Will CRE Investment Industry Survive this Inflation?


The covid situation has become quite risky for the CRE industry. When summarised, it is the current currency’s purchasing power decline. In simple terms, it also means that the average price for the goods and services collected in the economy increases over time. The covid situation is making things worse.

It has undoubtedly brought significant change, and the effects of the same will continue to grow. The complications are now visible in almost every industry. However, people are anticipating that CRE has turned out to be a great investment opportunity for the people and they will survive this inflation.

As the amount of currency can effectively buy lesser goods and services, the instruments meant for wealth growth can be defeated for the primary purpose. Thus, it is essential to have an investment well insulated from the inflation risk.

CRE is an asset type that is insulated from market fluctuations, but will it get the investors against the deadly low they can receive due to inflation?

The newbie investor is facing some difficulty due to the inflation situation. However, there are ways for them to stay protected and ensure better growth in the industry, even during tough times. If you want to understand things about the same, then the guide here is for you.

Inflation vs. CRE

You must understand how CRE property is a risky but reliable asset. Understanding the grounding basics of investment for any commercial property is imperative. Be it a small or two-floor shopping center; they have specific terms as the primary saving grade.

When the property owner leases out the space, they allow the tenants to conduct the business for a long time. The lease agreements also convince the investors that the long-term investment in the project will not cause trouble.

One needs to understand that inflation is all about time. Thus, long-term investments in the industry are significant. Besides, the inflation period has always been a downtown time in the economy.

But in the CRE case, the same was identified during the early inflation times when the rate doubled. So if commercial property prices increase, the same can be identified during the same phase. While if there is a typical drip, then it will be noted that the industry will have a quick recovery.

Even during the pandemic’s difficult time in 2020, the CRE market was only those few investments with the strength to handle the market’s volatility. It even started recovering the same. It offered the owner quick recovery times for the asset class. This clearly states why the investors are interested in CRE assets.

It is important to know that high inflation must be on the watch list of investors because it seriously can undervalue the investment and result in delays in future cash flow. This is why you must invest in helping achieve higher returns than the expected inflation rate.

From a specific point of view, the current inflation rate is around 5%. This would mean that the speed of the investments or assets with a better return assurance will be less than 5%.

Thus, this states the investment type is making a loss. This would also include the most basic and safest investment options, fixed deposits. Even the market’s safe investment like the market will result in losses.

The only hope here is that the inflation rate will get regular, and the investments will ensure better outcomes for the property.

To avoid such times, the assets must generally come with better interest than the current inflation rate, at least to a specific point where the returns one will receive will be safe. One must remember that inflation rates will likely keep increasing, making things complex.

Thus, the question here is whether the deepening inflation rate is just a quick result or if it will result in a complicated time for an increase in prices. Irrespective of that, it is vital for investors to protect against such as scenario and have a well-adjusted investment strategy to hedge against inflation.

Protect against inflation

The CRE industry indeed had got a significant benefit against inflation. First, however, one needs to know how it works and the considerable benefits of the same. The list here specifies the three effective ways the CRE can protect investors from any harsh inflation period.

  • Increase rental income

The rising inflation rate contributes majorly to the increase in prices. This is a standard part known by all. Besides, you must know that rising prices also increase the rental of commercial properties.

Currently, the property’s rental rates have increased tremendously while the operating expenses are stable. This contributes to an increase in property value.

This can result in a better increase in the net operating income which will appreciate the property’s value. As long as the value is less than the current inflation rate, it will not hamper the investment, and investors should be able to enjoy the benefits of better returns.

  • The lease factor

The commercial property’s lease factor structure in a way that helps increase the rent at regular intervals until the lease term expires. Herein the lease can have a clause that asks for rental rates increase of 2% to 3% annually.

This will depend on the property and the market demand and supply. The clause or different types of assets will vary as long as a regular income outpaces the inflation rate. Thus, the relative returns surely will be higher.

  • Property scarcity

It is clear to everyone that the space will keep decreasing as more buildings and apartments are created to increase the supply to the real state. It is also developing a scarcity of space. The companies now keep on growing and opening as a requirement for the CRE. Thus, the need keeps on increasing.

In such scarcity, the real estate market, especially the commercial centers, brings in higher demand. But they have got limited supply which contributes to appreciation in the price of real estate properties.

Thus, this works well for investors to have better returns from the investment. The returns will be highly positive if the price rate increases more than the current inflation rate.

Investment in CRE

Despite all the challenges and complications one can face in the CRE industry. It is beneficial for the infrastructure. For example, during inflation, it has stayed strong against all of the drawbacks and managed to ensure that investors can get better returns from the investment.

But you need to know there are ways to get started with the CRE industry even as a new investor during such an inflation time. For instance, fractional ownership works well for investment.

It states that investment comes with an advantage for retail investors to invest in the CRE. Besides, it also diversifies the portfolio. You can even consider buying the REITs. They offer excellent portfolio diversification and remove any difficulty by the legality of amenities that comes with purchasing real estate.

There are various mutual funds that you can choose from. But remember, research surely will be quite beneficial for you to understand things in detail and see how it will work out for your investment. Lastly, you can consider purchasing the CRE industry directly.

For this, having support will help get the required funding for the property and make the purchase on time. In addition, good knowledge about the market will help you choose the right way to invest in the industry and take care of all the formalities that come with the process.

Whether you are a newbie invested or someone experienced, using the available opportunity will benefit your investment strategy and allow you to see major success.


The inflation situation has hit all industries, but CRE is standing firm against all the odds and becoming quite fruitful for investors. First, it is essential to understand the right way of investing. This is the key to choosing the best and having an easy experience putting the money into the correct type of property.

If you are a newbie investor trying to get professional help, you can consider connecting with Private Capital Investors. They have contracted certified professionals who understand the job. They will make the experience easier for you.

Irrespective of the complications or difficulties you are facing, the experts will be there to offer you the support you require. They are experienced professionals who will stay by your side and show you all the assistance to make the experience the best.

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