What is Corporate Housing and Why is it Growing?


The real estate sector offers excellent opportunities. There are multiple options to earn income over a period of time. When the right strategies are adopted, real estate can provide significant benefits.

But when it comes to investment, people are restricted to commercial properties. However, there are other options like corporate housing that can offer multiple benefits.

Suppose you are looking for something different for your investment, then the guide here has provided information about corporate housing.

For sure, it will clear your doubts and provide you right insights as to why it can be considered a good investment opportunity.

Corporate housing- What is it?

Corporate housing, in simple terms, is fully furnished housing that is available on rental for a temporary period. Herein the tenant needs to bring the suitcase and food to enjoy over his stay. They are also commonly referred to as executive apartments.

Generally, corporate housing is available on a rental basis for an average of 2 to 3 months. However, the time period can be exceeded for typical business trips.

In fact, and in specific cases, you can expect a minimum stay of 14 to 30 days in corporate housing.

Corporate housing is generally available in the apartments but is detached from any single-family home depending upon the market condition. Here, it is vital to understand that corporate housing reference refers to a physical space available for rent but the services included in the rental service.

Who uses corporate housing?

Corporate housing is a preferable choice among business travelers. Companies use corporate housing to train a team for a new project in a different location. However, with the corporate housing popularity, they are now also fulfilling the needs of people with medium-term accommodations.

Besides business travel, the government employees enjoy the corporate housing spaces. They are especially beneficial for the employees who are relocating. As for the reports, it is found that relocation is a significant reason why people extended their stay in corporate housing.

The tenants rent corporate housing temporarily to try out the neighborhood or search for a new property. As there is no pressure to buy or rent immediately, one can enjoy their stay without hassle.

Besides this, corporate housing is also a popular option among interns in both business and medical sectors. Rather than buying utilities, they pay for the fees and enjoy the services.

Adventurers even prefer corporate housing when they are in a city for an extended vacation. For instance, if you are going to visit a place to explore it for the next 30 days, then who would like to spend extra money on hotel suits when you can enjoy the luxury of corporate housing.

In simple words, corporate housing serves as a happy medium between furnished apartments and hotel stay for the guests to enjoy and unwind without worrying about the expensive costs.

The corporate housing facilities include amenities like a swimming pool, kitchen, fitness room, etc. However, it is vital to know that the stay in corporate housing is more affordable than hotels.

The information clearly states that corporate housing demand will increase in the coming time as it is a home away from home. Besides, the rental option is less expensive, so people prefer corporate housing for family vacations and travels to enjoy luxury and relax.

 Therefore, it presents an excellent opportunity for the real estate investors to put their money in the sector as for sure in the coming time it will bring outstanding results for everyone.

Corporate housing demand

In multiple ways, corporate housing is compared with service apartments. The only difference is that corporate housing provides fully furnished temporary accommodation and is generally suitable for long-term rental periods.

As the benefit of corporate housing increases with every passing day, its popularity is increasing significantly, especially among business travelers. The growth is relatively high in the USA.

Multiple associations bring together the professionals and the service provider to deliver unified industry service.

The formulation of the associations helps build trust with the clients and allows for a detailed and accurate understanding of the physical performance of the industry across the continent.

A report released in 2018 stated that in the year 2017, the average rate of corporate housing increased by 7.1 % in the USA. The availability of the opportunity and the benefits of the space to enjoy a comfortable and long stay are a great choice both for the investors and the people.


Besides the corporate demand from the business travelers and the employees relocating, consider corporate housing a suitable choice. They think of it as All-in-One payment accommodation.

There are multiple potential tenants, including individuals who have suffered from natural disasters, homeowners remodeling their properties, and students living abroad, which has provided a great opportunity for the investors to benefit from the available situations and earn passive income in the form of monthly rentals for the coming period.

Corporate housing provides an excellent benefit for those who are entering the department. The market dealing directly with accommodation and cooperation agents helps reduce litigation and the associated problems. Further, as there is no problem with the payments, it offers a reliable option for investors.

Corporate tenants reflect professional positions by taking care of the property, like preventing any damage to the appliances, proper maintenance, etc.

In exchange, the accommodation that the tenant receives must be well equipped with the essentials that are required for daily usage. However, in such cases, higher rates can be charged depending upon the area and the occupancy level.

As things are evolving from the covid-19 situation, the service accommodations are gaining more and more popularity. The privacy, additional security, and self-sufficiency it offers are behind the rise in growth.

Besides, it helps the traveler avoid staying in the limited accommodation provided by the hotels. Thus they have become a great option. The living areas which are provided by the corporate housing serve as the ideal temporary workspace for those who are traveling.

In the coming time, apartments will take over the real estate sector and present an excellent opportunity for everyone to invest.

Client appeal

The reason behind the growth of corporate housing is the way it attracts guests. Of course, there are multiple benefits that furnished apartments offer. But some of the key areas that highlight the accommodation includes.

•          Long stay

In contrast to hotel stays, corporate housing does not restrict the stay duration. Although previously corporate housing management allowed for the long-term stay of at least 30 days, now the providers are more flexible. They are coming up with short-term rental options for visitors for 14 days. They are becoming pet-friendly. Corporate housing is now a lot more relaxed for the guests and is available in various locations to suit every requirement and comfort.

•          Value

Staying in a hotel for a longer duration can be extremely expensive for anyone. Besides, it won’t be sufficient when you are traveling with your family. In such instances, corporate housing provides a cost-effective alternative to enjoy your stay for a fixed period. Moreover, you will get all the essentials you need to carry out your daily operations in the accommodation without any hassle. Besides expensive relocation packages are available every time to provide the best services to the clients.

•          Privacy

As most corporate housing is located in the outskirts, they provide a peaceful and quiet environment for the guests to enjoy the stay and relax. Thus, in contrast to the essential and busy hotel experience, guests can unwind in peace and have a great stay while enjoying the luxuries.

•          Comfort

The apartments are designed in a way that provides the guests with plenty of space. The luxury helps enhance the guest experience and provide them with the best. So whether you are looking for relaxation or want a productive time, corporate housing is just the perfect choice to unwind and work without any hassle.


The details mentioned state that corporate housing in the current time is one of the most popular choices for stay. Whether relocating or on a trip, corporate housing can serve your purpose and provide you the best.

In a comfortable and luxurious environment, you can enjoy the stay without worrying about anything. Given the demand, there is an excellent opportunity for the investors to benefit. But this will require professional assistance.

You can consider contacting Private Capital Investors to get the right help. Their team of experienced professionals will help you understand corporate housing and other aspects to guarantee you invest in the best property that can bring you great results in the future.

With personal assistance, you can improve and grow without any worry. So, make sure to get in touch with the experts for proper help with your investment.

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