How has Covid-19 Changed Bridge Loan Market?


The real estate industry has changed tremendously. It is now considered a great means to earn passive income. All you need is good funding and an idea about the real estate property to guarantee you put your money into a project that brings you great profit.

The investors and business owners have to contact the traditional banking institutions for their loans, which didn’t work well to get the funding. In such situations, bridge loans are a great option.

Bridge loans are a popular choice amongst investors and business owners who cannot acquire the funding through traditional means. When used right, commercial real estate bridge loans can be of great benefit.

But just like any other industry, the bridge loan sector during the last year has changed tremendously. It is the covid-19 that has brought in some significant changes you must be aware of.

Changes in bridge loans due to covid-19

Here are the possible changes you will find in the present industry due to covid-19.

1. Some lenders have stopped lending

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, every industry has suffered. Some bridge loan lenders have stopped offering their loans during the pandemic situation. Because of the lack of funding, the risks associated with the current marketplace, they are taking a step back to ensure the safety of their capital.

2. Some lending applications have been canceled

Although there are many applications for a loan, lenders cancel ongoing applications and draw the contracts that have not been exchanged. While in some cases, lenders ask their customers to begin the application process right from the start to guarantee proper steps and safety.

3. The lenders have reduced loan to value and loan size

The lenders still in the market offering financing are very cautious. They have taken the necessary precautions to secure the capital, like reducing the maximum loan size. For example, the maximum LTV is now down to 60% to 65%.

4. The lenders are alert about bridging loan exit strategies

The lenders are very careful about bridging loan exits rules as they know there can be a recession once the pandemic is over. It will mean that the properties will take longer times for sale, and refinancing can be extremely difficult in such situations.

Besides, this recession will bring down the value of the property as the demand will be affected. Thus, the lenders are looking for a realistic exit plan before offering the financing to any borrower.

5. The lenders are facing funding issues

The lenders are facing a shortage of funds during the covid-19 pandemic. It is because:

• They aren’t receiving the repayment of the loans. It has affected the number of funds available to offer to the borrowers. The commercial bridge commercial real estate Huston loans are generally paid off after the sale of the property, but as the real estate market is currently facing challenges to cope with the sales, it has created a problem.

Besides this, people are finding it difficult to refinance their loans. In simple words, it means the substantial amount of funds that must come back to the lenders each month is not coming in to be lent out again.

• The funding generally involves hedge funds, banks, and investors, all of whom are now being extra cautious towards the lending methods. Most of them have tightened the criteria or have considered stopping lending altogether. They all waiting for the impact the pandemic will have on the economy. Besides this, the lower loan to values and high-risk facilities are refused to get the necessary financing.

6. The valuations are proving to be a challenge

The social distancing norms and the current lockdown requirements have made it difficult to perform valuations in person to see if the property is occupied. When the property is empty, it is still possible to get the valuations done.

However, as many evaluators work from home during this period, it causes a great threat for both residential and buys to let valuations.

The lenders operating in the current market situation use automated valuation systems, drive-by valuations, and texted valuations to make their lending decisions.

7. The surveyors are extremely cautious

Even when valuations are possible, the servers are extremely cautious. They are not reducing the usual figures for the open market valuation. Besides, they are revised figures to allow the likelihood of falling in the future after the pandemic is over.

The surveyors have now started writing this evaluation and cannot be relied upon on the reports. It has made it difficult for the bridge lenders to give out the money based on valuation.

8. Social distancing is causing a problem with legal documents

There are significant issues in getting the ‘solicitors’ legal documents as most are now working from home.

9. The staffing is causing trouble for the lenders

The lenders also have been greatly impacted by the number of staff they have. As everyone has started working from home wherever possible, the lenders had to set up systems to work remotely. Thus, the number of staffing has been increased by those requiring self-isolation. It has greatly affected the abilities of the lenders to handle new cases.

10. Focusing only on the existing clients

The covid-19 pandemic has brought great trouble for the lenders. They need to be cautious and take necessary precautions to guarantee their capital is safe. It is why many lenders have now started focusing only on the existing clients.

It has helped them deal with the present problems like difficulty in getting the loans cleared on schedule. Besides, some lenders have offered other facilities like residential and commercial mortgage short-term loans. They are busy dealing with the requests of payment delays from customers facing financial difficulties.

Tips for the borrowers

Despite the changes in the industry, some borrowers are looking for commercial real estate bridge loan lenders. Here is some helpful advice.

  • There is a great possibility of a 5 to 10% reduction in the current leverage. If the condition worsens, the borrowers must be prepared to bring additional equity for a new project.
  • One can expect to see numerous loan structures in uncertain economic times.
  • Make sure to research different lenders to understand their current requirements and see if you are eligible for their loans.
  • Make sure to gather as much information as possible about a tenant and never know what the future can bring.
  • The low cost of capital lender is not the best in the down market. A flexible lender who is ready to approve a new lease in the current scenario can offer you better value.


Despite the current pandemic scenario, borrowers are looking for bridge loans. If you are willing to get the loan approved, then you can consider contacting Private Capital Investors. We can bring forward the right deals and offer. You can rely on our organization to get the help you need with the loan for the financing. Please do not delay and contact us to get all the help for your project.

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