Is Multifamily a Good Option in Rising Inflation?


The real estate industry has seen a lot of changes over the years. However, it is the current time of inflation the sector has been affected the most. Therefore, you must identify the right measures to help fight the current situation and help you thrive in the stationery environment.

Most of the investors are pulling the trigger on the investment. They feel they can come with the highest stakes, but the question here is, as there will be falling returns, rising interest rates, and concerns about recession, where should they place the dollar for serving the long-term financial goals?

Besides, there is also the need to keep some of the cash in liquid form in case the inflation situation gets out of hand.

Out of all, the major question is what type of investment will be the best when the economy is shifting rapidly. Unfortunately, one particular buy category is quite daunting and has been moving during the economic times.

It is the CRE-investing multifamily properties that will be the best. As a result, countless finance advisory offices have been coming up with questions and solving the queries of those who invest in the CRE.

If the analysis is to be believed, then the investment in the CRE industry can be helpful if you identify the right type of investment property, which can be multifamily. Unlike the bonds and stocks herein, real estate will provide a strong defense strategy against the market’s volatility.

There will be a range of tax advantages. Besides, the sector is currently benefiting from the fundamental imbalance in demand and supply, which will generate higher income and cash flow. But if you are still unsure, the guide here will provide clear insights as to why investment in multifamily properties will benefit you.

Reasons to invest in Multifamily property.

Of all the options, the multifamily property has stayed stable even during such a tough time.

It will be advantageous for you if you identify the right location for the investment and put the money at the right time. The list here will specify the reasons why considering it will be helpful.

  1. Recession

There are many advantages of investing in multifamily property in the current scenario. First, the supply of both rental and multifamily housing has been constant.

Thus, the equity partners and the lenders have moved to the sidelines. Further, as new house deliveries are delayed, there has been a great increase in demand across the US. Besides, the industry is trying to price out the ownerships by the exorbitant home cost and increased interest rates.

The apartment occupancy rate, however, tends to remain firm during economic downturns as rentals are required. Therefore, people choose to make a shift to save money.

  1. Interest rates

The apartment properties will no doubt be performing well. Historically, the rising interest rate and the stable environments have resulted in higher financing rates for apartments.

However, when it comes down to any other commercial property type, the federal banking or the mortgage from Fannie Mae results in a lower RESC premium that privately sources the mortgage.

If the stats are to be believed, then apartments have benefited from the financing needs. The rate averaged more than 48 points lower than the commercial property during the last ten years.

Apartment investors can now benefit from the demand destruction caused due to the higher interest, especially when the increase in the rate is due to rising inflation. As houses are becoming expensive, choosing rental properties is the only option for people.

  1. Liquidity

It is one of the major factors differentiating multifamily property from other properties. Unfortunately, as the capital markets are strict, getting a loan for office buildings is difficult. It is predicted that one will see significant distress in this property. However, this can turn out to be beneficial for the investors.

In contrast, there are liquidity options in the apartments that especially have government-backed lenders like Fannie Mae doing exactly what the need is.

Further, this option provides liquidity to the residential mortgage as per the nation’s financial system. As a result, the apartments have now been spread and seen a dramatic drop in the asset’s value.

  1. Tax advantage

The benefits one can expect from the real estate investment will surely enhance various types of advantages, including depreciation 1031 exchange, capital gains, and the tax-efficient cash flow available to investors.

It can be considered as the return of capital and reduction of basis before actually becoming taxable. Some investors plan to take necessary measures in the fourth quarter to take advantage of the bonus depreciation.

This allows the buyers to deduct about 100% of the eligible property tax through December 2022. While right from the start of 2023, the benefit will decrease each year until it is completely eradicated in 2026.

  1. Portfolio diversification

Investors are preparing for the situation ahead as the world is recovering from the covid situation. It would help if you saw that portfolio diversification is important in uncertain economic times.

The apartment properties herein can provide a great alternative to help the well-constructed portfolio to grow the number of investors. The category is recognized as the 4th asset class and quite a valuable alternative to the traditional investments of bonds and stocks.

  1. Valuation

A major change is seen in terms of the valuation of the capitalization rate. It is greatly influenced by capital flow more than the interest rate. There is a bond between the multifamily and the office cabinet.

At the same time, the connection with the flow of funds is quite powerful for driving the force currently. The cap rate has been expanded by about 10% to 20% as the interest rates have caused many private equity groups and funds to sit on the sideline for the amount of equity needed for the apartments.

Thus, it is expected that there will be a great transactional volume pick-up in the first quarter of 2023. This will ensure the capital flow will return to the market and the cap rate will begin to stabilize. The family property is now well positioned despite all the pressure on the cap rates.

They are expecting every market takeover to experience growth income against this year. The reason behind this is that the capital cost influences the cap rate for certain uncertainty and the market side, which is all generated through operations consequently and growth is now there is the decrease in valuation from the cap rate expansion.

  1. Demographic Trend

The homeownership rate has remained below the levels during the last recession. Therefore, the democratic trends of today continue to favor renting process.

The prime age group of renters happens to be 20-24 years old, which will keep increasing. About half of the population is now a member of the millennium generation or younger.

As the millennials get older, most of them continue to rent, whether due to lifestyle choices or the increase in home prices. They have now entered the rental housing market, which will significantly increase in the years ahead.

Additionally, due to the downsizing lifestyle changes and baby boomers, things will continue to make up for a significant increase in apartment demand.

Due to the pandemic, there was an increased demand for multifamily property. However, despite the changes, the property had an average between 90% to 96% since March 2020.

Even when the rents were frozen for two years, the owners increased the rental rate. But still, the residents are staying in their apartments longer because they cannot afford to purchase the property.

The renters are leasing and choosing to spend about 10.7% more than the previous year. This is because the demand for rental housing continues to outgrow the inventory in many areas.

This is why making the shift now will not be easy. But still, the demand for multifamily properties remains to be strong.


It is now quite clear why the demand for multifamily property is relatively high. No doubt, the market has been seen through multiple generations. Still, the supplies also result in lifestyle trends, demographics, etc., which are all turning out to be favorable for multifamily investments.

Once you have identified the right market and the property investing on time will be fruitful. While if you are a need of financing help or some advice about the investment, then you can consider contacting Private Capital Investors.

They have got the best professionals. They will ease the experience and allow you to invest time in the right place. So getting better returns will be easy.

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