How to Use Hard Money Loan for CRE Investment?


The CRE industry presents a great opportunity for hard-money investors to earn a high income. However, for making CRE investments, there is a requirement for great funding. In some instances, the investors might not have the cash readily available. Commercial real estate lending works as a reliable method for acquiring the fund needed for the investment and making the most of the opportunity at the right time.

The hard money loans can be used during that moment when there are no other sources to acquire the funding options. It was identified that asset-based hard money loans provide the borrowers better flexibility for using the assets as collateral. In fact, it allows investors to purchase a new property without actually having to sell any of the existing assets.

Undoubtedly real estate investment is a great way of acquiring profit and expanding the portfolio. You can invest greatly through real estate crowdfunding and REITs. When you don’t want to put a large amount of money, hard money loans work great for multi-family or any other property types you want to go with.

Undoubtedly, such types of loans come with some great benefits like additional financing options, but they have certain cons. It is essential that you have a proper idea before you make a move or choose this option for the funding.


Hard money loan- What you need to know

Hard money loans are commonly known as bridge loans. They are a short-term financial instrument used by the investors to acquire the necessary funding for the investment project. They are the real estate developers or house flippers who want to develop or remodel the property and choose this option as they want to sell the property frequently. Thus using such loans will work great for them.

The ability to get the hard money financing depends entirely on the creditworthiness of the borrowers, just like it is with the conventional banking options. The lenders are responsible for deciding if they are ready to provide the loan based on the value of the property or not. They pay extra attention to the after-repair value which in simple terms is the estimate of the property after it is completed.

Finding a good lender and acquiring the loan might seem a lot challenging but in reality can be easy if you know the industry. Thus proper support from a good broker becomes extremely important. You must know that even after getting the hard money loans, some investors fail because they don’t know how to use them. As mentioned, here are three ways that will ensure to make use of the hard money loan in the right manner and get maximum benefits.


  • Have a stronghold and know when the property will bring in profit

Hard money loans can be quite beneficial for real estate investors, but there are certain drawbacks to them that you must be aware of. No doubt they are the highest in terms of the convenience they provide to the investors to get the funding for the project, but they can come back 10% higher interest rate than traditional loans.

Besides, loan servicing fees, closing costs, origination fees, etc., are associated with the process, which will cost the investors a great amount. The funding helps the investors get the property ready before sale to get the maximum profit out of it. Thus when compared to conventional mortgage loans, they are available for short-term periods.

When the landlords and developers start on the renovation project will frequently get into some trouble. There is a great probability that you will find problems in the housing system like plumbing, electrical, etc., which will lead to great difficulty. Besides, there is a chance for mold growth somewhere.

When a contractor leaves the project in the mid-way, you will have to wait until you find a good agency or a contractor to take over. At such a point, when unprotected issues arise, having a hard money lender who can provide you the funding will work great. But it is essential that the lender you pick allows you to extend the loan based on the situation.

Also, when they offer sustained growth, you must know how long they can stretch the loan and if there would be any changes to the agreed terms. There is a probability that they would try to take advantage of the situation or even double the interest rate or look for other ways to turn a profit extra.

For this reason, it is essential to conduct a proper market assessment and have a clear understanding of when the unit will be profitable before you actually apply for a hard money loan. This will guarantee that you are able to pay the amount back in time and avoid any additional costs incurred during the process.


  •  Familiarise yourself with the terms of the contract

It is private individuals and businesses who typically offer hard money loans. The requirements can differ greatly from one lender to another. It is the borrower who needs to deal with the lenders, so there is great room for negotiation. If it is your first time applying for a loan, it will be tough for you to get accepted.

Also, there will be a requirement for additional information that the seasoned investors would be required for providing. When considering the loan, most of the lenders will look at the value of the assets, property value, financial history, etc., and also will ask for about 30% of a closing cost to secure the loan.

Make sure you read between the lines and understand the deal properly. When it comes to hard money loans, it is evident that not everything will be explicitly mentioned in the contract. This is especially true because in such cases, association with the lenders is based on understanding which will be quite crucial to maintain.

So it is vital to educate yourself about the terms of the agreement along with the benefits and the risk. Also, do not hesitate to ask any questions that might come up during the time you are working with a lender. This will help bring you to reach a final point and have a piece of mind.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions

No doubt you will have questions. Irrespective of the time you have been in the industry, it is quite normal when it comes to an understanding the terms and conditions of the contract are often. Each or the lender has a different approach they will follow. The small hard money lenders, for instance, may not have other resources for servicing the loans in-house.

This greatly indicates that they bring in a third-party service to provide the funding. As you are no longer working with the original developer, it will be difficult for you as a customer. So it is a good idea to ask about things in advance and essential questions that you might have and see if the hard money lender they have chosen underworks for your case.

It is identified that the majority of the lenders do not perform underwriting on loans. Besides, they may also move ahead to screen the borrower before they provide the loan. This appears to be a great deal because you can get a hard money loan more quickly based on the property. Also, there are many requirements you have to fulfill. However, when you look close, you might identify certain issues.

There are risks that you must be aware of. If a loan fails to perform, your house will be foreclosed, and you will lose all the time and money you have invested in a project. Besides, a foreclosure process will be highly costly and indicates you will have to pay for the court fees, legal fees, and other expenses, which make things extremely difficult. So it is always a good idea to enquire about things in advance and only sign the contract when you have a proper understanding of it.



No doubt, using the hard money loans can be quite effective in the investment you are making, but it is essential that you identify the industry well and then make use of the money in the right manner so that the loan you are using works great for you and helps you get better opportunities.

The market conditions keep on changing. You must keep yourself up to date with all the changes and advancements so that you avoid any hesitation or difficulties. With a proper understanding of the market, you will have a good chance of investing in the right property that will bring in great returns.

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With their professional assistance, you won’t face any difficulty but rather have a good time and the convenience of getting the loan amount easily. Besides, they can also provide your other assistance as per the requirement.


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