What is Multifamily Syndication & Why Invest in it?


Real estate investments are not one-time. Resources and time are required to ensure you make a good investment for long-term returns. If real estate investment isn’t your primary income source, then you are bound to get over managing everything on your own.

This is where multifamily syndication can be helpful for you. It will allow you to grow your real estate investments passively without being a landlord.

Multifamily syndication will work well to help you join with other investors and grow your investment bigger and better. However, many people are unaware of multifamily syndication or how you can use it to avail the best benefits.

If you are one of those investors, then the guide here will provide the information to help you understand the details.

Multifamily syndication- what is it?

When described in simple terms, multifamily syndication is a real estate deal where many investors come together to combine the funds for purchasing a property. In this case, they are responsible for locating the best deal possible and, coordinating with all of the transactions, managing the investment and funding.

Once the agreement has been closed, the general partner in this scenario will be the sponsor in exchange for the equity he will get in the real estate property. Thus, investors have to provide the majority of the funding.

You can do multifamily real estate syndication with any investment. Still, multifamily has become much more common for many investors because it provides segmented income and is also considered a safer investment.

Thus, those investors who do not want to take the industry’s risk can opt for this option as it will allow them to make the most of the available opportunity.

What to consider before Multifamily Syndication?

One needs to understand that multifamily syndications are not equal. The involvement you will have in the project will be front-heavy in terms of the study and analysis you have to do to understand if the transaction will be good or bad for you, just as it is in the case of most passive investments.

When you find a good venture that makes you want to go into syndication, you will have to pay close attention to different factors to guarantee good returns from your investment. Here are certain things that one needs to remember.

  • Preferred returns

You must know about the return that can be received with syndication. This means that before the sale is made, the investors receive a specific return on the investment. Thus, selecting multifamily syndication with the assurance of preferred returns is vital so that you will have peace of mind knowing that the sponsor has to create money for the investors before they can be completed.

  • Splitting the profit

The sponsor might decide to take the share from the net revenues once the property is sold. This will be the same as the monthly profit one receives from the investment. Monthly splits will be modest. However, when it comes to equity slips, they will be more substantial.

  • Fees

While it is normal for the sponsors to take a certain amount of fees from the investors for taking care of the entire process, investors must look into the syndication agreement to see if the fee structure will eat away a significant profit margin. After considering the sponsor’s fees, one needs to decide.

  • Loan and financing options

One must understand the funding or the loan information mentioned in the syndication document well. In most cases, the loan for the multifamily syndication is non-recorded, which means that in case of default, the sponsor will be the one taking the responsibility.

Such types of loans come with a higher interest rate and also have got stretch standards. But it provides the investor’s security.

The project can be funded with temporary or permanent loans. Bridge loans turn out or help meet short-term needs. This will allow the sponsor to make interest payments while securing better funding.

There can be situations where the bridge bones are suitable, like when they choose to approve a project that won’t remain in the market for long. However, this can turn out to be risky if the sponsor is unable to get long-term funding.

Advantages of multifamily syndication

The multifamily syndication greatly benefits the investors as they need not have to take care of any aspect responsible for the investment. The sponsor will be there to manage everything on your behalf. This is why syndication is highly advised. Here are the benefits of the same.

  • The multifamily syndication is a simple and cost-effective option for investments in real estate property. Entry-level investment opportunities can be as little as $50000. However, it will depend entirely on the financial requirements of the project.

For the typical Americans who cannot purchase an apartment complex on their own, the multifamily syndication is an excellent way to benefit from some fantastic rental options you cannot avail yourself of in other situations.

  • It is the tax regulations that encourage real estate investments. In this case, multifamily syndication is a significant way of taking advantage of various tax benefits that can be available. When you choose to invest in the multifamily syndication, you are investing in a pass-through entity that cannot benefit from the real estate tax savings. The investor here will receive a portion of the depreciation or other benefits that will allow him to save a lot of money.
  • Once the initial investment is made, the project does not require any attention from the investors, and the sponsor will take care of all the responsibilities that come with owning an apartment complex or the properties. The investors can maintain their hobbies and other commitments’ employment without worry.
  • The multifamily properties are known to be a reliable source for earning passive income. Anyone who has already lived in a crowded town will understand how beneficial it can be. This happens because not everyone is capable of buying a property. This is where multifamily housing can turn out to be advantageous. The multifamily houses satisfy the unlikely demand can go away as they are the most economical option for individuals to get accommodation.
  • Even when the building isn’t occupied, investors can profit significantly from the increase in equity value. In addition, the multifamily syndication investors, after the project completion and successful sale of the property, will receive an extra return.

Besides, there will be profits from the monthly income. But despite this all, there is a possibility that the project might hit a rough patch in the market or can be hampered by unpredictable local factors. This is why growth isn’t always guaranteed. 

Is real Estate syndication profitable?

The limited partners or the sponsors who go for the multifamily syndication earn money through the process. This includes rental revenue on the property appreciation. In contrast, the sponsor is responsible for distributing the rental money from syndication to the investors.

This usually happens quarterly or monthly based on the periodic parameters. The property value generally rises with time. As a result, we can expect or increase in rental and good profit margins once the property is sold.

The rental income payment or the profit will depend entirely on the investment maturity time. Some syndications can be completed in as little as 5 to 12. At the same time, the others can go for 7 to 10 years. Every investor will have a chance to earn a portion of the profit.

For obtaining the property, sponsors must present some profit initially. This is the cost of acquisition. All the investors will receive a preferred return before the sponsor participates in any earnings for the services as the promoter or the manager.

Again the select return will be paid out to all of the investors. This can amount to around 5 to 10% of the initial investment. Thus, maintaining the deal can be beneficial when you have the right sponsor and investor. It will come with many benefits and guarantee one has a better chance of earning good returns from the investment.


When it comes to multifamily syndication, most people are unaware of the benefits it can provide. However, in reality, it can be beneficial for all as there is no requirement to manage the property. Therefore, one can enjoy a regular life with the assurance of earning passive income. But this would require some expert-level assistance. You can consider contacting Private Capital Investors to get help. They have got professionals who understand the job. They will help you understand the essentials and guarantee you get all the assistance that will allow you to earn a reasonable return over the years.


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