What is Contract Financing & How it Works?


The business needs resources and expertise to undertake a commercial real estate contract, but when they do not have the required funding to complete it well, then the lack of funding can lead to the loss of the contract.

Contract financing refers to how the businesses can get the advance funding on an awarded contract that is yet to be completed. Most of the contracts in the industry are paid for the tools used in this process or entirely during the completion of the contract.

In either case, the business owners are the ones who need to invest their own money in the preparation and execution of specific projects.

For instance, the businesses must have all the resources and the funds for the initial task and data analysis and get all the tools or materials for the job. In case a company cannot raise funds, it is required to complete and execute the contract, then there is a possibility that a client might cancel the contract and choose a competitor for the job.

Contract financing- What is it?

In simple words, it is the method used by businesses to assess the commercial real estate loan against the contract, which they have got the right to complete. The lender will focus more on the borrower’s creditworthiness and not just the business.

When thinking of applying to the funding request, you must know the lenders might analyze the initial contract terms to the payments and the contract prices. The contract financing process is way too different than the traditional bank loans.

It is under decision based on the business contract which has been signed and the client’s creditworthiness rather than just the assets.

Working on contract financing

Financing is available for businesses that already got the contract and are prepared to fulfill the deal just need help with the funding. In some cases, the use of contract financing begins long before the contract is actually received. A great example herein can be when the client demands the proof of funds required for completing the project’s cost before they actually receive the contract.

Clients with time-sensitive or high-value services ask the businesses to provide funding proof before getting the contract. It is generally required to ensure the project will be completed but not delayed due to the lack of funds. In such cases, the business requests the lenders to issue a letter of intent to fund to allow them to win the contract on the basis of the letter suggestions.

The client knows about the contract financing and must have a proper idea that they are all prepared with the necessary funding they need to win the contract. The lender to provide the letter of intent to fund may demand business documents and exact details of the contract.

Herein the lenders will ask for the profile of the business, financial statements, and the reference from the previous clients. All of this helps the leaders check the credibility of the business resources and its capability to fulfill the required job.

Qualifying for contract financing

The financing option is a lot different than the other business loans. It is quite a secured option. Thus, varies from conventional loans. The lenders ask for some extra precautions and look at other factors without which they generally won’t approve the business loan. There are three most notable factors that the landers consider before actually providing the funds. This includes.

  • Monthly billing

The amount of money the lender is ready to provide will depend largely on the average monthly bill of the borrowers. This does not refer to the amount that the businesses pay as bills per month, but it is the company’s money from the customers monthly. The lender will want to have exact information about the monthly income of the business to see if it is sufficient enough to cover the loan amount in case the project line fails to pay the amount.

Besides this, the contract will be the collateral. This means the lender wants to know exactly what the business can cover in a reasonable time, even without the contract or completion of the payments.

  • Time in business

The time period in which the business has been operating is yet another essential factor for contract financing. As new businesses are at higher risk, the lenders are quite hesitant to provide loan financing. They consider the businesses that have been operating for at least six months to years. However, the minimum operation time can vary based on the lender’s needs and the industry. It will help decide the course of action.

  • Customer rating

The lender will assess the creditworthiness of the contract line before actually approving the loan. This is important because the client has to pay. The loan lender will also look at the credit history of the client’s business rating and different other factors before deciding to approve the funding.

The financial advances of business account for about 90% of the contract invoice amount, especially in the case of government contract financing. But they will want to know that the customer is good for the money and actually will make the payment as per the contract without any delay.

Types of contract financing

Contract financing is classified into three types, the details of which have been mentioned here.

  • Lender controlled contract financing

It is a type of financing wherein the lender deposits the borrowed fund into the account, which is quite different from the borrower’s main account. Based on the contract terms, the lender will keep monitoring the money movement in and out of the account throughout the duration of the loan. Once the contract is completed and the payment is cleared, the lender will deduct the charges from the account and then transfer them to the borrower’s account. Finally, l will close it.

  • Borrower controlled contract financing

Herein it is the borrower who is in charge of the contract as well as finances. The funds may be deposited into the contract account as a short-term CRE loan. As there is a possibility that the borrower might use the fund discretely, the lender keeps on monitoring the account transactions to see if the funds are responsibly managed and are used only for the contract purpose. Besides this, the lender can even charge monthly interest for the loan account and the entire account during the fulfillment of the contract.

  • Purchase order contract financing

This type of contract financing is there to meet the decisions for purchasing raw material, labor, packaging product, delivery, port services, and other costs. With this contract financing, the lenders make direct payments to the suppliers and the service providers rather than any cash advance to the business. As it comes with quite a low risk, it is a highly popular option for financing new businesses or companies with a below-average credit score.

Getting contract financing

Contract financing is not a typical option you can get with the banks. There are private firms that deal with such factoring and provide the lenders with the funding on time. Most of them can be found online or locally. They offer different packages that can be suitable for varying needs.

A business that is looking for a contract might find this to be extremely helpful as they will ensure they get the necessary funding on time. Besides this, these firms are not as tightly controlled as the other traditional banking options. Thus one must take the time to have a clear understanding of the contract before actually committing to the business for the funding.

The contract financing is available to all those companies who have successfully secured a signed contract or have gained a bid on the government contract. When they meet the eligibility criteria, they can consider contacting a different lender. They will provide the funding based on the contract terms and the performance history.


Contract financing is a great opportunity for businesses to get the required funding to complete the project. There are different ideas that vary from the traditional options. Thus it is essential that you understand things well. Having a clear idea about it all will guarantee the best for you.

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