How Much is Commercial Property Closing Cost?


The demand for commercial real estate properties is relatively high. Understanding what type of property will work great for you and guaranteeing good income is extremely important. No doubt, the range of options can easily complicate things. This is why understanding every minor aspect is vital. Right from choosing the right property to an understanding of the closing costs having an idea about it all will ensure you have a hassle-free experience of making a purchase or sale of the property.

There are closing costs or fees present. It must be noted that the costs will vary greatly from one lender to another. In fact, the cost fluctuates greatly based on the loan amount and the property size.

One can expect some of the fees or some particular things he needs to pay as closing costs. Having a clear idea about it all will ensure you do not face any difficulty and are well prepared to handle the closing costs you have to pay.

Closing costs when it comes to commercial real estate properties can be quite substantial. In simple words, it can reach tens of thousands. If you plan to purchase a commercial real estate property, the guide will provide your clear insight into the closing cost.


Types of closing cost

There are different types of closing costs you might need to pay when planning to invest in a property. Based on your property size, the cost of the purchase will vary greatly, here at the fees or the closing costs.

Lending fees

There are basically two types of fees here. This includes.

  •        Origination fee

It is a fee that is charged by a lender for processing the loan. In simple words, it acts as compensation for the lender. The origination fees can generally range from 0.5 to 1% depending upon the negotiations and the lender. It is essential that you have a good broker by your side who can assure you are not paying way too much.

  •        Brokerage fee

The borrowers who have a good broker by their side will also be charged broker fees. Remember, the cost of the services will vary greatly based on the experience and the knowledge of the broker in the industry.

It is essential that you consider every aspect before you hire a broker for the services. The brokerage fees or the commission are paid for securing and finding the commercial real estate loan you might require to pay for the property. The fees herein can vary greatly. It can either be a percent of the loan or a flat rate or, in some cases, a combination of both

  1.       Third-party costs

Besides the lending cost, there are certain other costs you can expect to pay while investing in a property. It includes.



Commercial properties are required to be appraised before they can actually get a good commercial real estate loan. In simple words, the appraisal is the process carried out by independent companies that are free from any lenders to provide an unbiased value of the property.

The lender is interested in the appraisal for confirming the property value and determining the amount to be brought against the value of the property. However, it is the borrower who is responsible for paying the appraisal cost.

  • Phase I/II Environmental report

The first type of environmental report is used by the lenders for confirming there are no hazardous conditions in the property that can be harmful to the environment. In fact, the environmental site assessment visits the property for an onsite examination of the air, land, and building.

Besides, they will also examine the surrounding areas of the properties for identifying the potential hazards. For instance, if there is a gas station, then it might be hazardous to the nearby properties due to the risk of leakage.

If any adverse condition is identified during the examination, then the report for the required will focus on the hazardous conditions which have been identified during phase 1 and for finding the remedy. In case it cannot be resolved, the lender will have to put out all of the potential deals.

  • Engineering report

This is a report which is generally not required by all lenders. However, it is the most common closing cost that you might experience while investing in a property. The lenders generally ask the borrowers to order a property examination by an engineer during the due diligence. It is the examination that helps determine the structural soundness of the property. Also, it helps if the lighting, features, alarm, ventilation, heating, etc., all of this work properly and is safe for use.

  • Legal fees

Real estate can be highly complicated. It requires a lot of industry knowledge and paperwork which all of the buyers must have an idea about. The borrowers thus might choose to use the commercial real estate attorney for the transactions, which will add greatly to the legal fees in the closing cost. Undoubtedly, not all lenders require hiring an attorney for the lending process; however, some of the ones will benefit from the legal support they will get.

  • Zoning report

Based on the lender you are taking the loan from, you will have to pay for the zoning report as the closing costs. The process is used majorly for the counties and the city that divides the geographic area into districts and allocates them for a specific purpose. The report highlights the use of the property and if it complies with the regulations. Besides this, the zoning laws vary greatly. So you need to have the proper idea to avoid any hassle or difficulty later.

  • Title insurance

It is a one-time fee that is required to be paid by the borrowers. However, it will last as long as a borrower has got the interest. The property policy will help protect against the loss of ownership of the property due to any legal property

  • Seismic Report

Based on the property location assessment report, the zoning report might be necessary before the loan closing. It is an examination of the seismic structural capabilities that a property holds and is also required for the area that is recognized by the seismic activity.

Miscellaneous expenses

Besides the general expenses, there are some other costs which you need to pay. As they are all not clear, you must stay prepared for unexpected instances. Undoubtedly, conducting due diligence is more expensive and can provide you with a lot of information on vital questions.

You need to have some readily available funding to pay for the extra consultant or costs you might require to see the property. Besides this, there can be other costs associated with the purchase of the property.

Understanding the closing cost

The commercial real estate closing costs can be quite complicated to understand. In fact, they are one of the major expenses you need to consider while budgeting for property budgeting. Having a clear idea about the expenses and additional cash reserves is important. The property investors must be able to resolve the issues quickly so that it does not happen again in the future.

Also, the lenders frequently require the borrowers to have a certain amount of liquidity. It will work great for the closing cost. For this, you need to have a clear Idea as possible. It’s the only way to ensure you have a hassle-free experience of making the purchase of the property and getting the deal at a good rate. Do not hesitate to compare your options and find someone who can provide you with a property loan at an affordable rate.


The commercial real estate closing costs are a major part of the expenses which you will have to bear while making the purchase of the property. Having an idea about it all is extremely important to stay away from the concerns and guarantee you are well prepared to pay for all the unnecessary or unexpected expenses which may be required besides the payment of the purchase.

Getting in touch with a good lender and the broker is extremely important for the process. It is a good broker that will help you ease out the process and find a good lender who can provide the necessary funding on time.

Besides will negotiate on your behalf to help you get a deal that will be absolutely worth it. So if you are in need of help, then you can consider contacting the experts of Private Capital Investors. As the leading firm, they will guarantee you have a hassle-free experience of getting the required funding.

They have proper contact with the lenders and the other important people of the industry. With their support, for sure, you will make the investment at the right price and get the deal at a highly affordable cost. Make sure to schedule an appointment so that you understand every aspect before you make the decision. For sure the results will be absolutely worth the money you are paying. Also will help reduce the final cost.


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