How Bridge Loans Help in the Commercial Property Acquisition Process?


The real estate industry works fast. When you decide to invest, be it in a management building or a commercial building, you need to make the investment quick to ensure you get the deal on time. Given the amount that acquisition requires, not all investors have the funding. This is where they look for outside sources of funding. Bridge loans, in such instances, act as one of the most reliable ways to get short-term financing options that last for six months or three years. It can help cover up the cost before the sale or refinancing of the long-term loan. The popularity of bridge loans is so high that about double the amount of $1 million was given out as a bridge loan in 2018.

The bridge loan provides the investors an excellent opportunity to benefit from the current opportunity and income sources. However, this means you have to contact the best commercial real estate bridge loan lenders who can provide you with timely assistance. It is vital to understand that specific terms of bridge loans might not be suitable for everyone. This is why you must understand things in advance. If you are unsure, the guide here will help you know how the commercial real estate business will be helpful for you.

Commercial bridge loan- What is it?

commercial real estate bridge loan provides the investors an opportunity to pay for the new investment before he has sold the existing property. Once investors get permanent financing, they can pay off the balance of the bridge room. Typically a loan that is used for financing a short-term purchase is termed a bridge loan. For example, a company that wants to purchase a significant stock of inventory during liquidations can use the bridge loans for their purchase. Besides, the investors also use the bridge loan to buy a property they want to sell quickly.

How do bridge loans work?

The bridge loan provides real estate investors an option to finance until they can find a permanent source of financing. With bridge loans, individuals or companies can invest in real estate properties and purchase new properties, which cannot be done through conventional financing. In addition, bridge loans give an investor extra time to look for a suitable mortgage instead of being compelled to accept the first commercial mortgage they find.

The amount a company or a person can borrow varies based on different factors. However, the interest rate is high. Usually, the bridge loan is not more than 80% of the value of the property. The interest rate here ranges from low single-digit to double digits. Further, the other fees associated with bridge loans include origination fees and appraisal fees.

In this type of loan, the payment is made at the end. Some loan program allows for the extension of the loan term. But the deal must be at higher interest rates as it provides the commercial real estate business loan lenders some assurance if the borrower defaults on the loan. It is always advised to do due diligence before taking the services from a commercial real estate bridge loan lender.

How can investors use bridge loans?

The two instances investors can use bridge loan is during timing issues, and the value adds proposition. In most cases, the investors look for a bridge loan when they acquire a multifamily property and is willing to renovate it, like updating the outdated appliances or replacing the entire kitchen. Herein, great financing will be required when the owner wants to spend about $5000 to $10000 per unit for the improvement. Besides, the buildings with 90% or more occupancy mean that the teams will require modification at least a few times. In such instances, a bridge loan helps finance the acquisition. This eventually allows the owner to get the desired range and create more value for the property. In addition, once the owner has fully or partially completed the renovation, they can refinance with more long-term financing.

Another great use of commercial real estate bridge loans is to facilitate financing using a loan insured by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Currently, finding a suitable lender regarding the number and volume of transactions in HRD financing for Healthcare and Multi-family Properties is relatively easy. Despite this, the loan application process is about 4 to 6 months. Investors are willing to wait, which is why they turn their backs on commercial real estate bridge loans for the funding they need. Similarly, the investors can use the commercial real estate bridge loan to acquire a property they plan to be capitalized on with Low Income Housing Tax Credits. But it can take a year.

For the investors who already have a stabilized property but are unsure if they should sell or refinance, there are commercial real estate bridge loan lenders who will help evaluate the market. If you think there is a possible way to increase your income, then it is time that you opt for short-term bridge loans for up to 90% of the loan cost. It will help you benefit from the available opportunity to be the best.

Bridge loan guidelines

The approval of the commercial real estate bridge loan requires a similar credit profile to any other commercial loan. However, here in the process also includes long-term underwriting financing. For example, for a project that requires increasing rent by $300 per month after the investor has spent about $5000 per unit on improvement, the underwriter will determine if the market can support the increase in the rent amount.

The mission here is to look for financing down the road to make it easy to qualify for the existing financing. There are commercial real estate bridge loan lenders who look for owners who have at least 20% of the equity in the deal. Also, they will take a look at the net operating income of the last three years. It helps them understand the business plan and see if the investment can add any value.

In contrast to the other lending options, the bridge loans are adjustable. However, this is only with the interest payments. Some commercial real estate business loan lenders have a six-month lockout, which means the borrower has to pay six months interest even though they clear the loan amount earlier. Besides this, they will charge 1% to 2% of the exit fees once the loan is paid off. But typically, the lenders will waive off the costs if it supplies permanent financing.

The commercial real estate bridge loan can be considered for any property acquisition or refinancing as they are better than conventional loans. Also, they allow the investors to create value in the long run.

Benefits of bridge loan

Commercial real estate bridge loans can be an excellent choice for investors who need urgent cash. Here are the benefits one can enjoy with these financing options.

• Using the bridge loans, the investors can expand the portfolios. Besides investing in real estate, stocks and bonds open other income sources.

• The bridge loans are the ideal choice for investors when they require cash. Generally, bridge loans are suitable for borrowers who are struggling with cash flow and require some boost. However, as the bridge loans are short-term, the borrowers participating in funding programs can expect to see a great return on investment quickly.

• Bridge loan presents an opportunity for the investors to take advantage of the available opportunity they would have to pass if they cannot qualify for the conventional loans.

• When compared to conventional loans, the bridge loan process is straightforward and fast. Once you get in touch with an excellent commercial real estate bridge loan lender, you won’t face much trouble getting the funding you need.

Finding a good commercial real estate bridge loan lender

Despite the number of commercial real estate bridge loan lenders in the commercial market, it is essential to research to find professionals who can fulfill your requirement and provide you with reasonable assistance. Due diligence is extremely important to avoid any hassles later. Thus, it would help if you did not hesitate to do your research to identify the industry’s top experts.


The details mentioned here clearly state that using bridge loans, one can easily acquire the property they want. Besides, as the process is relatively easy, one can benefit greatly. But this means you will require some assistance, especially when you are new in the industry. Private Capital Investors is the professional company you need to contact to get help. They have experienced professionals who will help you identify the right deals and get in touch with lenders who can quickly assist you. With their professional services, you can stay assured of avoiding all the hassle and enjoying a relaxing time. With the professional’s help, you can understand things and find the right deal. So make sure to get in touch with the company today as for sure that professional assistance will ensure you have a great investment opportunity.

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