How to Use Hard Money Loan to Grow in CRE Industry?


A commercial real estate loan currently is the easiest and convenient way of acquiring good net worth over a short period. It is a highly preferred option among investors to earn money. Many have made millions by investing in suitable commercial real estate properties. There are numerous ways one can consider purchasing a real estate property that can be profitable. 

One of the most common options is investing in real estate through crowdfunding or REITs. It is a great investment opportunity, but investors like to put their cash into something they can own. However, the requirement of the amount in cash or near cash assets to pay for the investment is what many people cannot afford.

Financial institutions to are hesitant to offer investors a huge sum as sometimes their credit score is poor, or the banks do not find the deal profitable. This is where hard money loans come into play. They are the only practical option one can consider for the purchase. Hard money loans are the best way to grow a commercial real estate investment portfolio quickly.

The majority of building flippers like sourcing their funds from private hard money lenders as it offers them the convenience and eases to build a profitable real estate portfolio. If you are thinking about how hard money loans can help grow your investment, here are some applications you can adopt.

Improve your credit score 

Financial institutions generally look at the borrower’s creditworthiness to see if they are eligible to get the loan. The banking institutions will take a history of payments into account to decide if they will finance. 

On the other side, hard money lenders are more interested in the property’s value to consider the amount they can lend after the repair value of the property. The amount is an approximate estimate of the property after all the development and renovations.

This means you can easily acquire thousands of dollars in credit even with a poor credit score. It will make a difference between their first lucky break and unsuccessful investments while they try to secure funding for beginner investors.

1.Secure funding with a short-term time frame

A real estate investor knows the approval time and lengthy process associated with traditional financing options. In some cases, the financing can take about months. This will make a great difference for the investor as he might not take advantage of the available opportunity. 

On the other side, you can avail hard money loans in a short time of 48 hours. Therefore, it can be highly beneficial to source funding for a large-scale development project with a strict deadline.

2. Use the hard money loans to leverage the financial capability.

Generally, investors use hard money loans for financing their fix and flip property. It isn’t possible for the young investors as they cannot get mainstream financing. However, using hard money loans, one can leverage capital to acquire funding for projects. A smart investor can use the profit to work on his commercial real estate portfolio.

3. Benefit from the experience of money lenders to increase your ROI

Unlike traditional institutions, hard money lenders are seasoned and experienced in commercial real estate investing. Therefore, they can offer you some great tips and guidance to improve your venture’s bottom line. 

Also, with the hard money appraisal, the lenders can easily find deficiencies in your commercial property investment model, which you might have ignored. This can reduce the chance of landing into trouble like buying during a saturated market.

The hard money lenders can offer real estate networking gems and industry connections which can be highly valuable and profitable when you are new to the sector.

4. Avoid cash-based investing limitations.

The hard money loans are the key for investment portfolio expansion without limiting the amount of money one can raise. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes a new investor makes is self-financing instead of using hard money loans. 

You can undoubtedly opt for self-finance, but you restrict the size and scale of the project to the available cash with this.

In contrast, hard money loans offer ease to expand and use money beyond personal savings. You can use the loan to buy multiple projects simultaneously, which can greatly improve the narrow margin while still holding onto the cash.

5. Buy a distressed property with a hard money loan.

In contrast to popular belief, distressed property is a highly beneficial investment. Investors can use it to take advantage of their current commercial real estate holding. This can offer a helping hand in expanding their portfolio. 

The opportunity arises when a lender or bank repossess the prime commercial property to unload it quickly for covering up the expenditure. This is why the banks dispose of the collateral in the open market through auctions.

The problem here is that real estate investors cannot acquire such cash in a short time. The institutions dealing with distressed property aims to cover up the loss.

This presents a great opportunity to acquire prime assets at a discounted rate. Some hard money lenders offer same-day loans meant to benefit from such opportunities. However, such loans are provided on a short-term basis.

6. Use hard money loans to buy and hold property.

The hard money loan provides a great opportunity to benefit from buying and hold commercial investment strategies. This is where the investor can pick up an undervalued property to dispose of it off once the value gets appreciated. 

When you wait for such an opportunity, it will be practical to rehabilitate and rent it out to the willing tenants. This is because you will require a significant amount of cash to purchase foreclosures for a buy-and-hold scheme.

Hard money loans can be of great advantage. Unlike the traditional options restricting the loans to first-rate commercial properties, hard money loans have no qualm about cloning. In addition, they can offer you the necessary capital to buy out foreclosures so that you are a seasoned investor along with a proven track of improving the profile post-purchase of property. 

Thus, the flexibility of hard money loans means that you can negotiate the terms and conditions of repayment of the loan to maximize the proceeds in the long run.


Hard money loans have always been an excellent option for investors to take benefit from the available opportunities. To make the most out of the loans, you must understand how and when you can use the loans in your favor. 

The top 7 ways mentioned here can significantly help you improve your CRE investment portfolio in a short time, but remember, you will have to contact a suitable hard money lender who can offer you the proper assistance. 

Having professional support during such time will make a difference as it will ensure you use the opportunity correctly. When looking for a reliable lender, you can trust Private Capital Investors. The company can offer you a fast loan to make use of the available opportunity. With them, you can stay assured of receiving great deals and offers for your purchase.

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