How to Calculate the Monthly Cost of Your Commercial Loan


When purchasing personal or commercial property, most buyers plan to use commercial loans to ease the purchase process. However, before signing the paperwork, you must understand the cost you will be paying for the loan will be much more than the amount you have received or borrowed.

The monthly payment also comes with interest on the borrowed amount. The size of each loan period will depend on the repayment terms.

It is tough to identify those figures on your own. This is why loan calculators work the best. When you have got an account, it will provide your easy access to multiple types of loan calculators. So you can get a fair idea, whether a personal student or auto loan.

Also, you will get to know about the equity you have just in case you are planning to borrow a home equity loan. If you are unaware of the calculation process of the monthly payment, then the guide here will provide you with precise insights.


The loan payment

When taking a personal loan, you must go through many stages. The interest rate here will depend on your credit report or be based on a mortgage, which can be a property or anything related. The same goes with the commercial loans, as you will have to provide the lender with a mortgage so that if you fail to make the payment on time, he can use the property to get his lent amount.

The monthly amount you will pay will include the interest and the associated cost. The loan comes in three parts.


  • Principal

It is the borrowed amount from a lender or a bank.

  • Interest

It is the extra percent of the cost that the lenders take from the borrower. The annual percentage will include the cost like the origination fees and the interest rate. For most loans, you will have a fixed interest rate. The interest rate will be determined based on your credit history and score.

  • Fees

It is the additional associated cost of taking a loan. This will include origination fees in sufficient fund fees etc.

The monthly payment will be dependent on how much money you have borrowed and the repayment option you have chosen. But you must remember that the interest rate or the associated cost will add to each loan payment.


Calculating the monthly loan payment

A basic and simple formula for calculating the monthly loan payment will include the interest rate loan, principal amount, and the loan term. The principal amount here will spread equally over the entire loan repayment term, and the fees and interest rate to be charged. But remember, the number of years here will differ. You typically will have 12 payments.

Further based on the type of loan you have taken will determine the method that can be used for figuring out the payment. For example, there are interest-only loans and amortized loans. The amortized loan includes interest and principal.


Interest-only loans

If you choose to go for interest-only loans, you will be responsible for paying the loan interest for a specific period. However, the amount of the principal that you have to pay will stays the same for the entire time. Therefore, the monthly loan cost will be pretty easy to calculate.

For instance, let’s considered that you have a loan of about $20000 that comes with a 6% APR. Further, it has got ten years as the repayment term. In this case, you would consider the borrowed amount and multiply it by the interest rate, which will come to around $1200.

Thus, the interest payment will go around $100 every month. No doubt, interest-only loans do not last forever. Once the interest period is over, the principal amount payment will begin.

Typically the interest-only loans are preferred to turn into amortizing nose, which will require you to make regular monthly payments on interest and principal after the interest-only period ends.


Amortizing loans

In such types of loans, the amount of money is paid monthly along with the interest rate. For example, you took a loan of $200000 that comes with the APR of 6%.

Now the repayment timeline is five years, so for calculating the loan interest payment, you will have to divide the interest rate that you are being charged by the total number of the payments you will have to make every year, which will be 12.

Now multiply the figure with the initial loan balance, which should start at the full borrowed amount. So, in the end, you will get $100, which would be the amount you will have to pay in interest in the first month.

After that, however, you will have to continue to pay for the loan as more of the principal balance will be paid to the lender and thus will gradually start decreasing. Using a simple math formula, you can get the figure for each interest payment for the month.

As the payment of the borrowed amount is fixed herein, it is pretty easier for the borrower to know how much they have to pay to the lender. Thus, assuring a hassle-free check on the interest payment. Also, it will decrease as you pay a certain amount so it can be quite a beneficial option.

Things are different in the case of commercial options. There are multiple other options available. Most borrowers use the tools to convert their loans or look for methods that can help decrease the interest payment.

You will have to consider contacting a commercial lender to learn about the payment options and then choose something which will work the best for you.


Saving money on interest payment

Interest can be the most considerable expense you will face when choosing to get a commercial loan. When you have a lower interest rate, you will pay less and vice versa. No doubt it is impossible to reduce the interest rate, but some strategies can help you save money.


  • Get prequalified

If you know the loan size you qualify for without completing a loan application and the associated risk, you can compare the rates of the multiple lenders. Then, while shopping around, you can choose a lender who can provide you with a lower interest rate and the best repayment terms.

This is just the same for the commercial real estate industry. If you plan to get a loan based on your credit score, it will be better if you improve your chances of getting a lower interest rate and multiple other benefits.


  • Make extra payment for the loan principal.

Each borrower is required to make one loan payment. Herein some of the amounts will go to the interest while the other is the principal. It is advised that you make extra payments around the principal whenever possible.

While doing this, you will reduce the total loan balance and the interest that you owe. The sooner you get rid of the loan, things will become easy and more convenient.

Unfortunately, in the case of the commercial real estate industry, some of the lenders might not accept pre-payment. So you will have to pay some extra amount to be clear of your entire debt at once.


  • Pay off the loan quickly.

If you are one of those who can afford higher monthly payments or if you can pay the remaining loan balance amount in a lump sum. Please pay it at once so that you avoid getting the hassle of extra interest.

But make sure that you enquire about this from the lender of the commercial real estate industry. Those who plan to clear the debt immediately will have to pay the amount for the loss that the lender will suffer.

Understanding the correct type of loan and interest rate right at the start is the key to avoiding complications later and getting yourself a good deal that will be worth it.

Make sure you analyze all the essentials in advance and compare the rate of different lenders to choose the best.



Getting yourself a reasonable loan that comes with a lower interest rate, no doubt, can be pretty complicated. It would be best if you had a clear idea about the industry and the lenders who can provide you with the experience of getting something that will be worth it and help you save money.

You can consider contacting Private Capital Investors for support if you need support. They have professionals who will help you identify the top lender to provide the best possible deals to save money.

No matter the type of loan you are looking for, the professionals will be there by your side to guarantee the best for you.

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