Mid-Year Sentiment in the Commercial Real Estate Market: Challenges and Opportunities in 2023 & 2024


The CRE industry saw a major hit after the COVID Times. Despite trying to get back to the regular levels, there are a lot of challenges that the industry needs to overcome.

The current problems are quite huge, resulting in a lot of investors hesitating to make any investment in the industry.

But there is also a huge growth potential. These opportunities, when used properly, will help make the most of the investment now.

Seeing current market conditions, everything is uncertain. Thus, a lot of research is going on to understand the uncertainty and look at the complex market conditions to understand what will work in the current time.

The findings have expanded and analyzed the situation. The reports clearly highlight the key trends and ways to solve the business issues and the emerging opportunities.

The industry experts in the Commercial Real Estate market need to identify the point of opportunities and challenges across the ecosystem.

Read ahead to get clear insights into what the report has to reveal about the media sentiment and what’s coming for 2024.

Understanding CRE in 2023 and 2024

Similar to the year 2022, pricing uncertainty, recessionary concerns, and loan maturities over the next 18 events still prevail in 2023. Nearly half of the surveyors expected the recession to arrive sooner than later.

While everyone in three of them does not expect it at all. The CRE industry right now is struggling with a wide range of business issues.

The brokers, field appraisers, environmental consultants, and others are all finding new ways to maintain profitability and respond to competitive pressure. Here, you can read details to understand what is happening and what is to come.

1. Uncertainty in the market

Considering the current condition, the deals are quite difficult to complete. While the property valuations are at an all-time low, and there are limited cash flows.

If the reports are to be believed, the CRE market is ready for a wave of nearly $900 million in loan maturity over the coming two years, which makes financing extremely difficult, especially in the retail and office sectors.

Reduced revenues and economic uncertainty are prompting some companies to scale back their expansion plan and work on their footprints, mostly in the technology sector.

2. Banking turmoil caused greater issues in the market

2023 has been quite tough, with Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank in March and First Republic Bank in May releasing the new policies. They are all affected by the current market conditions.

Thus, lending is going to be more constrained during the next few quarters. The market condition is now looking for reassurance from the banking sector to be on a solid footing.

3. Decrease in hiring

The staffing plan is directly affected by the market conditions. So, while it is encouraging that only 7% of the respondents are reducing the headcount, hiring is surely a great decrease from 60% to 25%.

4. Investors and brokers are looking for new opportunities

As there is now a huge gap between the buyers and sellers, that makes it difficult to close the deal. Banking finance and recessionary concerns are increasing by the day.

The lenders and the borrowers are now dealing with office space vacancies, maintenance costs, decreased value, and a lot of other concerns. They also have to pay taxes, which makes things difficult. Thus, commercial real estate financing right now is extremely difficult.

5. CRE lenders are now following a risk-averse posture

The pressure on the risk exposure of the lenders is quite intense, and some of the banks are already planning to digest some Commercial Real Estate loans to reduce risk, drop potentially displaced assets, and handle the capital concerns.

The regulatory pressure seems certain and continues particularly on the institutions with a high percentage of loans backing up the office properties. Thus making things a lot more difficult.

6. The environmental consultant’s report brought more pressure on the industry

Despite the market uncertainty, the environmental consultant’s report has brought in a major issue for the investors and the property owners. They are now responsible for addressing the demands of the clients with proper property investigations.

The clients in the current situation have tightened the environmental due diligence standards and are a lot more demanding than in previous years. They are focusing on the betterment of the society for a better future.

As people are now more understanding of the environmental conditions, there are new challenges to incorporating the right practices in the industry to keep the property occupied throughout the year.

7. Lower volume is creating challenges for the appraisers

The higher refinancing and financing cost, along with title capital and weaker economic conditions, is resulting in a lower overall valuation of the CRE.

The near-term appraisal demand will remain muted as the landers further need to adjust the interest rate loan hikes, fallouts and loan maturity from the bank failures.

It is going to take a lot of time for the industry to adjust to the new norms and find new ways to tackle such difficult situations.

8. Climate risk importance is on the new high

Climate risk importance has now become an important concern and focus for property managers and owners.

A surveyor reported about 22% focus on climate risk, and they think about the importance of the green movement in the CRE. While 32% of the other group sees it as somewhat important for the industry.

The climate risk is known to everyone now. It has become the talk of the town in every aspect. Be it new development projects or an upgrade; people are looking for better ways to help with the environmental concerns.

This is why everyone involved in the industry now needs to take a step to understand what the clients want and take steps accordingly to adjust to the new norms and guarantee the properties are being occupied and highlighted in front of the audience in the correct way.

9. Technology plays a crucial role

The technological developments in the other industries are already quite evident, but CRE is left no behind. It is now encouraging professionals across the industry to improve accuracy, efficiency, and reporting. With recent developments in AI (Artificial Intelligence), it is changing the commercial real estate sector.

Everyone is seeing the benefits of the Automation in CRE industry in terms of operations and handling issues like addressing processes, insufficiencies, or workflow.

In fact, it also offers a competitive advantage over the others in the industry. Thus, helps achieve better outcomes and ensures better help for the customer.

With the incorporation of the right technology tools in the industry, things will change for the better, and there will be a lot of upgrades and benefits that one can enjoy.

Seeing technology as a blessing and using it as an advantage for the industry will work for the betterment of all. It will ease the process and guarantee everything goes on smoothly.

10. In terms of the risk spectrum, office tops the list

The CRE market is at a high risk right now. No one can predict the challenges or opportunities of the coming time. But there are a lot of opportunities available.

Thus, investors are looking for certain metro, especially those that have experienced post-population booms. The concern here is that office buildings face a large share of loans and leases, which come with higher interest rates.

As the market condition is now uncertain, the survey responses about the near market look. There are a lot of mixed reactions. Only one in five respondents was bullish about the second half of 2023, while the others were all neutral.

It is crucial to note that environmental consultants are more worried than professionals and any other industry right now. The stage is set for quite a challenging second half. There will be a lot of concern and excitement as well. But this also presents great opportunities.

Understanding the market condition and going deep into it is crucial to get a stronghold before making the investment.

The banking system will remain fundamentally strong, but accessing the loan for everyone will not be possible due to all the constraints available in the funding process.

However, capital will be ready to jump on green shoots, which will surely help contain any fallout from the recent Bank failures.

Despite all the challenges that the industry is facing right now, there are opportunities for better growth in the future ahead. Taking a step right now will mean riding an uncertain bus.

It will be better to wait and see what happens in the coming time before making any decision.


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