10 Most Business Friendly States to Invest in Commercial Real Estate


The commercial real estate market is on the rise in the US. Some states are already known to be good markets for the investment in a commercial real estate. But there are still others that are being explored by the investors for the same purpose.

And you should not be surprised if you see the markets flooded with newcomers in a short span of time.

So raid these cheapest markets and invest early to reap higher benefits. Consider the effective rates of property tax, income growth, and population growth while considering the states for the investment commercial real estate.

Also, consider the ease in availing the commercial real estate loans in these states before targeting them for the investment.


States that attract the commercial real estate investors

Few states in the US attract the commercial real estate investors the most for being the states with cheaper facilities and lower effective property tax rates.

However, these states also reflect good growth in income and job opportunities. Exploring and investing in these states can increase the bank balances of the investors along with providing them with a good portfolio. The financial support in terms of commercial real estate loans also encourages the efforts.



Colorado has come up as one of the most profitable states when the commercial real estate is considered. A little research of the State will convince you of it being a good place for the commercial real estate investment.

Look out for the Commercial Real Estate Loans, Denver as well while you carry out your research.  The state is strong in the business fundamentals for the real estate. The population growth is a good 8 percent in a 5 year period.

The median income growth rate is 18 percent reflecting the capacity of the people to go for better housing and better living. Besides, the high appreciation rates here also make it one of the most attractive places in the country.

Commercial real estate loans Denver could be availed to leverage upon while investing in the state.



The lone star state, Texas provides the new commercial real estate investors with immense opportunities to try their luck. The financial support provided through commercial real estate loans, Houston gives the confidence to the investors to build up their portfolio in the state.

While Dallas scores the highest in rankings in being the most sought-after place not only in the state but in the entire country, Austin ranks next in the state. One may consider a commercial real estate loan, Texas for investing in the state as well.

Texas attracts the investors as it is the state with the second highest population growth rate and tenth highest job growth rate in the country. No doubt it is being the target of so many newcomers in the commercial real estate business.

However, checking out the papers qualifying one for the commercial real estate loan, Houston or even the commercial real estate loan, Texas is advisable before one leap to invest in the state.



The silver state, Nevada is considered a safe play by both the experts in the field of commercial real estate and the new-comers.

The appreciation of properties at an extremely fast rate makes the state so much sought for. Property appreciation is the fastest in the state.

Complementing the rate in property appreciation is the rate of job growth in the state. A high rate of 16% property appreciation over a five year period and the population growth rate of 8 % for the same period are the key factors that induce the investors to include properties in Nevada in their investment portfolio.



The beehive state is a place with strong real estate market fundamentals and attracts the professional as well as new investors in real estate.

The exceptional rates of job growth and population growth along with the strong fundamentals allow the selling of homes in the state in less than a month.

Healthy economic activities in the state make it a destination for the investors interested in the residential and the commercial real estate investment. Investment anywhere in the state is profitable; still, Logan is considered the best place for investments.



Idaho is known as the gem state. A state with a robust housing market, it attracts the investors as the selling of the houses takes just a month here.

Low effective property tax rate, strong population growth rate, income growth rate, job growth rate, low labor cost and a very high appreciation rate together make the state a profitable destination to the long-term investors of a commercial real estate.

Boise in Idaho is the most sought-after market for commercial real estate investment. Commercial real estate loans help in overcoming the financial deficiencies if any for the investors.



Seen as the holiday destination by many, the state has boomed in the real estate market.

The population growth rate of 8 percent for a five year period and the income growth rate of 11 percent for the same period are not the only factors to be considered while selecting the state for commercial real estate investment, there are more to it.

The extremely low labor costs and the availability of the infrastructure and construction materials at low rates make the state one of the cheapest for investment in a commercial real estate.

Miami, Tampa, and Orlando are the most preferred places for investment in a commercial real estate. Investors here have experienced high returns in a short span of time.

While Miami promises a high return of 18.6 percent to the commercial real estate investors, Tampa and Orlando are also not far behind with the average returns of 15 -16 percent.



An evergreen state is a marketplace with strong trading and business fundamentals. The good job growth rate complemented the excellent rate of appreciation of the homes and other real estate structures give good opportunities to the investors.

Moreover, the availability of the commercial real estate loans, Seattle also encourages the investors to put their real estate business ideas in the market.

Though the effective property tax rate is on the higher side when compared to many other states, Washington still is one of the most preferred yet cheap places for the investors.

The population growth rate of 7 percent and median income growth rate of 15 percent over the last five years have been the positive segments that investors look for while investing besides the financing facilities of commercial real estate loan, Seattle.



Tennessee can be considered for investment by new investors in the field. The strong market fundamentals in the state make the real estate dealings quite frequent.

On an average, a real estate deal materializes in about 30 days. Though the population growth rate is not as high as in many other states and the growth rate in the job also shows an average figure, the state is still a very promising marketplace.

The effective property tax rate of less than 1 percent, low labor rates, low insurances and average costs for infrastructure and accessories indicate good returns on the invested capital.



The state boasts the third rank in the country when it comes to the appreciation of real estate. The good market fundamentals in the state ensure real estate dealings in an average of fewer than 30 days.

A 7 percent growth rate in population which is also the seventh highest in the country is enough to attract the investors to put in their money to build up the real estate portfolio.

The other factors like the good job growth rate of 11 percent, the average property tax rate of less than 1 percent, lower insurances and the average labor expenses in the state also make the state a genuine marketplace for the investors. Phoenix is the most sought-after place in the state.


South Carolina

South Carolina is coming up as a good destination for the real estate investments by the newcomers in the field as well as the experienced.

Research and studies in the market fundamentals and habits of the residents have concluded that the median number of days on market for the listed properties is about 45 days.

Though this is taken very seriously by the investors, there are many more positive points about the demography that make the state a good place for the purpose.

The effective property tax rate is less than 1 percent and the income growth rate is a high 12 percent. These are enough to keep the investors tied to the state in order to expand the portfolio.


Making the wise decision for selecting the state for commercial real estate investment

The commercial real estate investors and brokers surely have to consider many factors before targeting any state for the investment and for expanding the portfolio.

Robust real estate fundamentals including that of the housing market, income and job growth along with the population and demand growth and even the labor and other associated costs are to be considered before selecting the marketplace for investment.

But it should also be ensured alongside that the uptrend will not be reversed anytime soon.

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