Green Co-Working Spaces on the rise for CRE Investors


The co-working spaces during the last few years have become extremely popular. This happened post-pandemic as more professionals were looking for flexible workspaces that could easily accommodate hybrid needs. Thus, there is a lot of concern about sustainability. Many companies and individuals are looking for co-working spaces that have got green credentials.

Be it the business park or the flexible office space with upgraded systems; the demand has increased greatly. They have witnessed a great response to the green system. CRE is now on the edge of transformation as the spaces have become popular for businesses of different dimensions and kinds. Further, co-working is also said to provide great options to companies and large enterprises with opportunities for becoming more abundant for investors. Thus, businesses are now shifting offices from the traditional and conventional setup to co-working spaces. The operators are leasing the space to flexible operators. Thus, both will grow exponentially and will make the most of it.

But many are still unaware of the efforts. The guide here will help you get proper insights about the current industry standard. A change towards the betterment will be a huge step but will surely be beneficial for everyone in the industry and also environment.

Highlights of co-working green building report

The studies available show New York with the highest number of Green buildings with core working spaces. It comes to a total of 30. This was almost double the number of units Washington, DC, has. They have 16 such of such spaces. While San Francisco has 16 green buildings that include co-working spaces.

Besides analyzing the cities with the greenest buildings with co-working spaces, the study also mentions the states with the most LEED-certified buildings with co-working spaces. In this case, California and Texas were the most popular ones. They have the highest number of Green buildings with about 43 and 32 co-working spaces respectively. New York stays in 3rd place at the state level.

The study also analyzed co-working operators that check most of the spaces with LEED-certified buildings. Here Regus was the top operator with about 65 spaces. It was then followed by WeWork, which has about 38 spaces. However, it was Industrious that had the largest share of LEED-certified co-working spaces, with total options at 21%.

CRE expanding with high breeding

After the pandemic, companies have become much more focused and alert on their employees. They are bringing in more sustainable ways to conduct the businesses and offer the employees a better environment for work. This is the major reason the return to the office with the hybrid approach has become quite normal. The companies are reducing the traditional spaces and hence choose to work in a customized co-working centers. The corporate world is continuing to access flexible spaces while the players are setting out a strong footprint across the country.

Leasing can be a strong option for co-working spaces.

The customization always offers the co-working place a better option, making them a lot referred to as a stable segment. Thus, the sector has contributed greatly to the overall leasing of spaces in recent times. The segment is attracting different lines, including large enterprises looking for more flexible options. The sector already accounts for about 20% market share of the office space demand. In recent times, it is expected to grow greatly.

The corporates with hybrid workspace models have already leased more seats in the latter half of 2022 compared to the last year. It is now expected to grow in the top-performing cities of the US.

Growth opportunities are opening up.

The demand for flexible spaces has gained great momentum as top-tier cities offer better growth opportunities. The studies now show greater growth of real estate in Tier II cities. The businesses now are growing at a steady pace in all areas. Also, there are various other factors like cost of living, mitigation, and infrastructure contributing to the growth. Thus, the markets have now seen a significant improvement in the hybrid workplace. This has led to the providers accepting flexible spaces.

The investors of the co-working spaces are also contributing by ramping up the services. They all contribute directly and indirectly to the growth of the co-working space and the CRE.

As opportunities now are becoming more abundant, the segment will see major growth. The idea of the traditional office job has now become old. There is an ever-increasing demand for remote work. Thus, it is not supporting hybrid working models. It has become a new trend.

Cities with green co-working buildings

There are certain cities in the US that are taking a big step towards sustainability. A contribution of all towards one goal will be helpful to change the industry and work for a common goal. The list here specifies about the top cities contributing to the big change.

  1. New York tops the list of LEED-certified buildings with co-working spaces in the country. It has got about 30 buildings dedicated to co-working space. While the city only ranked 3rd in the case of LEED-certified commercial buildings last year, it has now led the way for more green co-working spaces.


2. Washington, DC, is found to have about 16 LEED-certified buildings. With co-working spaces, they have achieved five silver statuses and 11 reaching goal statuses. The buildings comprise about 21% of the total co-working construction in the capital. It makes it a great option for those workers who are environmentally conscious.


  1. San Francisco ranks third on the list, with about 15 buildings and 12 reaching gold status. Besides, it also has the highest percentage of co-working buildings with LEED certificates. There are also two buildings, both with platinum-level certificates, operated by WeWork. San Francisco has always been popular as an early adaptor of environmentally conscious factors, including energy and water reduction, green buildings recycling, and sustainable productions.


  1. Atlanta has 13 LEED buildings with co-working spaces that account for a 13% of the total 101 commercial spaces. Out of the 13 buildings, 7 of them have gold rankings, while five have silver rankings remaining. Once certified, the buildings contribute greatly to sustainable and green practices in the CRE industry.


  1. Houston has taken a major step to implement the climate action plan, including CRE buildings, after registering high per capita emissions in 2020. As of now, there are about 12 LEED buildings with co-working spaces. Nine of them are at the gold status. However, only 9% of the total number of buildings here are certified.

These were just the top 5 cities that are known for eco-friendly awareness. However, you need to understand there are other options as well. Based on the situation or needs of your business, they will be a perfect fit for setting up the co-working space and for better operations of the business. As more and more of them are trying to take the initiative towards the green system, it will be absolutely easy to find a good space in these areas.

A major shift to co-working

As there is a huge shift towards sustainable eco-working spaces, major attention and focus remain on the Gen Z generation entering the workforce. Gen Z must understand the importance of co-working spaces and adjust to them properly. They are known more for their climate change and sustainability inclination. The 64% of 18 to 22 years old must act in the sensible manual. It is noted that they are more likely to work longer when they are environmentally responsible. While more than half of them are ready to pay up to 10% more for a sustainable product.

The study clearly highlights the growing importance of sustainability in the CRE industry and how it is used in commercial spaces. They can actually adapt to meet the demands. As more and more companies are shifting towards eco-friendly practices, the trends to green buildings with co-working spaces continue to grow and will see a major boost in the coming time.

It is only with sustainable practices that the industries will work towards the betterment of the environment. It can be a major shift that will contribute greatly to the positive growth and development of the country as a whole.


The inclusion of sustainability in the CRE industry is nothing new. There have been practices brought to make things better. However, with the co-working spaces, things have taken a huge turn. There are now a lot of office buildings that can easily accommodate business needs while ensuring eco-friendly aspects. So if you are looking for a major change to bring eco-friendly factors into your business, you can consider connecting with Private Capital Investors. They have got a good name in the industry. Their experts will help you find the top financing options that will work well for your business needs. Irrespective of your plan, the experts will find a deal that will work well for your specific requirements and ensure you can grow your business while bringing in better sustainable practices.

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