Is Russia-Ukraine War Impacting CRE Markets in the US?


The world is affected greatly. Be it because of the virus situation or the conflicts that are greatly impacting the life of a lot of people globally, we need to understand this is the time that people have to take proper measures and support each other through tough situations. Further, the Russia-Ukraine war has brought in a lot of conflict and worry.

Although most the people aren’t in favor still, there are few who are fully supporting the war. The consequences will be bad. It will not only last for a short period of time but the results can be seen over the years. It is vital to take proper measures now and ensure that the war gets over without further damage or conflict.

As the war is still ongoing, the crisis caused by the invasion of Russia to Ukraine is unsetting the economic outlook and bringing great uncertainty to the commercial real estate markets. The experts in the industry believe that the real estate sector, however, will remain less affected by this unexpected change in the market than the financial sector.

The biggest concern was that Russia would cut off the oil and natural gas to the world, which would lead the prices to rise. Further, this would also head to a great increase in inflation. In the latest development in the world, the situation going between Ukraine and Russia is affecting the business.

In fact, it can be seen that the financial sanctions imposed in the United Kingdom and the US seem to be the tough economic penalty imposed on Russia, which can greatly affect the country’s economy, and one can see the access to the financial resources. Some of the major sanctions which have been imposed herein include.

  • The assets of the central bank of Russia are held in the US, which is reducing the liability to use about $630 billion of the international reserves which were used for supporting the currency. Thus the value of the national currency of Russia quickly plunged.


  • There have been several restrictions and a ban for the Russian banks from using SWIFT, the global system that is used for bank transactions. This has greatly led destructed ability of the locals to do business overseas or within borders.


  • There have been restrictions imposed on the top Russian oligarchs with political influence like freezing or stopping the access to the assets in the US. Also, there are certain visa restrictions.


The global economy happens to be connected with each other. There are bound to be certain long-term effects of the sanctions that escape predicts. However, the economic outlook outside Russia isn’t as bad as one is worrying, even if the public markets brace for another way. In terms of real estate, certain minimal direct or indirect changes can be seen.


Russian investments are not driving global market dynamics.

A real estate analytics recently published a report which stated that the Russian capital has very little presence in the global market. During the last five years, the average amount of capital that floats from Russia to the other countries was about $330 million per year.

Besides, the reports also showed that Russia’s ownership of the commercial market in the world isn’t the largest. This is especially true in the US, where Russian investments are not a major driver of the market dynamics.


CRE is local and less volatile

Undoubtedly, all the investment comes with certain risks, which can be tied to market fluctuations due to the global nature. But the stock market is typically more prone to vitality. Despite such situations, real estate is usually less connected to the stock market.

So one can expect the limited direct impact on the local hard assets with the cash flow and the return on the investments remaining to be largely protected. The stock market has been a roller coaster ride in the current scenario of rising inflation. The CRE provides the head against the inflation pressures, especially for the asset class where the property owners adjust in the ranks and the net operating income quickly.

The dynamic feedback one is receiving correctly from the sponsors is bidding on the assets to support the notion in an environment where the stock market is correcting the demand. The pricing for the acquisition remains strong, as one has experienced in January of this year.


There can be certain indirect consequences.

No doubt the direct effects on the commercial real estate market remain to be minimal, but the consequences of the sanctions, especially the increase in the price output, may put pressure on the theory market. The impact can be seen on oil and the asphalt price.

As the US has announced a ban on Russian oil imports, Brent crude oil surged by over $130 per barrel during the second week of March. The investment teams are keeping an eye on the project pipelines that rely on, especially those that have not yet suffered from the pricing.

The announcement the president made in the US would release about 60 million barrels of oil was welcoming news. Besides supporting Ukraine, Exxon Mobil announced the exit from Russia, faulting the plans for future investment.

No doubt, Russian oil accounts for about 8% of the global supply of oil, so when the Nations stop oil imports from Russia, it would further affect the oil market, and there will be pressure on the price. One can already see the impact of rising oil prices on inflation, which further increased by about 7.9% in February 2022.

The current war situation can put constrain on the already disturbed global market. The recovery of the supply chain issues is quite essential for establishing the economy, especially as it is trying to rebuild material costs, which can greatly impact the CRE development and property values.


The situation is fluid.

There are multiple variables that have come into play now. Many of which counterbalancing each other situation is involved as Russia continues to invade Ukraine. It’s possible that the perspective of people will change. For instance, should the US forecast for 2022 GDP growth will change, or one can evaluate it.

No doubt there is a risk. But one also expects to respond according to the situation and interest rate, which will bring changes for the current year. Many organizations have already reconsidered the interest rate high level. There was something of a quarter percentage point increase in the upcoming meeting for proceeding carefully during the current uncertain times.

It won’t come as a surprise if they also postpone one or more of the planned interest rate hikes, which could bring in a new wave of demand for the commercial real estate market. Undoubtedly, the current conflict will intensify, but it is vital to remember that the government does not possess the tools to maintain economic chords.


What to know?

The strategies that are used against the ability of Russia to continue any military actions in Ukraine are quite big, but it also depends upon how quickly it was issued. No doubt, it is prudent to remain conscious of the consequences that international welfare will have on the US economy.

But it is believed the CRE market in the US will remain insulated from the major direct impacts because of the low market volatility. The localized presence has made one recognize that the indirect impacts are an increase in the oil price, increased inflation, continued supply chain destructions, and ultimately a great change in theory value.

One can only see the market part that is getting the CRE assets will remain attractive for inevitable capital. No doubt there will be some hesitation among the business people, investors, and stakeholders in the CRE market especially when the international tension gets worsens.

But it is still believed that the CRR value and its demand will remain strong as it was during the beginning of the year, if not more than ever.



The ongoing war situation has brought in a lot of changes. It was expected that things would go worse, and there would be a direct impact on the commercial real estate market in the US, but this is not wrong.

Things have changed greatly, and now it is expected that the market will remain UN affected by the current scenario. However, in the future, the government is trying its best to avoid any difficulty or concerns for the market and is helping in all the possible manners to avoid any concerns.

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