What Exactly Happens When a Private CRE Lender Checks Your Credit Report?


Commercial real estate industry investments are very complicated. Besides this, there is a requirement for the fund at once to benefit from the available opportunity. When you don’t have the funding for a project, taking help from CRE lenders is quite common. Based on the lender you have contacted, you have to fulfill different processes and requirements to get the loan amount. Herein credit checks are pretty standard. When applying for credit cards or loans, there is a question about credit checks and how the lenders do it. In simple words, when the lenders go for credit checks, they are trying to assess what type of borrower you will be. By going over the credit score or the report, the lenders can understand how well you have managed your credit in the past. Besides this, it also provides an idea about the maxed-out credit card late payments, which will show you as an unreliable borrower. In contrast, having a good record of timely payments, paid-off accounts, or low credit balance can work well in your favor.

Having a clear idea of how the credit checks work will allow you to stay prepared and assurance that you can get the loan amount quickly. So the guide here has covered all the essential aspects of the loan application information, which helps the lender decide if they should provide you the money or not.

What do the lenders look for in the credit report?

The credit report gives the lenders a detailed record of how you have managed the credit in the past. It is just a way for the CRE lenders to know you. The report will tell a lot about the experience you had about credits. So it would help if you visualized what your report will say. You can assess the credit report from the three credit bureaus online anytime. There are a few points or highlights that need extra attention. This includes.

  • Person information like the name involved with your current and past address, and also the birth date
  • Name of the past or the current employer which has been mentioned in the credit application
  • Active credit accounts or open loans which has any late payment dates and the current status
  • Current accounts
  • Credit inquiry from the credit card issuer and the lender
  • Bankruptcies

The lenders cannot expect to see a flawless credit report every time. A history of late payments or recent credit inquiries is a Red flag that significantly reduces the credit score. Thus the leader might disqualify you from getting the best rates or even getting approval for the loan.

Good credit score- What is it?

The credit report provides detailed information about the credit history, while the score shows how you have managed the credit in the past. From the data available on the report, the scoring helps create a numerical point that ranges between 300 to 815. The algorithm used for calculating the score is not public, but different factors can affect it. This includes the payment history, length of credit amount, owed credit, new credit except, etc. A person who has a credit score of about 800 to 850 will get easy approval along with great rates and fees. While a credit score of 672-739 is considered to be good. There might be higher interest rates, but the lenders can provide the loan amount. Those who have a credit score of about 582- 669 might not qualify for loans from traditional lenders. Further, the rate of interest will be relatively higher. Finally, a credit score of 302- 579 is considered poor. Herein the lenders can decline the loans on the cards. Not to mention security deposits will be required for opening a utility account or renting an apartment.

No doubt, a credit score of 671 above is considered good. When getting a loan, there is no perfect credit score that is considered good enough for all the lenders. There are different requirements you need to qualify to get benefits. When your score is less than the minimum, you will have pretty limited options and have to wait or pay higher interest rates for the loan.

How to get better credit before applying for a loan?

Before you contact your commercial real estate lender for a loan, you need to start going through your credit report and score. This will help you get a better idea of the types of loans on the credit you can qualify for. Unless your credit score is topped, you can boost it. This means you can move from a good credit score to very good. Although there is no quick way to opt for fixing the credit, there are steps that can help improve the credit score. Checking the credit score timely and opting for practical good credit habits like paying the bills on time, keeping the credit card balance low, etc., will help boost things. No doubt it will take time. You cannot expect it to grow in just one day. But, when you take proper measures and make the payments, you will have good credit.

Building good credit right from the start takes multiple steps. To begin with, you will require a secured credit card or loan. Besides, you will have to manage the credit responsibly by making payments on time, keeping an eye on the credit history to build up the score over time, and getting the loan amount from the lenders at a reasonable rate.

What do the lenders pay attention to in the credit application?

Undoubtedly it is a credit report and score together, which provides a bit of insight as to how you can manage the credit. But most of the lenders also will want to know about the finances. The information is not generally included in the credit report, so they will ask for the information or documentation as a backup to get a better idea about your income and other essentials. Here’s what they will pay attention to.


The lenders would want to know about the monthly income and employment so that they know you can pay back the debt. Besides, it will also use the information to calculate the debt to income ratio and ensure that the total debts are not putting much pressure on your monthly income.


The lenders want to ensure that you will make the payment even if you are in financial trouble. This means having an investment account or emergency savings will show that you have a backup to carry on through the rough days.


Car loans and mortgages are typical examples of collaterals. If you have defaulted in either of the cases, the lender will see the property and try to sell it to get the money. Credit cards are generally unsecured. Those who want to have secured credit will require to provide a cash deposit equal to the collateral. If the property is given as collateral, you will have to prove its value and that you own it.

The CRE lenders look for different factors and aspects before agreeing to provide the loan. For instance, they will see your employment conditions and how long you have been working, the type of property you are planning to put the money in, its future potential, and other aspects. It is like a safety measure to keep the lending money safe from any potential risk. Undoubtedly, they are ready to take great measures and go above and beyond before they can finally provide financial help to a borrower. Not to mention in some cases, it can be pretty lengthy. So when there is a requirement for an urgent loan, you need to find someone ready to take care of the process in the minimum time possible and provide the funding.

Also, make sure you have a good credit score and report before you contact your lender for the funding.


Finding a good lender who can provide the funding on time can be quite difficult. There are different aspects one needs to take care of before contacting the lender for help. Besides, in the current scenario finding a lender ready to provide all the assistance can be quite complicated as they are trying to avoid any risks. Herein having professional service will make a significant difference. The experts, for sure, will help you find the lenders who can provide the funding without much requirement. Private Capital Investors is the one you can trust for assistance. They have experienced professionals who can guide you well. Besides, with proper ideas about the industry, they are all prepared to ensure that the funding is allotted on time and you have the convenience of making use of the opportunity. Therefore, schedule an appointment with them to get the expert help you need.

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