the industry. They understand the process and can make things easy for you. They will maintain transparency and help you get all the assistance required to complete the deal faster than your requirement. They have got the expertise to help you get the best support. You can trust them for the refinancing to get favorable benefits.

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