Is Commercial Line of Credit Right for Your CRE Projects?


Real estate investment requires a considerable amount of funding. However, in most cases, the investors lack funds in hand. Thus they look for financing options that will help them to ease the experience and make the investment.

One such strategy is a line of credit. It is the borrowing option wherein you will be provided with a pre-decided credit limit. This assures the borrower can withdraw the money whenever they want. Furthermore, it is an agreement between the parties wherein the bank will keep a check on the credit limit you will be receiving.

The best part is that only the amount you withdraw and use will be subject to interest. So you can borrow and then pay the used money as per the suitability. You can choose to borrow money as per the requirement. The only catch here is that the borrowed amount must not exceed the total approved limit.

Understanding the working of LOCs

You can easily acquire a line of credit through a banking institution, financial institution, or credit union. The money here will become accessible faster once you have applied and received the approval. Generally, the standby is the next available operational day for the institution.

When it comes to the business line of credit, the lender will consider the profitability and other indicators before determining the company’s viability and understanding its capacity to repay the loan on time.

The funds here are revolving credit which is a lot similar to the credit card, and thus in such a manner, you have to pay the amount that you have used. However, it would be best if you remembered that your monthly payment would depend entirely on the balance and the remaining term in your line of credit.

Difference between secured and unsecured LOCs

There are both unsecured and secured LOCs used by businesses for investment purposes. Herein the secured LOCs require collateral to secure the financing. The collateral typically can be an asset the lender owns and can be liquated for paying off the remaining balance in case of a default. In contrast, you can obtain the unsecured LOC without collateral. This would mean that when the company fails to repay the loan, then the lender will have no security that one can use to cover up the losses.

Revolving and non-revolving LOCs

Regarding the line of credit, you can consider many options for getting the required financing. For a revolving line of credit, the merchant or bank will provide you with the required amount, which will be accessible indefinitely.

A credit limit herein will be provided. You can use the money for multiple reasons, the payments can be made at any time, and the interest can be paid generally. The loan, however, is repaid regularly, and once it is done, you can choose to go ahead with the borrowing option again.

The non-revolving LOC is similar to the previous one, except that after you have completely paid off the line of credit, you won’t be able to use it again. Once the payments are made, the credit will not replenish. You will have to pay off the LOC. Once done, the account is permanently closed. Thus, you won’t be able to use it.

Different types of line of credit

Suppose you have decided to use the line of credit for the financing. In that case, you must understand that there are many options available to you for different occasions, such as furnishing homes, paying for the child’s education, obtaining additional cash flow for the business, etc.

Therefore, the line of credit provides you with different alternatives. Herein the top options that can be considered include.

  • Personal line of credit

The option is generally available for personal use. However, the borrowed amount can be helpful for different purposes. You can withdraw from the LOC only up to a specific amount that the lender determines. The best thing is that rather than simply opting for a one-time payment like you would with a personal loan, you have the right to withdraw the money as suitable.

The interest will accumulate, and you have to pay the same. The borrower here withdraws up to the debt limit in the form of revolving credit, comparable to regular credit cards. They can then choose to repay to start with the withdrawal again. Herein the interest rate is much closer to the personal loan, which can be available from 1 to 7 years based on the lender.

  • Home equity line of credit

If the property’s value exceeds the amount you owe to the mortgage, you will be eligible to borrow against the equity. A home equity line of credit is a loan that uses the property as collateral. Such a type of credit line is generally more excellent in size. The best part is they come with a lower interest rate because the house acts as the collateral herein.

  • Demand line of credit

The lenders prefer such credit options as it provides them an upper hand and security. In such cases, the lender can demand the full payment of the amount anytime they want. The payment is made before the lender orders the money, or the actual loan is either made alongside the interest or the total borrowed amount. This will depend entirely on the agreement signed between the lender and the borrower.

  • Security-backed line of credit

This comparable loan option allows the borrowers to borrow against the investment portfolio value without selling the security. Usually, the investors can go ahead with the borrowed amount between 50% to 95% of the asset value in their account. Herein the revolving line of credit is secured by the value of the assets in a brokerage account. However, only the after-tax investment accounts are suitable for the credit option.

  • Business line of credit

In most cases, small company owners and entrepreneurs face a problem in terms of cash flow. Herein the credit option might help you run your company as usual without difficulty. Such loans are typically used to support short-term financing needs or working capital. The amount can be used for vendor payment, inventory purchase, payroll, or tax payments.

Is LOC the right choice?

Currently, the market for revolving credit is dominated mainly by the line of rights and credit cards. Still, there are also lesser-known options that are available for those who are willing to research correctly. For instance, overdraft protection on checking accounts is a primary revolving credit source.

When a customer chooses to write a check and doesn’t have enough money to make the payment, the bank essentially loans the difference for making up the payment. The customer then pays interest on the loan amount and must prepare the balance within a specific time frame.

Besides, you must also know that some credit unions and banking institutions have revolving personal checking lines. They are established for a credit limit and deposits in the bank for writing the check against the amount and other open sources of credit. Further, there are entertainment cards and travel cards. They are the most popular ones for travel-friendly people who use them for golf, dinner, tennis, or spa reservations.

Consumers can also use the card to charge as much as they want during the month. However, they will require to pay the borrowed amount in full by the month’s end. In case of failure, late fees will be applied for the same.

Undoubtedly there are a lot of benefits one can enjoy with the use of the line of credit. First, however, you must analyze if it is right for you. Having a proper idea about your specific business goals and understanding your needs is vital to decide if the line of credit will work well for you and which one you should go for. Furthermore, a proper understanding of the same is essential for making the right decision and getting the benefits in the future.


When it comes to getting the financing for the investment, things can be pretty complicated for you. Please consider getting professional help to get the funding required without any complications.

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