Refinancing Tips to Unlock Equity from Your Commercial Property


Investment in CRE has many advantages, but you must know there are other ways to get maximum benefits. For instance, refinancing the property will allow you to unlock the required equity.

As people move to the post-pandemic era, most economic uncertainty remains constant. As a result, there is continued supply and stable, rising inflation, significantly changing the industry.

In addition, most business owners evaluate their future needs as they handle the new work-from-home hybrid models. The uncertainty can be significantly amplified due to the looming real estate loan maturity period.

Refinancing will be an opportunity to unlock the equity you have built upon your property through years of amortization or value appreciation. But as the future is still uncertain, extra liquidity from refining your loan will provide your company some security.

But before you move forward, there are various factors to remember. This would help ensure the process is smooth as you try to improve the results.

Refinancing the property

If you have made up your mind to use the equity in your property, there are different factors you need to consider for refinancing the property. The list specifies certain things that will help decide.

Consider using broader real estate capital markets.

The capital market of the real estate industry is continuing to be liquid with all the additional underwriting standards that lenders are continuously working on.

However, the rising interest rate and the Fed’s actions could impact the decisions. Moving forward for combatting the inflation issue Fed indeed has indicated plans which means raising the interest rate multiple times through 2023 as well as quantitative tightening policies for reducing the charge supply in the economy.

With this, there will be many things that could be improved in finding competitive refinancing options. In addition, the process will require more time and research to identify all the opportunities.

Besides, existing financial institutions might still be willing to provide you with a new real estate loan to ensure they can serve you better as the client. But depending on the asset type, flexibility needs, and other factors, the lender may be able to offer you something suitable. Thus, it will be helpful if you stick to a lender who can ensure you get the most competitive terms in the market.

When you have decided to engage in the real estate industry’s capital markets, you need access to a broader network of lenders and the expertise to compare those lenders’ lending terms and experience.

Many business owners engage with a trusted advisor to oversee their mortgage. The advisor can find the options because of the connections; thus, they can use the experience to negotiate on your behalf.

Stay prepared to advocate your property.

The lenders have become much more strict with the loan review and underwriting process after the Dodd-Frank act of 2010. This further got amplified in recent years.

As the lenders continue to assess what the post covid environment will be like, most of them have become sensitive to the red flags that come with the borrower or the underlying collateral.

Thus, they are significantly adjusting the price to match the risk associated with it. As a result, you can vastly improve the refinancing process by identifying the hurdles and being active throughout the analysis.

For instance, the lender uses a broad conservative market to determine the value of CRE, especially when they are sophisticated real estate lenders. However, this approach needs to provide pertinent information which is specific to the location of the building.

As the value is a function of the cash flow, it will be generated from the property. Therefore, it must be based entirely on the utility and function of the property so that it becomes a vital part of the business.

As the real estate owner, no one will be more intimate with the use of the property. Thus, you must stay involved in the process. Further, making your case about appropriate assumptions can result in higher confidence and application, getting more proceeds for the business.

If you have a leased property, the rate may also impact the value of your loan. Now, reconsider the lease as per the market terms before connecting with the lender or if financial institutions will result in enhanced value.

Recognizing how you can address common concerns is quite effective for managing any difficulties you can face during the refinancing process. While for the mortgage process, the owners can find a real estate consultant who will help with the structure to help get favorable terms or additional opportunities for the process that can positively influence the result.

Explore the non-traditional real estate financing options

Before taking any step, you must be aware of all the potential capital sources, or you will be leaving, risking the funds or the benefits.

  • Sale-leaseback

While financing is usually done through the standard route, there are non-traditional options like the sale-leaseback, which will offer you 100% property value. It is the process by which the owner-operators choose to sell the building and simultaneously lease it back through the new owner. This helps generate proceeds from the real estate while maintaining control of the space for the long term.

  • State and federal programs

Since the start of the parliament, state and federal programs have been available to offer additional funding to the building owners. There made it easy to help the property owners evaluate the availability of the pace funding that will help finance the energy-saving improvements or also help with obtaining Frown Field dollars for cleaning or development.

  • Local Incentives

As the investors are paying attention to prioritizing economic development, most municipalities are already incentivizing the companies to change location strategically or within their borders to expand well.

Understanding the available options will guarantee that the real estate is optimized and will help your company grow. But it is still essential to research well to identify all the information before deciding anything, as a wrong step here can lead to a significant loss.

What if your loan matures in the next 18 months?

It is expected that there will be rising interest rates through 2023, which has the potential to affect the appreciation or the value of the real estate in the lease terms, as well as make debt a lot more costly.

Refinancing will still work if you engage the broader capital market. But you need to stay involved in the due diligence process and handle any hurdles. As a result, additional loan processes and reduced interest rates can occur.

Besides the traditional refinancing, it will be worth checking out the other options available. After all, an analysis of the overall capital stock of your company and the business goals will be helpful for you to make the right decisions.

If your loan matures in the next eight months or earlier, it is time for you to act now. First, make sure you reach out to the financing experts for help and the options for managing any financing process and negotiating good terms. Herein taking some steps will help your business.

The process is a lot of time-consuming. So, it would help if you acted on time. After all, it is the key to deciding the right and guaranteeing you can get the best.

It will help if you avoid complications. Researching and understanding the market condition and other essentials will be helpful for you. This is why you need to perform market research. While if you think that you will be facing any complications, then it will be helpful if you consider connecting with a good professional who understands the industry.

The expert will provide clear information and details that will work best for you to analyze the available financing options and compare them in terms of the rate. No doubt, with this, you will be able to make the most of the available opportunity.


Once you have decided to refinish your CRE, you must research sufficiently to check out the available options and see what will work best for you. No doubt the process will be pretty tricky after all, research requires time, but you must pay attention to avoid complications later on.

While if you are hoping to get expert support, consider connecting with Private Capital Investors. They have got the best professionals. They will devise an easy plan for you to get the refinancing done by maintaining complete transparency.

In addition, they will provide clear insights and information about the industry. With their expert help, it will be easier for you to complete the process.

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