Learning from the Past: Inflation & CRE Investment


The covid times have brought in a lot of changes. The same can be seen in all industries, including genuine estate, which has suffered dramatically. All of the changes brought in the industry to cope with such a problematic inflation situation. But this is not the first time. The real estate industry has experienced things something like this in the past.

Even there were situations when people involved in industry had to take proper measures to cope with the tough times and ensure better sustainability.

No doubt, the current time of inflation can be quite challenging for those who are experiencing it for the first time or the new investors. During such a face, getting support from someone known or participating in the industry will be highly beneficial.

Despite all of the inflation concerns, it is a naturally occurring phenomenon and the economic cycle. Because of this investing in an asset class like CRE, which outperforms the market during such times, is one of the best strategies to reduce the risk of facing loss.

As an investor in the industry, one must study the economic period of the past to stay informed as to how inflation can affect the industry now and future. After all, history indeed repeats itself. So, what happened decades ago will provide insights into the market’s current situation and the steps that can be taken to avoid difficult situations.

Comparing the past and the current inflation

You can use the information period of 1948 and the late 1970s and early 1980s for comparing the current economy. Both periods show a pattern of inflation rising to the top level and then decreasing, which is expected to happen soon.

During 1946, there was a rise in consumer goods spending and demand for celebrations. This led to inflation soaring to 20%. Besides, it also increased during the late 1970s. Despite all the strategies of the chairman of the Fed, the attempts failed miserably to curb inflation, and of course, it is now 2020 that the pandemic has increased unemployment. Thus, many businesses have failed to succeed.

Thankfully this situation will end in the coming time. Things got to a manageable level during the World War II era. Similarly, during the 1980s, after the monetary policy and the shock from the credit controls, the economy saw a recession with a high unemployment rate, higher interest rate, etc.

Thus, there was an increase in inflation, and the interest rates began to decrease. However, despite rising inflation, consumer goods demand saw great demand.

While the demand is undoubtedly disturbed by the supply disruption, increase in labor and energy cost, and global shortages, these factors have been created artificially. Therefore, they can be expected to subside over time.

Also, the economy has been returning due to increased consumer mobility and the virus variant. Thus, at the start of 2020, the unemployment issue was identified to be at the rate of 3.9%. It closes it on the 50-year low down. Although inflation has been rising, unlike the situation in the early 80s, the unemployment rate is still relatively low.

Besides, the current monetary policy is quite radically different than what it was during the early inflation period. In 1982 the federal reserve mainly targeted the money supply, which resulted in the interest rate fluctuating and inflation reaching a 7.5% annual rate in January. Currently, the market is quite robust.

CRE demand and innovation

The real estate industry has been quite strong. While talking about commercial real estate, things even during the early 80s, inflation was manageable. So it is expected that it will outperform even the current inflation.

The inflation time is quite inspiring and innovative for the industry. It creates significant demand for space and outweighs the supplier, which was not seen during the pre-covid.

After all, it was the era of extensive construction and lending. Ways are using which the company utilizes the office space, but changes have been seen recently. During the last, a 13.8 million square feet transaction was signed. This is the fight for superior real estate properties to return workers to the workplace.

The pandemic resulted in a significant shift, and inflation is pushing companies to be more cost-effective and creative. As a result, they are trying to use different methods to get back to normal.

This includes bringing flexibility to the office space and offering unique amenities for creating a collaborative and attractive environment. This works well for retaining talent. So even if the price is high, the economic fundamentals stay strong.

Inflation can be beneficial for CRE

Even though inflation results in many concerns, higher inflation for a shorter time is good for the real estate industry. An analysis shows that every one percent increase in inflation is associated with a 1.1% increase in the total returns for the investors, including the pension funds and the individual investors.

When inflation was high during the last recession times, the equity positions of the CRE property were highly leveraged. They came with fixed-rate debt, which was acquired through favorable spreads.

However, the rental income increase significantly resulted in higher inflation. This multiplies yield on the equity and also protects the CRE classes.

If described in simple terms, CRE can benefit significantly from the same forces resulting in inflation. The supply issues, labor costs, etc., limit the new development, helping the existing properties. Given the demand and the supply at the current time, it is likely that the valuation of the commercial properties will stay firm, and in the coming time, the demand will be pretty high.

The growing interest rate is resulting in a double effect where the financing cost is increasing tremendously, especially in construction. This means there are fewer new products in the market.

The economic landscape now is providing an opportunity movement for the office sectors. So one can focus on incorporating the amenities and bringing in the technology to cater to the changing needs of the consumer and the professionals. So they are focusing more on value experience over the money they will be paying.

Another positive sign for the industry is that multifamily and commercial mortgages across all sectors have reached pre-pandemic levels.

The CMDS delinquency rate last year was 4.02%, a decrease above 0.84% from the third quarter. A drop will create an ultimate hedge against inflation when coupled with higher rental income.

One can only predict what will happen in the coming time, but CRE is proving itself to be quite strong against all of the difficult times that are coming up due to inflation. Therefore, it is only expected that things will improve over time and the industry will become the same.

Investing during such a time can be pretty risky. Thus, one must research the experts who will be prepared to offer the support one requires to go ahead.

The inflation period will teach a lot about the investments that one can consider secured in the coming time. This will significantly affect how the investors choose to put their money in the industry.

As of now, the multifamily properties showcase a great response. So it is working well for investors to have a better return. But besides this, there are other options too that one can consider for their investment.

It depends entirely on the specific goals of the person and the type of investment they are planning to go ahead with. Researching the market is extremely important to get a clear idea about improving and getting good returns.

Once you decide to invest, CRE will surely be beneficial. You need to know the industry and develop the right strategies and way of using the money for the investment. Again, professional support here can significantly improve your chances of getting the best of your money.


If you are ready to invest during inflation, consulting a professional for support will be helpful. Private Capital Investors is the one you can rely on for help. They have expert professionals who will make it easy for you to enjoy the experience.

Irrespective of the type of assistance you require, experts will offer you all the help. Be it the financing or service with the investment; they are all prepared to take care of your needs and offer you support for a better investment opportunity. Ensure you get in touch with them to understand the right way of choosing investment properties to have a better chance of earning returns.

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