How PropTech Help CRE to Reduce Cost?


The PropTech property technology or solution has undoubtedly started to popularise in recent months. However, you must know that the platform is turning out to be a great assistance in reducing the cost.

CRE has faced many challenges, including labor shortages, increased building vacancies, and potential resources due to the pandemic. PropTech has now become an exciting answer for those issues.

A variety of solutions will work well for the CRE platforms to streamline the work, reduce cost and become more efficient. Unfortunately, those who choose not to opt for or embrace the technology tools available are failing to keep up with the industry.

It has been seen since the start of the pandemic that the CRE firms had to work to adapt to make use of the hybrid work model. The shift has led to 78% of companies using anchor technologies to create a more efficient workspace.

As per the reports, real estate was the fastest for embracing new solutions over the next three years. As a result, the industry is planning to upscale its implementation.

CRE industries are tight on budget

Many industry players, building developers, operators, brokerages, etc., now pay closer attention to the budget than the years earlier. The firms are even looking for ways to provide better value to the customers.

Thus, in the current time, every dollar is going to count. There has now been a strong focus on the PropTech investment. Those companies are thriving because of further insights into workflow and operational capacity. The knowledge herein is power without which you will have difficulty staying in the competition.

Many companies, not just in CRE, feel using analytical programs, automation solutions, or integrated operation platforms has some savings.

The integration and the automation market growth have been seen in office work. They can increase by $32 billion by the end of 2025. This will be about a 50% growth rate in the last five years.

Top tech helping CRE manage the reducing tenants’ number.

Automation and AI are two of the most potential game changers for the CRE office industries. The reports have stated that the workers will only not be returning to the office full-time. However, there are still things to put light on and understand how it will work.

A slow return to the office will be big news for the PropTech companies. After all, it will result in a business boost. But, fortunately for the PropTech firms, the venture capitalist has stepped back from investing in the sector.

So the CRE companies are now filling the gap. For instance, the tax investment division of the company has chosen to invest about $340 million in 40 start-ups, many of which are office-related.

The labor shortage and rising wages have made CRE firms more efficient. As a result, they are working hard to be15% to 30% more efficient when making the payment for client acquisition.

CRE firms must recognize the inefficient workflow and take proper measures to correct it. If not, it will cause their portfolio to fall due to all the pressure from the current economy.

Understanding the influence of PropTech 

Technology has now become quite a vital part of life. It is the core of the virtual industry globally. Therefore there is no surprise how it is being used to reduce the cost and workload.

PropTech technology has become a buzzword that is working hard to make operations relatively easier and manageable for real estate companies.

It is the solution responsible for tech adoptions of modern technology like VR, AI, big data, etc. Today several companies are making news of the technology for meeting the best practices.

It has provided real estate organizations the edge by empowering them to make smarter and faster data-driven decisions which have been essential for customer service.

They can now respond faster to the customers’ needs in the current time, and everyone is driving to enhance performance and reduce cost. In addition, the Protech solution will provide opportunities for partnerships and collaboration that will encourage the industry to change.

Reasons for the increased demand

It is now quite clear why PropTech has seen such great demand in the real estate industry. It has empowered developers, property managers, sellers, buyers, and investors, to use extraordinary solutions and tools to make the job easier. Still, if you are unsure about the same, the list specifies why there is a massive demand for the same.

  1. Data-driven decisions

Reports state that about 45% of the respondents have confessed to spending at least 15% of their time organizing and managing data.

At the same time, every 8 out of 10 CRE firms have also created an executive position for the management of data strategy. While the reports clearly emphasize the importance of data, they have revealed the challenges of data analysis and collection.

Fragmented data is adequate, but with the implementation of PropTech in real estate, things will be changed in the dynamics, paving a path for real-time data, which will be used for making important decisions.

  1. Smart access control

There is no need for in-person interactions with the implementation of modern real estate technology solutions like contactless visitor management, touchless access control system, and much more.

The ability helps manage everything remotely to generate revenue and reduce the overall cost. The contactless experience is even now preferred. Besides, there are also cloud-based property management solutions that can be accessed through mobile applications.

  1. Smart buildings

Innovative home technology is best used in the real estate industry. They will help reduce costs, enable predictive maintenance, and conserve energy.

With this, you will be able to protect the behavior of your equipment, air conditioning system, and lift system and then make use of it to make a plan about maintenance every three months.

Besides, the device will also reduce the carbon footprint by automation of routine tasks and working on reducing emissions.

  1. Live video streaming

Video tours are quite an important part of streaming at the current time. However, thanks to all the software available for real estate companies, things have become more manageable.

The option of live videos is a great marketing and sales technique that allows the buyers to determine if the property is worth the time before making a face-to-face tour. In addition, it is transparent, and you cannot hide or edit anything from the potential buyers.

The industry has helped improve occupancy as buyers can now quickly assess the property worldwide, which helps make an informed decision. In addition, it is popular on the social media platform, making live video streaming a global stage for bridging the gap between the seller and the buyer.

  1.       Management Software

Most data software is easily automated for accuracy and efficiency. In addition, some companies will help you choose the right property management software, which will be the perfect option that will cater to your needs.

This will help manage every minor aspect of your business, especially when it comes to releasing agreements; things can be pretty tough, but with the management systems, you will make the amendments faster and keep an update on the expiry of the contracts.

They are all cloud-based documents that can be signed without scanning or printing. As the population is rising and digital transformation continues to get into the eCommerce market, the use of PropTech in the real state will become more dominant.

But it will be easier to adapt to the new digital ecosystem. When you are prepared well for that, you can begin this by accessing your current business needs and goal with the digital journey.

Make sure you identify the charges you might face along the way and align your business goals based on them. Make sure to have a dedicated team of professionals who can manage PropTech and integrate it successfully across the business.

No doubt, the use of the same will come with a major advantage for your business and allow it to have a convenient time managing all the essentials without any difficulty.


Using technology in real estate is bringing convenience and ease to people. But it is also important that you understand what will work for your business needs and use it for better outcomes. Therefore, analyzing your specific business needs is important.

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