Tips to Renegotiating Your Commercial Lease Terms


The pandemic situation brought in a lot of changes. During such tough times, the lease which you have signed a few years back might not be a perfect fit for the needs of your business now. In fact, there is a possibility that you might be paying an access amount to what is actually the rental rate in the current scenario.

There have been different changes brought in the industry. You need to have a clear idea about it all. The rent for the commercial spaces can be the biggest business expense. This becomes especially true when the business owners are poor at negotiating the lease. Thus they wind up stuck with a major hidden cost.

When you are not careful enough, especially in the current scenario, then you will face great challenges. Even most of the businesses might have to consider relocating because of the difficulties they have to face due to the rental situation.

But when you have a proper idea about the market condition and different aspects, it will be easy for you to contact your landlord to negotiate the current deal and terminate any possible thing that can lead to trouble for you.

But before approaching the landlord, you need to have a clear idea. For sure, the guide will be helpful for you to save money on rental space for your business.


Think like a landlord

The most essential thing you have to do is consider yourself a landlord before you begin the negotiation process. You need to understand how they think. Most landlords have the major goal of collecting the most money. They want to do it for the longest time possible so that they make good use of their properties.

Usually, this happens when you pay the lease as agreed for the entire term. However, in such a case, you always need to know that you may be able to pay in time for money. It is your landlord who wants most of them both, and sometime when you get less of one but more of another, things will work great for you and avoid any difficulties.


Read the lease

A common issue that has been seen in the industry is that most tenants trust their agent so much that they sign the lease agreement without actually reading it properly. It can be the biggest mistake you will ever make for your business.

As you start the process of renegotiating or terminating the lease, it is vital that you read the documents properly. The lease might have a buy-out provision, or there can be a fair market value clause for the renewable option.

You must be able to renegotiate the lease. But still, it is vital that you understand the starting point to avoid any complications in the future.


Get help

Renegotiating the lease or terminating isn’t a project that you can handle on your own. You will want to consider taking help from someone who can help you understand the legal implications of your step. The lawyer here will assure you very well understand what consequences it can have on your business.

Also, when you take help from a commercial broker who specializes in representation, then things will work easily for you. It will help you understand the market condition, alternatives, and strategies for getting the best from the landlord.

No doubt it will add up to some cost but the services you will be getting will be absolutely worth it. Also, it will come with a long-term benefit of savings which will be good.


Add time

When you plan to renegotiate the lease, the easiest way to get your landlord to make the changes is to add more time. This means when you are a good tenant; then things will be easy for you. It will make it hard for the landlord to find a good tenant like you, and even better, the landlord will want you to stay longer.

In exchange for providing a safe lease term, they will agree to a period of free rent or lower rent, even rent reduction. Besides, if you are underutilizing the space, you can want to cut downsize the space in the lease with an option to have expansion in the future if required.


Sweeten the pot

No doubt, adding some time is a great way of sweetening the pot for the landlord, but it is not the only way available to you. If there is a possibility for you to require more space, then the landlord must be able to provide you with the same.

Also, he must give you the assurance that you have the option to stay in the place until you find a better option for your business. Besides, it is vital to consider the future rental increases to see the option.

When you see you can get a fair negotiation for the least to find a better match, then taking it at the right moment will work well. Also, it will guarantee that all of your business needs are well fulfilled.


Buy-out the lease

Most of the rental comes with a provision that allows you to buy them out. You need to pay the landlord a determined amount to buy out the lease. But you must know that the responsibility will end here, and they will get the space back to lease to another tenant.

But if there is another tenant to take over your space, then they will not agree to a lower buy-out amount. Similarly, if they don’t see they can rent the space soon, they will ask questions like the present value of the entire lease agreement to come up with a solution that will be beneficial for both parties.


Consider subleasing

An effective way for functionally terminating the lease without actually doing it formally is getting someone who can take over the space as a tenant who will be there to provide the rent for the space. It will work well as you will get the money to pay the rent. While the signee will be there to take over the lease completely.

In either of the cases, you probably still will be responsible in case they don’t pay, or if the rent you have negotiated with them is less than what you owe to the landlord, then it is you who is responsible for paying the difference. However, when you go this route, then it will cost you less than buying out the lease agreement.


Wait for a little

Whether you want to terminate or renegotiate the deal, it is vital that you take your time as a lease agreement will get shorter, and you will benefit. The lease amount will be quite low than the first total amount of the cash flow to the landlord. It will go down as there will be few payments left.

Besides this, the risk of you moving out of the property and leaving the landlord vacancy will be more present folding on to you. Thus it will become important for the landlord to avoid taking anyone for the lease. It will auto terminate the current agreement as it will become less expensive.

Renegotiating the terms with a landlord can be extremely beneficial in saving money. Although it might be the same weird and complicated in reality, when you have a proper idea of how to do it, then you will be able to save thousands of dollars.

You need to understand all the associated aspects so that there are no complications you will face, but the services you will be getting will be worth it, and the rental cost will be highly effective. In most cases negotiating the deal on your own can be difficult.

This is why having someone from the industry who has proper ideas becomes important. As experts have an idea about the industry, they will know about the current rental price. This will assure that you are paying something which is suitable for the property but not extra.



The current scenario can be highly complicated. One needs to have a proper understanding of the ongoing situation so that they are able to renegotiate the commercial least terms and save their money on the rentals. It will work great for the business to save up money and get good outcomes.

As there can be quite complications and the legal aspects involved having professional support herein can make a brief difference. If you want to understand the renegotiating terms and other aspects, then you need to consider taking help from Private Capital Investors.

They have got the experts who will be there to guide you well about the renegotiation terms and other aspects. They will ensure that you are able to make the right decision and choose something that will work great for you and your business. As a trusted firm, their experts will be there to provide you with the services on time.

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