How to Identify & Search CRE Property Classes from A to C?


The property classes provide the commercial real estate investors with a good idea about the value and the potential future value of the real estate they are considering. The Classes type provides the interested party a general idea about the property’s quality based on various factors like the building age, location, condition, and much more. The property classes can be extremely helpful in ensuring the investment is made at the right place. As a new real estate investor, you must have a good idea about identifying your next investment, the details of the property classes, and how to invest. The guide here has mentioned it all. Check it out to get a better understanding.

Property classes- What is it?

The classes are based on different factors like demographic, geographic, and physical. This helps determine the property’s characteristics that can be used as a potential real estate investment. No doubt it is the commercial real estate class A, B, and C which is generally used, but some of the investors and brokers also have a breakdown of classifying the buildings into different classes. Each of the buildings represents the varying level of return and risk that investors can take from the investment point. The differences in the property classes help determine how each of the properties will fit the strategy and the return they will give. The breakdown of the property classes has been mentioned to get clear insights.

Class A property

This property class is considered to be low-risk assets. This asset class type generally is newly built and highly furnished. They are located in a low crime rate area on the outskirts. They tend to be constructed in a neighborhood with good schools, shopping malls, highways, and medical facilities. Such regions also help boost the growth, population, and infrastructure and create significant demand for the primary estate. Besides this, the class A property is also likely to be located with a high percentage of owner-occupied options. This is why class A rental property comes with big rental rates. Also, they are new. So there is less requirement for maintenance. The class, A building, provides lower cash flow than any other option. However, on a positive note, higher demand makes Class A quite easy to sell.

Identifying class A property

To identify the suitable property class A, you can go online. It will quickly provide the details of the following investment and the necessary details like contact information to invest. When looking for class A commercial property, you can search on an online platform that allows you to filter the locations and other options to find the perfect fit. Using the specific filters, things get pretty easy, and you will find the suitable property in terms of the unit size, construction, location, etc. Also, there are sales, and history filters, which help identify the property which is more likely to be sold shortly. Undoubtedly, the online platforms provide a great convenience for finding the CRE properties worth investing in. If you want to get more insights about the property, you can directly visit the profile page of the building.

Class B property

Properties of class B are older, but still, they have quality return and management. These buildings are located in well-kept areas that have low-income rates but more investors. About the Class B properties, it is worth noting that some of the building locations may allow for possible restoration to class A status after home improvements and renovations. Thus, class B properties provide justice and can quickly create a substantial cash flow.

Identifying class B property

To identify the best class B properties, you can search for the targeted areas using asset class B. You will be able to identify the properties that will work great for CRE investment. Besides, you can narrow down the list based on the factors like the number of units or the year of construction. By using this information, you will be able to identify the locations where the class B properties are majorly in demand.

Class C property

This option comes with the highest risks, but it can be an excellent investment when appropriately used. This property is generally 20 years old and might show some deterioration. The class C buildings can be found in less desirable areas with higher crime rates. This is why they tend to be predominantly invested. The tenants of lower socioeconomic groups prefer class C. Undoubtedly, class c properties offer great potential for higher cash flow than the other options, but they also require significant improvement and management. This is why class C investments are only preferred by experienced investors who can handle the property.

Identifying class C property

Older properties are one of the most significant classes C real estate examples. When searching for class C properties, you can look for a building in Detroit in the city’s upcoming areas, which has the potential to turn into a substantial investment. After standard deviations, you can consider the building construction to identify class C properties; then, you can limit the search within a specific neighborhood. Also, you can quickly look at other parts of the neighborhood to identify if there have been any recent renovations that can potentially increase the growth of the property.

Deciding the Asset class for investment

In general, there is no specific guideline as to which asset class will work great for investment in real estate. For instance, you might find that the class C property might be the right opportunity for value-added investors to convert it into profit. However, this decision depends entirely on one’s preference and the investment they are ready to make. You must see that each property class represents different levels of reward and risk. Investors must understand every aspect.

When to choose class A and B properties?

Undoubtedly it is a class A property that has great potential for appreciation. As the risk increases with the lower class property, they are considered the best investment option. It provides the investor peace of mind knowing that they are putting their money in the properties with no outstanding issues that will require further capital expenditure. Despite the condition, the class A properties can become sensitive during economic recession times when the high earners suffer from increased unemployment. When planning to invest in the highest appreciation, potential properties in classes A and B will work great.

When to choose classes B and C?

When looking for a CRE investment that will help get strong cash flow for years, class B and C properties located in the less desirable areas are the best. As the class C properties are the riskiest, you need to be careful about the tenant you are considering for the stay. Besides this, vacancies can also increase as you move to class C properties. It is vital to consider the risk and the level of management or operations for the lower class building. Usually, it attracts lower quality tenants, and it will require greater oversight to collect rents, keep up with the maintenance and take care of the tenant problems. It is vital to understand that class B and C properties are generally sold at a higher amount as the investors are paid for the additional risk to invest in older properties.

Class C property can significantly influence the growing appreciation and stability of the investment for years. Investors who are looking for capital preservation opt for class A properties. At the same time, those who are more interested in cash flow can choose property classes B and C as they will provide excellent results.

Despite all the benefits and advantages, the biggest problem with the property class is that there is no accepted standard that the investors can use to identify the best option. However, a thing to note herein is that irrespective of the property class you are interested in, there are online platforms and search options that one can consider to find investment opportunities without any hassle.


Choosing the right property class type in an area with the best returns can be extremely difficult. When you are new in the industry, you need to have a proper idea of which place will work great for investment and help you make the most of the money. A professional help here can work grid and ensure positive outcomes. Private Capital Investors is the company you can trust for the service. They have experienced professionals who will stay by your side and help you understand the available property classes. They will ensure you get the details of properties that will work great for you and bring in the results you want. As the trusted option, the company will ensure a hassle-free and smooth experience of investing. So make sure you contact them as their professional assistance will help bring in good outcomes.

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