How to use Commercial Loan for Rental Property?


The rental real estate market is now hot. In fact, for many investors, there has been no better time to invest. However, securing the financing required to purchase a real estate property can be quite tricky, especially when you plan to rent the property to profit from it.

No doubt there are various options available, but commercial loans have turned out to be reliable ones for the purchase of real estate properties.

However, many people are still unaware of the advantages of the same, when or why they must consider this mode for investing. Therefore, the information has been provided here for help.

Commercial loans- What is it?

They are the type of loans that are generally between the bank and a borrower. It is just like any conventional mortgage. However, in contrast, the loan must be taken out for commercial or investment purposes.

For example, you can get a loan to purchase a new real estate property. However, private lenders will work best when you plan to take a commercial loan to make money on a residential property.

However, they have got their requirement and interest rate. But this is not the same with commercial lenders as they do not require income documentation to close the loan.

The requirement for the commercial loan

For the purchase of investment property, commercial loans turn out to be the most reliable one. This is because there is no requirement to have a high credit score. This makes the loan the perfect option for nationals, especially those who have not yet established a credit history in the country.

However, it is essential to remember that some lenders can still require you to present your credentials to ensure there is no history of bankruptcy or foreclosure.

Payment requirement for the commercial loan

If you think about the loan from the lender’s perspective, financing the investment property will come with a higher risk than funding a primary residence. Therefore, when borrower runs into financial trouble, they prioritize the mortgage on their primary home over the investment property.

Commercial lenders typically require a higher down payment, which will be between 35% and 50%. But similar to any other loan applying for the commercial loan payment will help you ease the terms and rates, reducing the monthly mortgage or the closing cost.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio

When there is a need for underwriting the investment property, the commercial lenders will take a hard look at the debt service coverage ratio of the asset. When described in simple terms, they will see how much cash flow is generated from the property or what amount is available for the payment of the associated obligations of debt.

In some cases, the lenders might also look at the DSCR of the individual borrowers rather than simply checking the asset-based DSCR. The bank generally looks at such things to discover that your cash flow is risky or volatile.

This helps them protect their funding. This is why it is easier to secure commercial loan financing. Things will be challenging if you have a good cash flow but no other debt or loans under your name at the time of applying.

You must know many loan products consider asset-based DSCR. This m is an investment property that brings in enough income for the payment of the mortgage the individual plans to take out on the property.

Eligibility criteria

An important aspect of using a commercial loan to purchase real estate is that you cannot plan to live in the property as a primary residence or make it a second home. You can take out a loan for commercial property only for investment purposes if you plant it well or develop it separately.

You will be required to finance the property under a corporation or an LLC which needs to be structured and will vary from one lender to another. In contrast, the single purpose entity is the legal organization created to satisfy the specific investment purpose of the investor.

The real estate transaction is created to own and operate a specific property. The main characteristic here is that it will hold the real estate title and manage no other assets. You must be aware of all the essentials before making the right decision for investment.

When to consider a commercial loan?

Despite the information, many people will still be confused if the commercial loan will make sense for them. You need to know it will work the best for you based on various circumstances, preferences, and other factors. The list here will provide insights into when you should consider a commercial loan.

  • There is a gap in liquidity

Suppose there is a gap in the available cash for investment purposes or for opening up a new venture. The commercial loan will be helpful for you to get the required funding you need for pushing a deal or expanding the portfolio.

No doubt, you will get a major advantage as the rental property will start turning a profit in the short term. This will effectively increase your cash in exchange for a loan period of short term.

  • You are a foreign national

If you are a foreign national in the country, you may be unable to get other forms of financing when you try to build up your portfolio. This is to protect the regards it’s market from foreign interests that would make it difficult for Americans to buy or lease the properties.

A traditional commercial loan from a financing institution would be an excellent way to get the property you want, even when you are a foreign national.

However, if you don’t have a credit history in the country or any other traditional signs of credit, then choosing the commercial loan option will be the best for you to get the project going.

  • There is a contractual obligation

There can be situations when you might face contractual obligations that require a fast closing, but you don’t have money to close the deal. If you fail to keep up with the contract, you will lose the deposit. So instead, making use of a commercial loan for completing the transactions will be the best.

  • Get short-term solutions while waiting for long-term financing

Commercial loans work best for short-term purposes. However, when qualifying for long-term funding, you can choose to take a commercial loan covering 3-6 months or more until you can get the long-term financing agreement. This is why the lenders term it a bridge loan. It has bridged the financing gap before you can get more sturdy financing.

You can refinance the current outstanding mortgage and replace it with favorable conditions and terms based on market factors.

Remember, there can be some commercial loans for real estate that comes with pre-payment. However, this will make the refinancing tricky. This will result in you paying more than you anticipate when you try to pay the loan earlier.

Finding the right financing

Getting a commercial loan will come with a major advantage. You will be able to get the required funding as and when required without much obligation.

But remember, you must be aware of the conditions of the loan. Besides this, researching a good lender who can provide you the financing on time is important.

The analysis here is what will turn out to be beneficial. When analyzing your terms and conditions for the loan, you need to consider several factors like payment, interest rate, exit strategy, origination fees, term length, and much more. Then, once you are happy with the argument, you can get the financing.

Remember, a comparison here is quite beneficial for saving money and getting the best deal possible. However, it will be worth it if you consider finding at least 3 to 4 lenders who can provide you with good terms and interest rates.


Commercial loans are effective and safe for people as they help get the required funding either for investment purposes or for the required capital for a short period. However, remember, at the current time, getting financing can be a bit tough.

Therefore, consider connecting with Private Capital Investors for professional support. They will understand your specific requirement and help you understand the options available. They will ensure you can make the most of the options and get good interest terms and loans.

Undoubtedly their support will make a significant difference and help you get timely funding for your project. In addition, you can connect with them anytime for professional support.

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