What is BRRRR? Is this Framework Right for You?


Real estate investment has become quite broad. As a result, there are different strategies that people can make use of to improve their earning resources and reduce the risk associated with the process. The strategy works well for experienced and fresher investors to make the most of the available opportunity.

BRRRR is one such popular investment strategy for those who are wondering about ways to build a real estate portfolio. They must consider the unique framework representing a hybrid between the passive and the active income.

If you are a newbie, then the guide here will provide insights. Everything is explained in detail to ease things and help you know if the strategy would be good for you.

BRRRR- What is it?

When stated in simple terms, it will break down to buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat. It is a framework and strategy that investors use over time. The investor has to take care of an exact order of their appearance.

For instance, in the first step, the investor needs to purchase the property and then rehabilitate the newly revitalized property. Then, finally, it is brought to the market for rental purposes. For an extended period, the rental income will enable the owners to pay the mortgage, build up equity, and earn profit over time.

Once a good amount of equity is built in the property, the investor can choose to invest in a second property by refinancing the first, and the process goes on and on.

The breakdown of the BRRRR

The information present here will specify in detail the strategy so that you have clear minds about the same.

  1. Buy

The first step of the investment strategy is purchasing the property. When looking for listings, you need to consider the correct location. It is the most crucial one. After all, this will determine what outcomes you will get.

Remember, there is a complicated intersection in between, so you need to ensure that the property represents a good investment deal and promises to perform well in the industry.

The investors need to perform a good deal analysis which will include estimating expenses and calculating the renovation cost and the income you will be saving every month.

A solid rental property will be able to offer you great returns and will also cover all the monthly expenses of the same. Most investors rely on the 70% rule, which estimates the repair cost of the property and the after-repair value. It will help determine the maximum of what can be made of the property.

  1. Rehab

The next thing is to identify the ways that can be used to make the rental property functional again. This can include going for roof repairs, updating the kitchen space, landscaping, drywall repairs, updating the bathrooms, making additional bedrooms, etc. Again, understanding the right strategies and additions you have to make will allow you to make the most of the property.

  1. Rent

Once the property is ready, you can put it on the market for rental purposes. However, remember it will require continuous maintenance job. So you have to figure out things in advance. Also, pre-screening the tenants is extremely important to avoid any complications later. If you avoid this step, there will be a significant risk of foreclosure.

  1. Refinance

Once the property has been successfully rented, you can now move with a plan to understand the ways you have to refine it. For example, some banking institutions will provide cash or refinance options, while others will help you pay the outstanding debts. You have to decide between the two. Remember, before deciding, and you must consider the market situation and your specific goals.

  1. Repeat

Finally, the investors can use the cash that day have received from the first rental property to fund the rehabilitation and acquisition of the second purchase.

Herein a cash-out refers to providing multiple advantages such as a better interest rate, which generally will be favorable compared to the other sources of tax benefits, capital, etc.

Investors can encounter difficulties if they try out the strategy for the first time. However, they can make use of the wisdom for tackling future purchases.

The Benefits

If you have made up your mind to use the strategy for your investment, then you must know there are some promising results that one can be assured of. However, there is also risk.

So before you execute the strategy, check out the benefits of the same mentioned here and also understand the corns to see if the strategy will be a good option for you and your investment goals.

  1. Potential for returns

A major advantage one can enjoy with the strategy is the possibility of earning a better return on the investment. When the strategy is used correctly, the investor can purchase distressed property for low cash, then fix up the area and rent it out for a better and stronger cash flow.

  1. Building equity

One must be responsible for the amount of equity that one will be able to build during the rehabilitation phase. When you plan for a passive income strategy, then you must know that most investors create a cash flow from the property that will be worth the price it was bought for.

  1. Top-grade tenants

When the property has been updated to its maximum potential, it will meet the standards of the consumers in a specific market. So it will attract great tenants. Those tenants who are ready to pay top dollar for the rental property to get specific amenities would be likely to take better care of the property. Thus, this will reduce your expenses when it comes to maintenance. Besides, it will also result in improved cash flow.

  1. Economies of scale

Once you have successfully implemented a strategy, you can benefit. Herein operating and opening multiple rental properties as one will be helpful for you to reduce the cost and lower the average cost per property. This will work well for reducing the spread across the investments.

Financing options

The primary issue investors can face right now is figuring out the right way of financing the properties. Generally, you will have to finance the properties more than once.

The first one will be when you purchase the property, and the second will be for the improvements or repairs that would be required. But the investor does not have much funding or financing to take care of the property without a loan. So if you are looking for property for the first, here are the financing options.

  • Conventional bank loans

When you choose this option, you will have to provide about 20% to 25% of the down payment. However, here the interest would be similar to the owner-occupant loan. But you must see the property’s condition. This is because the bank will not provide the loan in such situations.

  • Local bank loans

The option will offer you great flexibility in lending for rental properties. The borrower will require the same down payment as conventional loans. Also, they may overlook any other expenses needed for the repairs. In addition, you will have flexibility regarding the debt-to-income ratio and mortgage limits.

  • Private lenders

You can consider taking a loan from your known people like friends or family. In such cases, the rates will depend entirely on your bond. It is quite common for lenders to finance the repairs of the property.

  • Hard money loan lenders

Such type of property specializes in providing financing for flipping and rental investors. Herein, the lenders’ rates and costs will commonly be higher than the bank loans. However, they will cover the repairs and the improvement cost.

Who should use the strategy?

The strategy works well for investors interested in a passive income portfolio right from start to finish. The process is a lot more demanding than purchasing a turnkey rental property. However, it can be pretty rewarding.

Investors who are comfortable taking a certain level of risk and have adequate capital for making the initial down payment are the best for using the strategy. However, they must be prepared to roll up their sleeves for in-depth market research, which will suit the real estate strategy.


Understanding the strategy is crucial to ensure you can make the most of it. This would require you to take expert help. You can consider connecting with Private Capital Investors. They have got professionals. They will assure to offer you the support you need for a better understanding of the market condition.

As certified and skilled experts, they will provide you with all the help, from financing the purchase to help you understand the right investment market. Thus, assuring you have an easy experience putting your money in the industry that will bring out the best.

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