How to Slash Your CRE Cost?


The CRE industry is quite wide. There are different opportunities that one can make use of to get great returns from the investment. In fact, it can be said that corporate deals it is actually the second largest expense for a company.

When you are the one who is responsible for it, you need to know as you are not wasting millions of dollars by having some surplus space available with you or paying over-market rent. It might seem that the expenses you are making are quite high, and there won’t be any use for it but in reality, when you understand the techniques well, then making use of the available space and optimizing it to the very best is quite easy.

In fact, you will be able to keep away such concerns and ensure that the rental income you are getting from the property is good and you get a good return on the investment. When you have such concerns that are troubling you, then there are 3R’s of slashing the real estate cost, which can be quite helpful for you to avoid any extra expenses.

Those who have already been in the industry for over a decade understand the wholesale approach for finding the best properties and saving money. The 3R’s basically is the format that has maximum real estate savings. It will reduce all the hassle. Besides, the tenant can achieve this by working with the market trends for capitalizing on the benefits.

Also, it will help hold on to the tried and true method of optimization. Based on the goals of your organization, you need to follow the market trends for capitalizing on the benefits. You need to follow the 3R’s for highlighting what they are and how you can take advantage of them. You need to read the guide ahead.

It will provide a clear picture for proper utilization of the system that will help reduce the overall cost and guarantee that you save a great amount of money even when earning the desired returns.


Understanding how to reduce cost

To understand things in detail, let’s consider an example where you need to think that you are currently located in San Francisco. It is quite clear that operating costs for a business in California is quite high because of elevated payroll cost, higher rent, expensive taxes, and overall higher cost of living.

Besides this, there are major organizations that are tired of the overhead expenses and considering moving outside of the city. However, there are other ways too you can consider reducing the cost. You can benefit greatly from either renegotiating the lease terms, resizing the space, or relocating.

Each of them has its own benefits and assures you have good savings. The details mentioned in the guide ahead will help you understand how tenants in California can reduce the CRE cost by using either of the three techniques.


Ways to save money on office lease

The availability of the spaces is quite low after the pandemic time. As the work-from-home revolution has brought in a great change, the lease you might have signed several years ago with quite high rental rates won’t be of any use.

Herein here, the current average price for rent in the San Francisco office is about $68 dollars per square foot, but you are paying $70 per foot. So if you choose to stay, you will be subjected to additional rental accelerations. In case you think that San Francisco is right for your business, then it is. Here’s how you can do it.


  • Rightsizing

In case you want to keep your business in San Francisco but wish to analyze where the space utilization can become more efficient, then the right sizing technique will work well for you. It is a critical step for achieving optimal CRE performance. If any of the properties are over or underutilized, you will have room to benefit from resizing.

The current square footage usage would mean getting deep into the portfolio and accessing how much space you use. Also, by analyzing the utilization, you can make use of the space you will need. If you send the employees to work from home, then there is no need for space. It would mean cutting down on the wasted space.

When your real estate space is resized, you will find that you could actually reduce the cost to 40 times. It will cut down the space by 30000 square feet. However, the original space would have cost you about 2.1 million for one year, and in the five years, this rate will go about 11.1 million dollars.

Thus with right-sizing, you will be able to save a great amount of money. However, right-sizing cannot be done alone. The landlord will likely cut down the amount of space you are paying for this. You must value renegotiations as they can work well.


  • Renegotiating

When you are happy with the current space but still want to achieve savings renegotiating will work great. The real estate industry has changed greatly since the time you signed the lease. The market is now open for tenants. As the business is going online, the landlords do not have the right time as potential places are vacant.

There are properties that do not have tenants to fund. This are resulting in losses. So the landlord is open to agreeing to favorable terms for low prices. When you are well prepared with the representative, you will have a chance to save more money on the rental. The tenant reps are generally the experts who will see the average value of the property and talk to the landlords.

It is a critical step for them to drive down the rates in the hope of landing you as a tenant. By making use of this careful negotiation process, the corporate can save up to 30%. But you must know that renegotiation is not an option, and there is a possibility for you to cut and run from the existing leads to look for other possible options.


  • Relocating

This option might be tough for you; however, when you have already decided the current space does not work for you irrespective of the reason, you have already made half the decision. But the question is as to where you should move. There are a lot of important reasons you can consider for your business.

As the speed states are becoming advanced and well upgraded for the business, you can consider taking your business to such places as it can be highly advantageous. For this scenario, you will have to decide after extensive deliberation with the real estate representative and tenant rep which location will serve the best for you.

You need to identify the places with the average rental price and a good opportunity for business. When you are able to find a state that can help you save money, then things will work great for you and will ensure the maximum savings possible.


Making use of the 3R’s

It is quite clear that making use of the 3Rs can be extremely helpful in saving money. By making the right use of it, you have the potential to save about 83% of the overhead cost you will be paying for the CRE. If you move to a more business-only area, you can also save your money on taxes, payrolls, gas, and overall living costs.

Consumers now have a better ability to freely spend and choose the place that will help them get financial benefits. It is now quite clear that the 3 R’s is a process that promises efficiency. However, each of them must be considered properly to avoid any complications and get proper outcomes.

But you must know that making such decisions can be quite difficult. But the good news is you have the option to analyze for better face utilization. The process can be incredibly challenging, but when you are well aware, tenant reps have mastered the process and can help you throughout the stage.

Even if you are unsure that you can benefit from the 3R’d, the reps will be there to help you understand every aspect and decide what will work well for you and your business. With professional support, you will be able to make the most of your investment and get good results.



The industry has evolved greatly. There are now changes that can greatly affect the way you do the business. It is now time that you take proper measures to save your money while renting the property. If you are facing difficulty, you can consider getting in touch with Private Captain Investors.

They have expert professionals who can guide you well and guarantee that you are finding the right property for your business and saving money at the right time. They have got a professional who has a proper idea as to how to tackle things and avoid any complications. For sure you will benefit a lot from their professional assistance.

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