Top Factors to Consider Before Applying for a Land Loan in Georgia


Purchasing vacant land using land loans in Georgia can be an excellent opportunity to construct a commercial structure tailored to your specific needs—something that’s more difficult if you buy a preexisting property.

This approach can also save you money while giving you more control over the project. However, because this path is less traveled, potential CRE investors often have many questions and few resources. Where do you start?

What factors should you consider before applying for land loans in Georgia?

In this blog, we discuss vital considerations to weigh as you evaluate commercial land investment opportunities and search for the correct type of loan for your requirements.

Factor #1: Access, utilities, and zoning

Once you have found a piece of land you’re interested in, your next step is to assess its accessibility, utility requirements, and zoning.

  • Access to public roads is crucial. Without it, you will have to secure an easement, which could potentially complicate your plans.
  • Check if there are provisions for utilities such as water, electricity, septic systems, and possibly cable. If not, factor in installation costs into your budget.
  • Determine if there are zoning restrictions that restrict land use. Research local ordinances and covenants to ensure that your intended use is permissible. Doing this early on before you apply for land loans in Georgia) can help you avoid costly surprises down the line.

Factor #2: Land Surveying

Before applying for land loans in Georgia, hire a professional surveyor to delineate the property’s boundaries.

This clarifies the extent of the land and provides essential documentation needed during the financing process. Professional surveying also safeguards against future disputes and facilitates faster loan approval.

Factor #3: Potential land hazards

Identify potential hazards associated with the land you want to purchase. Factors such as geographical location, flood risk, and active geological features (such as fault lines) can affect both the feasibility of construction and the financial aspects of the project.

Such hazards can also affect loan conditions and insurance rates, as well as the safety and viability of the structure you want to build later.

Factor #4: Construction planning 

A well-defined construction plan can increase your chances of getting approved for land loans in Georgia.

Lenders favour projects with clear and detailed construction timelines, contractor agreements, and cost estimates. It’s also a good idea to clarify your immediate goals.

What exactly do you intend to do with the commercial land you purchase?

Speculative or vague projects are less attractive to financiers and typically result in less favourable loan terms. Present a comprehensive project proposal to secure the best land loans in Georgia.

Factor #5: Permits

Research the permits you will need to start and complete your construction project.

Legal requirements often extend beyond the building, including utilities and other infrastructure. The earlier you identify and apply for these permits, the better you can avoid delays.

Factor #6: Choosing the right land loan in Georgia for your project

Different lenders provide different types of land loans in Georgia. Working with local lenders is ideal because they are more familiar with the area and specific state-specific requirements.

But this is only sometimes possible, as only a few local lending institutions offer land loans in Georgia.

In this case, the next best thing to do is work with commercial property lenders who fund projects nationwide and have a lot of experience funding CRE investments in Georgia.

This allows them to offer tailored financing solutions that meet the unique challenges and opportunities of your local real estate market.

You can also look into special programs, such as USDA-backed loans for rural properties or SBA 504 loans for commercial projects. These programs offer more favourable terms for eligible buyers who meet their requirements.

Why invest in the Georgia CRE market?

Georgia is one of the best places in the US to invest in commercial land because of three factors: (1) economic vitality, (2) strategic location, and (3) favorable business climate.

  • Did you know the state’s GDP growth often outpaces the national average? Vital sectors like technology, manufacturing, agriculture, and logistics buoy Georgia’s flourishing economy. Atlanta, in particular (usually referred to as the “Silicon Peach”), is a burgeoning tech hub that fosters innovation and attracts startups and established tech companies alike. The state’s investment in technology and innovation supports this vibrant ecosystem, making it an exciting place for commercial land investment (particularly in sectors poised for future growth).
  • Georgia is also blessed with a strategic location. Its location at the crossroads of the southeast US makes it an excellent logistical hub. It is home to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (the world’s busiest airport in passenger traffic) and the Port of Savannah (one of the country’s largest and fastest-growing container ports). This exceptional access to air, land, and sea routes facilitates the easy movement of goods and ultimately makes the state an important commercial hub.
  • What’s more, Georgia is renowned for its pro-business environment. It provides low taxes and incentives for businesses to relocate or expand, so it is no wonder it has consistently been ranked among the top states for business by various organizations.
  • And then there’s the skilled workforce. Home to world-class universities and technical colleges, Georgia has a well-educated and skilled labor pool, making it attractive for global employers. This is one of the most critical factors for CRE investors looking to buy commercial land and develop operations in the state.
  • Georgia’s population also grows because of domestic and international immigration. This expanding consumer base provides a more significant business market and increases demand for commercial real estate.

Explore your options when it comes to land loans in Georgia.

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We will review your project’s unique characteristics and recommend the best funding solution.

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