What are the Factors Driving Commercial Real Estate in 2021?


The covid-19 pandemic has affected the real estate industry. The sector had to find ways to get past the obstacles through virtual showings for finding buyers during the economic downtown. But this was not just the end.

The current circumstances will continue to impact the real estate trends for the years to come. Thus being a part of the industry, it is vital to understand things well and stay prepared for them in advance.

Here are the trends influencing the commercial real estate market and will continue to do it in the future. The details will be helpful and ensure you say up to the mark and enjoy your investment to the best.

Factors influencing the commercial real estate market

Multiple factors are having a significant impact on the commercial real estate market. By considering each of them, you can succeed. Here are the details of the same.

1. Utility management

A significant factor is the ability of the companies to responsively manage top business operation initiatives while communicating through smartphones, video chat, etc.

In addition, the companies have to revalidate the safety, health, and other necessities of the employees working remotely while continuing the maintenance for a central office location that will require data connectivity, electrical power, and other security measures to keep up with the operations and sales. This means the cost of managing commercial real estate business has increased significantly and risen further.

2. Office space to work from home

The employees want a shelter to live in, but now people have added requirements. As most companies allow the workers to work from their homes, the dwelling has significantly increased. This safety measure is coming out to impact the available space for rent across the country negatively.

3. Smart amenities

With the virus situation, the buyers are not willing to leave their homes. The real estate people have to adopt the technology by making use of intelligent amenities.

From coming up with online websites and other essentials to staying connected with the buyers, they have to do it all to survive.

The digital options were already on the rise before the covid, but the pandemic situation made things more prominent, and it will see a substantial increase in the coming time. There are events being held online.

3D visual videos of the property are sent to the buyers to better understand the property without leaving their homes.

4. Newly available lease

Some well-established institutions like Facebook have already opened portal work-from-home requirements that have reduced the need for physical spaces. With more and more businesses opting for this method, the office spaces are being emptied.

While the others are shutting their operations due to the loss. There is now a large number of subleases hitting the market.

However, the young companies might perform well and need flexible spaces and terms. This means that subleasing in the current times can be at the top of the commercial real estate market trend.

5. Less demand for commercial spaces

In the current scenario, it is pretty uncertain to determine the importance of office space requirements. However, businesses that are adjacent to the virtual workspace are benefiting from saving money.

Most of these businesses find it quite comfortable to continue the operations without paying any overhead cost for the property for daily operations.

This has dramatically reduced the demand for commercial spaces, which will even continue in the future.

6. Great uncertainty about retail business

Significant uncertainty about the commercial real estate trends is about the type of resources that will operate even during such times and how they will drive income.

Businesses like nail salons and shopping malls have always been immune to fluctuations in the economy. However, now the shutdown has made it difficult for them to survive.

As a result, many businesses have already shut their business entirely.

7. Priority to maintenance

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the priority of business owners. Property maintenance now is one of the essential things the property owners are concerned about. This is because the consumers are worried about disinfecting and the protocols.

Businesses that take proper measures for the safety of the visitors like sanitization, cleanliness, etc., get good results and build confidence with the customers.

Thus, facility maintenance in the companies will significantly increase the investment as it will become an integral part of the brand experience.

8. Operations of essential business

In the current unstable time, the investors are more focused on the stability and quality of real estate fundamentals and characters. Great demand and capital are being reallocated for important businesses like auto parts, service centers, medical companies, etc. This shows that the cash flow from these payments will win the market and offer people the chance to lease out their commercial real estate spaces and generate some income.

9. Short term market investments

The covid 19 pandemics have encouraged many investors to put their attention on short-term options. From an investment perspective, the analysis and strategies must be considered well.

By evaluating the sectors that have experienced stability for the last two decades. Some of these include healthcare, multifamily, self-storage, etc.

However, each of the assets must be considered in the long run. By keeping an account of the commercial real estate performance, one can benefit significantly from the investment.

10. Lower interest rate

The fear of recession and trade wars has made the Federal Reserve reduce the interest rate three times than in 2019. In the current scenario, the rates are settled at 1.75%. In fact, with no stated plans and subsequent judgment, it is estimated that the interest rate will fall significantly in the coming time.

Despite this, the economy has entered a consecutive month of growth. While some are considering it a good sign as things have been unstable for a long time. Besides, it is leading to increased transaction volume, investor confidence, rental growth, etc., which can be a positive sign to avoiding a recession in the near time.

11. Capital reallocation

There is a massive availability of capital in the market. The investors are now reallocating the money for investing in commercial real estate markets that are safer to bring in cash flow and are more durable.

However, they are waiting for the competition to increase in the multifamily properties, self-storage, industrial, and medical sectors to guarantee good results.

12. Millennials as renters

The millennials and Z gen groups are moving towards that age of homeownership. The analysis suggests that the low-interest rate can provide the current renters the opportunity to become single-family homeowners.

But this group prefers the urban environment more. However the increase in the student loan by $1.5 trillion, the potential homeowners might not qualify for a mortgage.

In simple words, the unpaid loans will make lower-middle-class millennials stay in apartments for the foreseeable future. Thus, it is obstacles in homeownership that will contribute to a high level of development and financial activity in the coming time.

13. Increased demand for senior living housing

There has been a subsequent increase in the life expectancy rate in the US. This means by the year 2030, the number of baby boomers aged 65 and above will reach a 106.8 million peak. Most Americans are living a healthy and longer life.

They are choosing to move into a senior community. Thus there is a great demand for old living residences, and therefore the market condition is growing more significantly than it was ten years ago.

The shift in the need for senior housing has led to significant supply and lease-up changes in many markets.

However, with market stabilization and protected revenue, the senior housing operations might require bridge financing to help them keep track of when the facilities are built and qualify for permanent financing.

14. Industry adaptability

The trend has shown how well the industry has performed in the current market space. The initiatives have made significant progress by creating work-from-home environments.

The management companies and investment ones are doing their best to get through the tech support programs. It has been remarkable to witness the trend take action while showing the industry stay strong during such a challenging period.


The current commercial real estate marketplace is unstable. Multiple trends are influencing the marketplace greatly. It would be best if you had a clear idea about things to ensure that you can benefit from the available opportunity to the best.

This will require you to take professional assistance. Private Capital Investors can offer you the best. They have experienced professionals who will help guide you through the tough time.

The professionals will bring you deals and offers that can be beneficial for your investment. The professional guidance here will ensure you make use of your investment to the best. So make sure to contact them to get the help you are looking for.

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