The Best Markets for Real Estate Investment in Mid-2019


There is never the best time to invest in real estate. All times are good and whether or not these investments will turn out to be right for you depends on how well you manage your finances.

Every year, thousands of new investors enter the game of real estate, making it one of the most evergreen investments. This 2019, if you’ve decided to invest your money into real estate investment, here are some of the best markets which are soaring up in the mid-2019.

Whether you intend to hold them for long, rent them or flip them – 2020 can be a lucrative year for you if you invest in these markets now.

Best Markets to Invest in Mid 2019

Number 1 – Houston, Texas

Being home to the US Oil and Gas industry, Houston has massive perennial employment opportunities. There are always more people coming into this city. The influx population rates of Houston is high, and thus, it’s still a safe market for you to invest your money in.

The town has a decent standard of living, and the estimated median rental income would be around $1,550. If you wish to hold the property for a long time and resell it when the market prices soar up, Houston can be your best bet as the property valuations in this city on an average comes up to $4,12,000.

Thus, investing in the properties in Houston can mean that you can earn a high resale value, which also makes it the best retirement plan. Another feature that makes Houston a great place to invest in is its active real estate market. In case you want to make an emergency or immediate exit from your investment, it won’t be a Herculean task for you to find your potential buyers. Safe entry, safe exit, good median rental income are three things that sum up why you should consider investing in Houston, Texas.

Number 2 – Atlanta, Georgia

Next up on the list is Atlanta, Georgia. The employment rate in Atlanta is on the rise from the past five years, making it one of the best places to invest in for realtors who are looking to invest in residential properties. The median age of the inhabitants of this city is around 33 years old. The younger population means that the occupancy rates of this city are high and thus you won’t have to juggle around finding potential tenants. Unless you’re looking to fix and flip properties on a large scale, Atlanta is a great start.

Now, what works best in Atlanta? Single-family homes or multi-family properties? Both. Since Atlanta is a market where you’ll find many younger families living in, both stand-alone single-family homes and multi-family properties are always in good demand. Another good reason to consider investing in Atlanta would be the top-notch living conditions of this city. It is most desirable for working-class people in their mid-thirties and forties, making it a hot investment for realtors looking to invest in residential properties.

Number 3 – Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a buyer’s market having over 3000 listings put up every day. That’s a vast number, and if you’re a novice investor, it’s the best place to start as you’ll have the leverage of learning the tricks of the trade without jeopardizing on the Return on Investment. In other words, you’ll always find a good number of potential buyers in Dallas, making it a hot investment in mid-2019. Besides, what’s more, lucrative about investing in the Dallas real estate market is the high rental rates in comparison to the value of the property, which means you’ll have the opportunity of making more, right from the start without having to shell out too much on the initial investment. Dallas has never been off the top 15 best cities to invest in real estate since ages. This has also led to affordable housing loans in Dallas.

Procuring commercial real estate loans in Dallas is very easy, and if you want to make an entry into real estate investing, Dallas is the place to be. The process thus becomes super-simplified – you lookout for best properties, narrow down your list, take a tour around and zero down on a property that best fits your needs and expectations, negotiate with your seller and get the best deal possible, find a commercial real estate loan lender and procure a loan, find potential tenants and sign off the rental papers. That’s pretty much about it at the outlook.

The last step of finding potential tenants in Dallas is the most natural step as the demand for rental units in Dallas has increased by 14% in the previous year alone! Bottom-line: The metropolitan city of Dallas is growing and is expected to grow more in the coming years, making it a go-to investment market.

Number 4 – Tampa, Florida

Tampa is not only a beautiful and attractive metropolitan city but is also one of the most commonly visited tourist destinations in the US. The real estate market of Tampa, Florida is on the rise with many people moving in or planning to move into this beautiful city from other parts of the US. Research suggests significant economic developments in the city of Tampa this year, and real estate experts are expecting a rise in immigration rates. There’s also a tremendous amount of demand for single-family homes in Florida, and now is the time when the iron is hot, and you must strike! The median rental income per month in Tampa is $1,500, and you can expect younger crowds of tenants in this city.

Number 5 – Orlando, Florida

Besides being a hot tourist destination, Orlando’s real estate market is also one thing that makes it very popular. Orlando is also one of the most exciting and happening cities in the US, making it more desirable for inhabitants to live. The vacancy rates are quite low in Orlando as the city is generally stormed with new residents coming in from around the states. This makes it a safe investment, and you can cut off the pain of finding new clients, time, and again.

Ideally – there are two big macro markets you can choose to invest in Orlando. One – The long term residential units. Two – holiday homes. Both of these macro markets have a distinctive set of pros and cons. However, maintaining a holiday home will take more investment of your time and energy as compared to long term residential homes. But to neutralize it, holiday homes also offer extremely lucrative benefits, especially during peak tourism seasons. And if you do not subscribe to the plan of running the show all by yourself or are too busy to do it, you can always find good asset management companies to do the job for you. So, looking to invest in long term residential homes or holiday homes? Shift your focus to Orlando.

Number 6 – Austin, Texas

Next up on the list would be Austin. Austin has seen a rise in the valuation of homes, almost doubling and has caught the attention of savvy commercial real estate investors from across the states. Austin is comparatively a younger city, and you are most likely to find millennials as families or bachelors as your tenants in this city.

Austin is slowly becoming the tech hub of the US from the past 5-6 years, and there are many people moving into the city finding new jobs. The rise in the employment rates and the house values both put together to make Austin one of the hottest real estate investments in the year 2019. Since the most likely tenant mix would be comprised of millennials, the perfect location of the property would be a good neighborhood with close proximity to hospitals, colleges, corporate working places, shopping malls, theatres and the like.

Number 7 – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has a whopping $2,800 as the median rental income, making it an extremely lucrative real estate market. However, the high rental income is justified by the high value of the house itself, and you should think of investing in Boston only when you’re ready to shell out significant investments. But if you are willing to do that, Boston can indeed be an extremely lucrative real estate market to invest.

With many colleges, universities, and training centers in Boston, the housing market is always an excellent place to invest. With students and professors coming into the city from around the world, all types of residential properties – from single-family homes to condos, to multi-family properties, there’s a suitable rental demand for everything. The commercial real estate market is also quite stable in Boston although they are more expensive in comparison with the rates of other cities in the list.

Bottom-line is that any kind of investment property in the city of Boston is likely to get rented out fast. So, if you’re up for investing large amount initially on a great feature and want to reap in high rental income that’s secure and super stable, Boston is the city you must be eyeing.

These are the seven best markets to invest in real estate in mid-2019. Entering the real estate market has never been easier than it is now. So if you’re a novice investor who wants to up your real estate game, consider the seven best markets listed above and kick-start your real estate investment journey. Explore more of our blogs to get more insights on how to and where to invest your money in the year 2019. Check out our commercial real estate loans programs if you’re looking to finance your real estate investment and feel free to get in touch with us for any query on commercial real estate loans.

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