Future of Commercial Real Estate in 2022 & Beyond


The commercial real estate industry keeps on evolving. Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic time, the industry is getting back into full swing. No doubt people are worried, but now commercial real estate is rebounding, and the firms are finding new ways to succeed with the opportunities and challenges available. In the current market, there have been great advancements. Having an idea will ensure success. Here are the trends that are expected to be seen in the commercial real estate market in the coming time.

1. Trading shares

In the coming time, trading shares for individual real estate assets is going to increase tremendously. As of now, we are in the retreat phase of investing. The transaction will be Robinhood phase by the next year, with real estate investing becoming more accessible. Some companies are emerging to reduce the barriers for people to invest in places they live, play, and work.

2. Increased complexity of local permitting and zoning

With the complexity of the processing and zoning, things will become more valuable to understand. Undoubtedly zoning and planning offices will majorly influence the master plan that is responsible for governing the real estate development as to how it can be entitled or how it can be used. Thus it will be better to engage with the local planning department directly.

3. Natural disasters

In the coming time, natural disasters will greatly affect the commercial real estate market’s desirability and pricing. For instance, the California wildfire has increased the home fire insurance rates near forest areas. In the meantime, it is expected that storms and other disasters will further impact the market, leading to a great change in real estate.

4. Secondary market revitalization

As the population growth is now shifting to the secondary real estate markets, the communities need to revitalize the commercial districts, and the older neighborhoods must be redeveloped. Further, there will be a great demand for new assets to support things. The developers and the well-positioned investors can take benefit from this opportunity.

5. Increase in smart homes

In the coming time, the real estate industry will have self-showings and smart home technology. In addition, the investors will continue to embrace 3D virtual tools. Although the 3D technology was already here in the single-family rental industry in the coming year, every property will have a 3D tour that can be used for both marketing and operation purposes.

6. Third-party owner representatives

The pandemic situation created great trouble for the real estate market. The heated environment is creating difficulty in finding the right professionals to service the project needs. As a result, the developers are now turning into professional third-party representatives to assist. It is considered that the local experts are the best resources for executing real estate projects and constructions to the extensive network and their ability to work with the developers.

7. Mixed-use zoning

In the coming time, this trend will become the biggest asset class. The adaptive reuse of the assets from housekeeping, hotels, offices, self-storage, distribution centers, experimental places, etc., will make a great change. The repositioning and repurposing of the already available space will add great value to investments and projects for many more years to come.

8. Property tech innovations

Already there have been great technological advancements in the real estate industry. But it is expected in the coming time, property tech will transform things, and almost every process will be through digital services. It will create great efficiency and allow the professionals to focus directly on the interpersonal aspect of the business. While the technology will ease the process. Despite this, it can never take away the personal connections that the client and the buyer will have. It will just focus on making the connections more secure and focused.

9. Trade up for first-time buyers

As more and more first-time buyers are increasing in the real estate market, there have been great changes. It is found that the higher-priced single-family estate has lagged assets with lower prices. Thus first-time purchasers now realize that they want more space and features and are willing to look up trade in the coming years.

10. Digital currency transaction

Bitcoin undoubtedly is the next big thing in the real estate market. The tenants are waiting to use their digital currency to pay. While the sellers are looking to cash out the digital currencies. Given the demand and the need of the buyers for purchasing and using digital currencies, one can expect to see this change in the coming time. However, it is essential to find people who understand the aspects of real estate digital currency. Also, the already existing people will have to learn the digital currency transactions before they start using them.

11. Boom in auction sites

It is expected that there will be a great boom in the auction sites in the coming time. As homeowners and investors have limited availability of options, one can expect to see online sites rising as a way for investors and buyers to find and research properties quickly and conveniently. For the investors looking for single-family residential markets, the auction sites allow them to bid remotely, avoid travel costs and get better access to a variety of options. The virtual access undoubtedly will make their decision easy and reach nationwide.

12. Cash only deals

Investment companies are contacting the sellers who are providing attractive cash-only deals. However, in the coming years, it is expected that this will result in a significant loss of transactions for the real estate agents. Thus it is advised to consider understanding how to work with the companies. For instance, by becoming a seller’s agent or any other associate when the properties return to the market, one can consider getting into the investment business.

13. Increase customer service expectations

As there has been extensive use of online platforms during the pandemic, buyers expect a great customer experience just like they are getting from online platforms and delivery apps. The operators who will keep up with the demand and provide the desired service quality will benefit. Commercial real estate and multi-family will increasingly become customer-centric businesses, and the technologies will be used for a better tenant experience to provide the best results.


The commercial real estate industry has always been one of the best ones to consider for purchasing and generating income. But given how things are changing, it is advised to get a better idea about the upgrades and innovations in the real estate industry. Having a clear idea about it will guarantee one can benefit from the available opportunities and find the best. No doubt, things can get complicated with some of the changes made in the industry. But when understood well, the investors and other parties associated with the industry can benefit a lot. You can consider contacting Private Capital Investors to get the right help. They have experienced professionals who will make things easy for you. By explaining things in detail and staying by your side, they will guarantee you make the most of your investment.

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