What is “Net Lease” Properties in Commercial Real Estate?


As a business owner considering all the options for the rental space in commercial real estate is quite vital. Herein you will come across multiple lease agreements. There are numerous available choices. One of the major commercial leases is the net lease.

When you plan to buy a property or make any renovations, you will require funding. Thus you must get in touch with commercial real estate bridge loan lenders to have the required financing right before taking the big step. It will ease the process later.

Now let’s go through the lease agreement details, which you must know when you plan on renting a new property. It is essential for the renters to understand and for the property owners to have a clear idea about it so that they can choose the right lease option. 

Understanding the basics of net lease

It is the type of commercial real estate lease wherein the tenant is responsible for paying the rental charges plus any other additional expenses. The expenses herein relate to the maintenance, operation, and other things associated with the property use.

The landlord would typically pay some of the charges. Still, the tenant is responsible for the additional expenses, including insurance premium, property taxes, landscaping service utilities, snow removal, and other costs associated with the property.

Having a clear idea about the lease agreement will allow you to negotiate and get the best option for yourself.

Lease type

When it comes to a commercial lease, there are four types of options that you might come across.

  1. Single net lease

It is a specific arrangement wherein the tenant pays for the property rent and the associated taxes. This type of lease will involve the least amount of risk. This is because the tenant pays the property taxes. This way, the landlord will have an option to verify that the payments are made timely and accurately. The tenants under this agreement pay less than the other lease options due to the additional cost associated.

  1. Double net lease

Herein, the tenant is responsible for paying the insurance premium, property taxes, and rent. These are the most common types of leases that one can find in the commercial real estate industry. The rental fee is low because the other costs can be high.

The landlord takes care of the maintenance which is associated with the property. Just like the single net leave, the landlord accepts the insurance premium and property taxes directly so that they can verify the payment and then pay it to the right place

  1. Triple net lease

This lease means that a tenant is responsible for paying all the additional expenses and the rent. The landlord has the least amount of responsibility in such an agreement. In addition to the rent, the tenant will have to pay for insurance premiums, property tax, and other costs associated with the maintenance.

If the tenant finds that they are being charged higher than expected maintenance costs, they can terminate the contract. The landlord thus set up bondable net leases for the tenant, which cannot be changed until the end of the agreement.

  1. Modified Net lease

These are the type of lease agreement which has got special condition. It is a hybrid variety of triple net leases and gross leases. They are the most common in the industrial and the retail sector.

The tenant looks to avoid the costly obligations of a triple net lease. Generally, they create special terms with the landlords, which satisfies the needs of both.

Understanding the net lease and other associated aspects is essential to guarantee you do not become a fool and pay an extra amount. Just like it is vital to research well for commercial real estate loans, you need to go through the lease agreement and understand every minor detail to the very best.

Advantages of net lease

A net lease is not only got advantages for the landlords but also for tenants. One can benefit greatly in most commercial, single-tenant, and large properties. This includes.

  1. The landlords can be passive

The net lease allows the landlord to determine how much responsibility they have in the space. When the tenant is occupying the property, the landlord can take on less liability using probability insurance and property taxes, along with a more passive rise in the building maintenance than seen in the gross lease. This would mean that the landlord can still benefit from being the property owner without any credit or financial risk.

  1. Tenants paying less money in monthly rent

A landlord who went out of the space with the net lease will typically have a much lower monthly payment than the other lease options. This is generally because the tenants are the ones who have got more responsibility and the risk associated with the property. Further, the tenant can write off extra fees as business expenses.

  1. The lease is long term

The net lease is longer than the gross options. The net leases can even be a decade long. The long-term leases can be quite beneficial for the landlords as they will provide them with a consistent cash flow in terms of rent payment. Further, the tenant will have a security and lower rent increase compared to the market rate.

Disadvantages of net lease

The tenants and the landlords both assume certain risks. Therefore, such a type of lease is recommended only for those with a strong credit profile as they can easily bear the high risk and financial burden. Here are the disadvantages of the same.

  1. Finding tenants

The net lease properties are known to be specialty places like retail space, warehouses, etc., which will mean that there are fewer tenants out there. In addition, if a tenant made a custom renovation to a space, it might make the space less attractive to the new tenants. This would mean that the vacancy period can be higher in the net lease days.

  1. Lose out on market fluctuation

The net structure will have a rental rate that will increase each year slightly due to inflation. However, the rent won’t increase, as seen in the real estate rental market. No doubt, having consistent tenants with proper cash flow is attractive.

But the landlord would not be able to increase the rent for a space to align with the market price. This means they can potentially miss out on revenue.

  1. Tenants take increased risk and responsibility

The tenants have to bear the expenses of the building, which can be somewhat unpredictable. For instance, property tax can increase, and the building might require a major repair for which the tenant will have to pay out of his pocket.

Crucial tips to know

Leasing a property will undoubtedly provide excellent opportunities for the business to make money. Still, there are certain instruments to know about net lease before getting into a contract.

First, you need to remember the steps to understand the details of the contract. Further, if for leasing a property you will require a lump sum amount at once, then you can consider getting in touch with commercial real estate bridge loan lenders. It will help get the required financing. Now check out the crucial tips associated with the commercial net lease.

  • The option is appealing to the landlord as with the lease, they will still have control over the property
  • The net lease can be negotiated
  • It is vital for tenants to see the details of the net lease. It includes the cap set a maximum amount that they have to pay beyond the rent payment
  • The rent payment in the net lease must cost less than the standard lease agreement once additional costs are included
  • A gross lease option might appeal to most tenants looking for a flat at a rental rate.
  • You must know that when it comes to business deals, the lenders have got a series of negotiations that will benefit both parties. Thus, it is vital to have a good idea about the industry’s details to negotiate a reasonable price and get yourself a good deal.


Finding a good lease in the commercial real estate industry, no doubt can be pretty complicated. You need to have a proper idea to negotiate the deal and get yourself an appropriate option. Having professional support will make a major difference.

Private Capital Investors is the company you can rely on to get help. They have got the expertise and knowledge about the industry. They will help you get a good lease agreement. Also, they will make it easy for you to get commercial real estate loans on time. The professional assistance here will make a major difference and guarantee satisfactory results.

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